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    PM me a private e Mail
  2. I have a large Fox trap bought two years ago no longer wanted £80.00 as new. Pictures to follow SOLD
  3. 24230

    Game Feeders

    I have eight used feeders for sale no longer required. £8.00 Each SOLD AWAITING COLLECTION Collection Lutterworth
  4. Bet the French people wish they had police in some of there places of worship, what a dreadful thing to happen whats going wrong with some people.
  5. 24230

    Mole Traps

    hello, i am after six or more
  6. 24230

    Mole Traps

    I would like to buy some don’t like borrowed kit, thanks for your kind offer.
  7. 24230

    Mole Traps

    I am after unwanted scissor mole traps as i have an infestation of Moles the little pests, i will possibly only ever use them just the once and i live in the Midlands thank you
  8. Thanks but I am sorted now
  9. Optilock Sako rings 30-20mm med or high thanks
  10. 24230

    Trail Cam

    I am after a used trail cam please.
  11. Whats the normal payment for a Loader for a day on a double gun or single gun shoot day?
  12. hello

    will you send me a picture of the Breeks please so i cal see the pattern, Peter

  13. 24230

    Trail cams

    I am after one or two cheap trail cams, have a issue with unwanted visitors.
  14. Hope you all have read the Daily Mail Mr Grove gets it sorted at last, someone with some sense.
  15. I have followed all advice and applied for licence to shoot crows ect, its now been a month two emails followed by a call, what a waste of time no replies to the emails the call i asked why i was waiting so long and it is now a matter of urgency as we have winter wheat and winter barley that has been flattened by the recent rain and wind, yesterday there were crows on three of these fields we have to protect our business can we take immediate action and shoot them? as all other tricks don't work.
  16. 24230


    I have bought Optilock based and mounts great job thanks
  17. 24230


    Thanks, I will call them, I have been told Optilock will fit I don’t know.
  18. 24230


    I have a Sako A1 222 Remington Center fire, I need Help, I am after a pair of mount bases to fit an extended rail they are very different to find any Help would be appreciated???
  19. what a buy i have one there great
  20. 24230

    Trail Cam

    After a used working Trail Cam
  21. I don’t understand chokes I have this gun with multi chokes I put two in, one has two slots in it the other three, I am pleased with results shot pigeon high pigeon in a beach wood and lots of crows. I may buy another and get rid of a couple of 12 bore guns I don’t use, I do shoot a lot out three or more days a week I am so pleased.
  22. I am 67 years young all my life I have shot guns of some sort or other, so, I always thought that the 20 bore was a gun for ladies (how wrong I have been) I bought a new 20 bore 28" over and under and what a difference it has made to my shooting, I have found the right cartridge and chokes that most certainly work. Cartridge Hull High Phesant Extream 5 or 6 shot fibre wad, chokes modified and half brilliant setup, I am hitting and killing birds that I never thought possible give one a try I am so glad I did.
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