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  1. Hi all it's the rifle shoot on this Sunday the 8th .please don't forget that the burger van is not on this month so please remember to bring some food and drink. Regards rob
  2. continental road attack
  3. Lol its next week hope tt looking after you with the tea and hobnobs as I only get the aldi brand rich tea when I visit. Hope to see you on the 16th.
  4. It's at garlands clay grounds Raddle Ln 10 to around 4.30 depending on how busy. start shooting but 9.45 for range breef Is ran by some saddo off hear who loves to work..
  5. 16th june 14th july 11 th august
  6. ok mate be good to see you there
  7. the shoot is on again this month Sunday the 12th
  8. wet first thing but dried up by 10 then nice but cold
  9. The next shoot is on the 10th of March so this sunday coming. Regards rob
  10. Thanks Fisher glad everyone had fun and enjoyed their selfs. Grate turn out for the first day of the year.
  11. only on the 100 yrd range but am in conversation for the 250 but i think i have some umbrellas for on the benches left
  12. yes all good for the 10th regards rob
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