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  1. No sparky not one of mine mate.. looks like I need to put my prices up lol
  2. try this guy john 07879846007 mobile locksmith
  3. right we are on for this sunday at garlands .... dougy check your ammo this month lol
  4. hi everyone we are doing a shoot at garlands this sunday 23rd if anyone is up for it
  5. hi all hope you had a good new year .well the next garlands rifle shoot is on the 12th of jan so hope to see some of you there.
  6. hi i have just over 190 pieces of once fired 6.5 creedmoore brass 20 federal 20 s&b and 152 sako £40 +p&p ovno for the lot
  7. good to see you 3 .the weather turned out nice ... no deep puddles for reggigun lol
  8. its that time of the month again so who is up for some fun with us at garlands this sunday.
  9. so is any one coming to play tomorrow
  10. hi all not long now this sunday the 13th . and the butty van will be open again as usual .
  11. Hi all it's the rifle shoot on this Sunday the 8th .please don't forget that the burger van is not on this month so please remember to bring some food and drink. Regards rob
  12. Lol its next week hope tt looking after you with the tea and hobnobs as I only get the aldi brand rich tea when I visit. Hope to see you on the 16th.
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