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  1. Hi Mate, is it Garlands rifle shoot on Sunday 15th April?

    1. Not the best of days

      its not just machines .... he is not much safer just walking about. we will have to get him that bubble wrap play sute and gloves now of a zorb or i bet he will do this
    2. garlands rifle shoot dates

      only 6 more days till the next rifle shoot hope to see some of you . 11/3 rob

      im up for it
    4. All terrain tyres

    5. The shooting world

      thank tt for the nice comment about everyone at the shoot. some of them have a nasty streak but you know them to well lol . i may have my new ruger 243 by then i hope and you and the others can tell me what a grate rifle i have got you are right about Edwin he is a honest and true gent and friend
    6. im sorry david but i have to disagree with you about the lieber party supporting the shooting industry

      ill have them
    8. garlands rifle shoot dates

      hi mick yes there is one at garlands in 11/2/18 . it will be good to see you sorry to hear about last year but good luck for the coming year mate
    9. garlands rifle shoot dates

      glad every one enjoyed it. hope you 2 had a safe journey home . those winny sub standards i think every one was having the same problems with them lol
    10. garlands rifle shoot dates

      grate to see you there again dave . well it was good to see you all again it was a good day . hope all enjoyed it . regards rob
    11. garlands rifle shoot dates

      p.m. sent
    12. garlands rifle shoot dates

      And ill bring you your leaning post lol
    13. garlands rifle shoot dates

      Hi all hope you have had a happy Christmas and new year. Are you all loaded up ready for the shoot this sunday the 14th/1/18. It will be good to see you all there with your new toys from santa. Regards rob