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  1. garlands rifle shoot dates

    Hi everyone Hope you have had a good year with us at garlands. Just to let you know that it was the last shoot of the year And there is no shoot in December. But we will be back on the 14/1/18. So it still the 2nd sunday of the month. So u hope you will come and support us again next year. So if I don't see you before have a good Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at garlands rifle shoot. Regards Rob
  2. Shooting a cross

    thats unlike you dougy but you make me laugh
  3. garlands rifle shoot dates

    hi jamie the shoot is today 12/11/17 ..yes you are fine with the 243 as the land is passed for all .30 cal . but unfortunately this it the last shoot of the year. but we will be back in the new year .so keep a eye on hear for the new dates . and to all who have been before if i dont see you this month have a grate Christmas and a happy new year. regards rob
  4. garlands rifle shoot dates

    the shoot is on this sunday dont forget
  5. garlands rifle shoot dates

    turmoil and mrs turmoil it was good to see you made it again and you had fun .unlike some peepholes who live closer ..... i have sent a nice letter to the manufacturers about the dump valve built in to the trousers hope i get a good reply
  6. garlands rifle shoot dates

    more like he went tail touching with some boys
  7. garlands rifle shoot dates

    thanks to all that came today . its not the same without you lot there . if you had turned up you wold know ...... being though you didnt you dont
  8. garlands rifle shoot dates

    you can have a go on the unicorn!!
  9. garlands rifle shoot dates

    all on for this sunday the 8th guys and girls
  10. Long range radios

    Hi rig rat I'm interested in the radio's you have for sale. I am looking for 4 of them what make and model? And how much for the 4. Rob
  11. Ply wood

    i know mate its just round me the only place who have eny is to much and its rubbish
  12. Ply wood

    thats if you can get it at all
  13. Tony Blair...wot !

    and i suppose they got the job for prisons and border control when may was home secretary..... through there good work
  14. garlands rifle shoot dates

    turmoil it was nice to meet you and your better half.. glad you had a good time and a safe journey home . dont tell me that phill has corrupted you to putt in for a 308 or a little air rifle . hope you can make it on the 8th of October for the next meet. rob
  15. woodend is only sub 12 ftlb air only .no firearms at all https://woodendfarmcomplex.co.uk/fishing.html