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  1. Try a drone bought from Argos if you are miles away from aircraft runways. BUT EVEN that is now we have been told BANNED (we stick a woody onto one as decoy ) banned for us here as we have a private light aircraft airfield nearby.What is the world coming to. I Hope your peas are safe from the bombardment and lets hope the talks next wee result in a solution with Grove..
  2. 🤐When I started this thread I thought I would get some various answers to my question and so I have looking at them. Shows that even the down trodden proud man can join in and shoot. Well as you all can see.. WE ARE NOT the idle upper class super rich. TOFFS who have money enough to stand in the wind and rain on a shooting peg and happily bang away.. OR spend hours sat after woodpigeon crow etc in out luxury made ready hides with a hot toddy and cucumber sandwich at hand then when had enough its... into the Range Rover and home to our hot tubs in our large homes. NO.... WE ARE ORDINARY men (and ladies) who just do the farming community a service and help to save crops. Working class/middle class Ordinary men (and ladies) YES WE ARE... By gum that's a bloody relief..😂🤐
  3. Step up the house of lords.. The Royal family..What a no hoper this is ..Ban Pheasant shooting just because really you cant tell the difference on a drive between WILD and REARED? Do they think that a wild pheasant does not use the feed hopper water drinkers ? can Mr Packham distinguish between them ? And what about the income to the industry. . Perhaps we should all just go clay pigeon shooting set / apply for shooting grounds /sights near RSPB reserves and spoil their day out.. stop contributing our Gov subsidy to them.. Take away their charitable status as well well we are not like that we want to be legal open fair in what we do.WE MUST ALL BE ABOVE BOARD and take care to be RIGHT.. .Noticed also on license application is there a SSSI.. or Wildlife reserve RSPB near to where you intend to use the license. .NOTE RSPB mention here
  4. hessian is better I think ..It can be used in the hedgerow when the tall grass has changed golden..on sandy beach for wildfowl...AND is much cheaper as dealers know we need camo..so increase price..Ive known some men use corn sacking and dyed bed blanket for cover..
  5. I use hessian instead of camo when the stubble is about..and when the wheat and barley is golden..hessian as a cover is great anyone else use it.
  6. its on the guns on pegs.com website..go to that and click on articles and you will see it ..ok the link is heavily used..try at a less peek time also on the basc website are the letters from mps to grove and natural englane..
  7. Just being told about the latest update to this matter can be found on the guns on pegs website and is about meeting by several MPs with Mr Gove last week.It can be found on this link www.gunsonpegs.com\articles/shooting-talk/natural-england Lets hope our MPs work for a change and put things right.. SUPPORT THEM PLEASE..
  8. The general public think that all shooting people are countryside rich and privalidged .are we?? What though are we..what do we all do Im retired engineer now woodland and landowner. What are you ??
  9. Yes best of luck our order was for 1500 All are now well on their way.900 cock 600 hen..which will join our present stock.. The work put in now will indeed show in october when the guns come out..get out and put time in ..it will reap reward later.
  10. 140.000 petition has been sent to bbc reuesting his removal..the names are increasing ..watch devmts
  11. Ageed the bird watchers mr Packham incl shows dead fledglings in the nesr and shows the springwatch viewers the result on tv..some pigeon shooters do same ..HRH at Sandringham show themselves at Xmas shooting pheasant..so ...big deal the public know it happens ..they think us rich only shoot..lots of working class poor paid do too..so the image is wrong here..perhaps a NEW thread could be added to ask what jobs we do??? I think you will find a good variety of retired..low paid..oap..and young uns..
  12. Indeed we shoot pheasant and the local butcher wot have them..so we use the local hotel to prepare them and use in the hotel the rest members take them..some left are buried deep. Sooner or later we will be not rearing large amounts so the anti brigade will win by default..Thought here...the pheasant will become one of the RSPB and bbc. Mr Packhams...rare one to spot..hey what a programe that would be pheasant watch.
  13. let days already exist for all shooting shooting yes it would be better if it was not made expensive.. Through greed etc but could it not be that the syndicates and shoot owners open up the land to allow a local pigeon shooters syndicate to exist...there is a vermin and pest control already but a more local area one would suit local farmers who are at this moment very very worried about this..we all know and support them fully..the veg growers need more help Brexit will mke us have to produce more as imports from the EU will have tariffs on them. Good well placed legal written down words are needed..BUT meanwhile the woodpigeon and his friends are eating there way across the field...'Rome burns .Whilst Nero plays his fiddle ' comes to mind
  14. Talked to Dave last week..so I definitely know Dave Noakes at Barnbrough has STOPPED BUYING woodies/pheasant and all game etc as he cannot sell them on.There is no market for them.Also on most big shoots guns just take what they need home... and all the rest is buried.(article from Daily Mail newspaper)and (guns on pegs website) A sign of the times ...And a sad day indeed for south Yorkshire area wood pigeon shooters Perhaps someone would take Daves place ??
  15. Yes they seem to work..I have fetch birds in from well over 100yds with mine..magnet going as well .They are fooled ok and are shot easy..Agood idea and good decoy tool too..Bang!!
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