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  1. Avery and Co already know their interests were represented.if you read the thread through you would know what ... Youre on about.. Enough said until eustace reveals outline of law in June. Then squawk eh?
  2. Quite right David my father and our past game keeper taught me the right way to shoot and have done so for many years here..the agents often ask me for vermin shooting mostly pigeon to sell to people as membership I could do that myself for monetary needs. These org should be restricted (although they have freedom of speech etc) from giving their opinions on the as yet revealed forthcoming wildlife and countryside act 1981 (amended 2020) act .. and are causing worry to all.. NB.... .it has been dealt with the law has been agreed temp and will be published and ..released out to trial in June.If working .as agreed by all then a full roll out in January 2021 ... That is if the present emergency powers are lifted and we are given .. all clear. So David you are right..stay safe ...Clay Shooter
  3. Just a last thought if they do decide to make the birds that stand on or fly over land 400mteres away from the boundary then they are classed as reared ...Avery wild justice the rspb twitchers and our Mr Packham and crew would have no say if birds that are NOT NAMED ON the new 1981(amended 2021) wildlife and countryside act are shot whilst flying or are sat stood more than 400meters away from a reserve that is legally registered as one such. End of ..law made clear as it will be ..Altogether now lets go 400meters away...and .... Take that right when given by law..see what twitchers do to packham and Averys cry for money..when we shoot within ear shot..AND .....You can eat most of them you know...crispy duck comes to mind...and they cant ...(pun coming here) .....cook your goose for it..
  4. they will get that and more..twitchers are agains shooting of birds thr release of birds..but they love the release of raptors packham will use his celeb status to get the money from them..the legal team will go ahead.. My thought is this ... Can the shooting organisations bring a case against wild justice for causing widespread worry amongst our farming communities. Who face worry over brexit...and now invasion of crop eating vermin of crops. Why not as suggested and is in the process of being tried after june the release of birds from reared stock will still be reared stock..on the land or estate they are stood or fly over ..birds from neighbouring estates.. Or land will also be classed as being reared where they are stood or fly over there identity will be where they are..... Located. So will be tried from june this year we hope .if all that goes ok then it will be in the JANUARY 2021 legislation ..if the present virus goes away to return to normal..sneek prev is not much change..perhaps thats why they want to go try wales..then they have welsh govt to add pressure on westminster...some welsh MPs are anti....
  5. Thats right Avery is in lockdown too.the main adversary is Ruth she is the backing moneybag i think and political adversary .maybe this will hurt them a birdwatching is not on the list of things to be out for..£60 fixed penalty in force north yorks...soon mony grab police will want some too.as their budget does not cover all this.so.. Twitchers are in the same poo as us.
  6. The Welsh govt can not afford to fight this at the moment as wild justice know they will expect them to capitualate an as with defra and natural england ..just ban ..save money. The only way is if everyone who owns a license to write to his MP and say he will loose his seat. At the next election..But th govt at Westminster can veto any welsh legislation..Packham works freelance and has bbc contract. Pettition the bbc.hes gone of radar then..Avery has and can be sidelined..wild justice solicitors can be told ..you do not have to choose them for your buisness or legal stuff...remember in this day and age...money.... Money. Is the first thing..
  7. good point they can now show proof that they work in allowed jobs..just make sure if YOU are asked by the police you confirm some may invent that con to get around the rules..Here abouts the police have been enforcing that regulation chief constable Steve Watson made public tv statement on that.My staff live in village or very local within 3miles.so cycle or walk in our keeper just walks drives as usual.
  8. dont think that would be for you...pigeon shooting is done by farmers/gamekeepers/etc He may have though that you were farmer or landowner or gamekeeper. You meet the self isolating part the travel no as it is your essential job.... Exercise rule could qualify under walking in countryside ...but then sat shooting?? Doubtful ... Again we shooters are left in limbo.best wait till given clear info..yes damage will be done crops eaten..we may need food if this continues for long time..then if damage is great..we may see a death warrant on the woodie..crow..rabbit and all vermin. Packham..Avery and All can..??????..As an estate landowner im not too sure my advice is keep the gun in the gun cabinet ..wait till legally told.
  9. glad to know that this does sadly exist cruel i think the woodie would be an outcast amongst its flock and would not find a mate..would it..??? And what if it becomes rampant that jokers dye them would they breed if so the young would not be dyed..they would be normal colour..yes? Thank you blackpowder see all they do exist about the countryside.
  10. codswallop. Well sir. I. Er ...yes i have sea fished for cod. And walloped a few on their heads But what i say is true if we see them again. A photo will be shown..then you can comment .... We did not think of a photo ....By the way.. Have you the answer to how far a pigeon can fly ...or is willing to go..it is a genuine question that...or do you just think that they live local to the crops you shoot for the local farmer/landowner... Etc..
  11. Not licked frogs not an early April fool either we saw them. But we did not see them birds today as we shot on the drilled peas and some old wheat stubble left for partridges. I dont know any spanish either but looked on net this evening to find out and yes they do dye birds in spain for festivals and bird shows. And for averies in gardens.That raises the questions... could they be 2 feral birds that flew from spain ....??? Or indeed a spaniard living in the area who has dyed them for fun.??????. Flying from spain is too far is it..????. Anyone know how far a pigeon can fly from home ??? My bet is its a joker acting about for a laugh..but the poor birds would be at much risk wouldnt they or would a hawk avoid them as unusual prey?
  12. All i can think of is that they notice the white wing stripe on the bird magnet and neck then try to land amongst the decoys. Sometimes it scares them other times not. as does the flapper..????
  13. this evening whilst checking over the peas we set i happen to have seen a yellow pigeon and a half bright green one they had been obviously dyed by a joker....no i do not drink..wear spectacles not colour blind...they had been dyed i was also with my friend and fellow shot Stephen who was amased as i was..wish we had the guns with us but i picked him up from the railway station what a sight though they looked rather glorious if we shoot them or any others on saturday we will post them..must be a joker having a laugh ??? ive heard of painted rabbits but woodies.?
  14. the university prof was well known for his experiments on bird behaviour and was adviser to defra by the way.he has now retired to mold in wales (i think ) and i now do doubt that. and say you are right as you have expertise in the subject. Ultra violet light is real in the sight of pigeons we paint/touch up our decoys with that paint to make them more viz so thats quit right. movement is a give away too... BUT WHY do they come to a magnet with 2 decoys .... Just going nowhere just round and round..they must know thats wrong flying 2 flying birds going nowhere Surly?? or is it simply that they move... Flash the white wing bar.. And that brings others in blue. Colour solved... Try solving magnet decoys....going nowhere. Just round and round ???
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