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  1. Looking for the adjustable divider kit for a transk9 drawer, if anyone has one they'd be willing to sell?
  2. Does anyone have any real world experience of this tire? A good price and gets good reviews on blackcircles. Just wondering whether it would be false economy to go for these over geolander, cross climates etc as an all season tyre.
  3. Can anyone advise whether this would fit a montefeltro?
  4. Novice

    Teal Decoys

    6 in total, 3 drake, 3 hen. Unused. Have images of them, 4 still in the wrapper, but images too large to attach. Happy to send images via email if you provide it via PM. £25 posted.
  5. Novice

    Weldmesh Panels

    Ah that's annoying. It's specifically 1" mesh I'm after. Thanks for responding though
  6. Novice

    Weldmesh Panels

    Looking for some weldmesh panels/roll. Ideally after 25mmx25mm (1" in old money) holes in 2mm wire or heavier. Just thought I'd see if anyone has anything they'd be interested in selling before I look at new.
  7. In a good way I presume? Any difference in mpg? Thanks, I'd seen them but hadn't made the short list. Will bear them in mind. Again thanks. I'll take a look. How do you find them for road noise and economy? I appreciate anything is going to be a compromise.
  8. I'm currently running geolander SUV tyres on a subaru forester, which I understand to be the factory fit option. Looking to replace them fairly soon and wondering whether I might be better fitting geolander A/T? Does anyone have any direct experience of both versions, or similar? Attracted by possibly more off road capability in the A/T. However, not felt too undergunned with the SUV (I'm pretty cautious, mainly stone tracks, rides and greasy grass rather than full mud plugging) and worried that I'll sacrifice noise levels and fuel consumption over something I may never really need. 90% of my driving will be tarmac, including 2 hours+ motorway driving to get to stalking grounds etc. Opinions welcome!
  9. Baking soda mixed into a paste and spread over the affected area. Leave it a few days until it dries then hoover it out. Absolutely worked for me in similar circumstances. As I understand it, it deprives the bacteria of oxygen and kills them off completely. It's the bacteria that generates the smell.
  10. Cheers. Yes, they're air bag specific the ones I've bought. Anyone any experience of titan covers?
  11. Cheers folks. I've gone with turtle covers for the front seats for now They've a no quibble return policy, so if not impressed can always send them back. Struggling to find a decent rear cover. Rhino an option, but not heard good things Has anyone bought rhino products recently, any comments?
  12. Can anyone comment from experience on whether it's worth paying more for "tailored" fit seat covers that are cut for an exact fit for the particular model, over -semi-fit covers which seem to be produced on more generic dimensions to fit a number of models? The tailored seem to be double the price, but prepared to pay it if worth it. Would also appreciate some recommendations for manufacturers as seem to be a few about, a lot UK based which is good.
  13. Can anyone confirm whether a comfortech stock off an M2 will fit an older model montefeltro? Both 12b.
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