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  1. Aren't badgers legal quarry in Germany?
  2. That looks ace, very well thought out. What's with the wooden shims along the bottom front edge?
  3. Where have you seen that? I picked up on the fact that Wild Justice had met with Lincs police to discuss hare coursing. If they think that introducing a closed season for brown hares, not just restricting sales of dead ones, is going to reduce illegal hare coursing, then they're having a laugh. There are plenty of laws that can be referred to in bringing chanrges in these situatuons, without adding further legislation. If solid convictions can't be obtained with the current suite of charging options, then that itself needs looking at. My concern here is that theyre picking at the edges, seeing what they can get away with and building up confidence before turning the screw further on the bigger ticket items. My other thought when I heard that they were looking at hare coursing was that it might be trespass related, their real intention being an angle on trail hunting where the hounds end up off piste a bit. Mark my words, this lot are no friends of landowners, farmers or the shooting community, no matter how they try to present themselves
  4. Wish I'd seen these before I lashed out on a hog saddle! Good luck with the sale.
  5. Avery's main agenda, as I've explained on other forums, is to end driven grouse shooting. He's tried the direct approach with his own e-petition, which did get a parliamentary debate but, ultimately was an embarrassing failure. He's also failed on his Judicial Review on the hen harrier brood management scheme. But he's appealing that. He's now changed tactics and trying to undermine driven grouse shooting by multiple methods. If you can stomach it, take a look at his blog and his efforts to oppose heather burning, lead ammunition, medicated grit etc. Ruth Tingray is of the same position. They've managed to secure Packham as a high profile figurehead. Everything about pigeon shooting, feral pigeon control etc that has been caught up in NE's decision to withdraw the general licences is just collateral damage as far as they're concerned. What they're angling for, and no doubt they're doing everything in their power to try and influence the wording of the promised replacement general licences, is for it to become impossible to control corvids for the benefit of grouse production. Driven grouse shooting is the only area of game shooting relying solely on wild birds. Vermin control, including corvid control, is central to producing sufficient numbers of grouse to make it viable. Under the old general licences, grouse keepers could operate under gl06, although it was in my eyes a bit of a grey area. What Wild Justice will be hoping, and actively pushing for, will be for the new wording to close that loophole. The recent appointment of Tony Juniper at NE worries me in that regard.
  6. This is the way to do it. Take the finance then pay it off immediately.
  7. I heartily recommend the larsen mate clam shell style traps if you're looking to mix things up a bit. In fact, I'd say in terms of catching, putting your call bird into a small to medium weldmesh dog crate with a couple of the larsen mates alongside will catch more than a traditional larsen. More room for the call bird to move about in too, so better from a welfare perspective. Only problem is it's a bit more to move about. I'd say I probably have a catch rate of 2-1 larsen mates over the larsens themselves. Very useful bit if kit. A couple of eggs in a false nest helps to get them to commit too.
  8. A 3.5" sbs 12b. That's got to be a rare beast? Good luck with the sale.
  9. So for it to be an absolutely true left hand gun, it should open to the right, right? Sorry to derail the for sale thread slightly. I may have to buy the gun by way of apology!
  10. Thanks for the input folks. I've given them an initial call and it doesn't look like it's what I'm after. It's a browning 425 waterfowl model, but they're telling me it's marked for use with 2 3/4 and 3 inch carts. I thought the waterfowl came as 3 1/2 inch as standard. I guess not.
  11. It's a particular browning model they have that I've been after for a while. Have either of you bought guns from them? Forgot to mention, it's a used gun.
  12. Does anyone have any experience of buying a shotgun from this shop via rfd transfer? If so, how was the experience? Was it as described? Also, who am I best to ask for to deal with the transaction, specifically at their Newport site? I'd prefer someone who knows one end of a shotgun from the other and is capable of giving an honest appraisal. Cheers
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