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  1. Novice

    Brattonsound Cabinets

    Sl7+ still available. Open to offers
  2. Novice

    Any car insurance experts on here?

    Are you asking whether the driver or the passenger has to declare the accident on their next renewal? The driver certainly will. I'm not 100% whether the passenger will, but I'm leaning towards saying yes, although I'd suggest he raises ut with his insurer on renewal for certainty. In terms of premium increase, the annoying thing for both is that, even if neither was at fault, there's a strong chance their premiums will increase anyway. Insurance premiums are calculated based on risk, and if you've been involved in an accident then you're considered a different risk to someone who hasn't, and so the premium will be calculated accordingly.
  3. Novice

    Brattonsound Cabinets

    2 brattonsound cabinets for sale, both with 2 sets of keys:SL7+ - 7 gun cabinet with internal locking top £175RL5+ - 5 gun extra deep rifle cabinet with internal locking top £150 Located in Stockport Cheers
  4. Novice

    Gunmate Gun Clamp

    Thanks for the reply.
  5. Novice

    Gunmate Gun Clamp

  6. Novice

    Gunmate Gun Clamp

    Does anyone use one? How useful are they for a scoped rifle? Considering whether it would be handy as temporary storage for an early start or late finish rather than banging about in the main cabinet. Novice
  7. Novice


    There's an increasing population in and around south manchester too.
  8. Novice

    Anschutz Magazines

    Second dibs please
  9. Novice

    Zamberlan Boots

    I've a pair of their trainer type footwear with a strong vibram sole. Bought them for an overseas trip where they performed admirably. To be honest I've worn them a fair bit this summer as it's been so dry. Decent kit. Nice to wear something lighter when stalking.
  10. I was looking at them on the back cover of a recent copy of shooting times. If I recall correctyl there were a couple of variants with one around the 3k mark rrp, which I thought was a bit steep for a sako. It'll be interesting to see how many they sell. Oh and if you're going to be dialling in for your long range shooting you may want to give further thought to your scope choice. I understand that the v8 has very limited adjustment in terms of "clicks" compared to the competition and you may find you run out of travel at longer ranges.
  11. Novice

    Weekend Quiz?

  12. Novice

    Weekend Quiz?

    Squirrel after sap.
  13. Novice

    Remington 1100 12 gauge

  14. Novice

    More roe and air weapons.

    Do cic make a deduction for weighting a head like that 😳