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  1. Baking soda mixed into a paste and spread over the affected area. Leave it a few days until it dries then hoover it out. Absolutely worked for me in similar circumstances. As I understand it, it deprives the bacteria of oxygen and kills them off completely. It's the bacteria that generates the smell.
  2. Cheers. Yes, they're air bag specific the ones I've bought. Anyone any experience of titan covers?
  3. Cheers folks. I've gone with turtle covers for the front seats for now They've a no quibble return policy, so if not impressed can always send them back. Struggling to find a decent rear cover. Rhino an option, but not heard good things Has anyone bought rhino products recently, any comments?
  4. Can anyone comment from experience on whether it's worth paying more for "tailored" fit seat covers that are cut for an exact fit for the particular model, over -semi-fit covers which seem to be produced on more generic dimensions to fit a number of models? The tailored seem to be double the price, but prepared to pay it if worth it. Would also appreciate some recommendations for manufacturers as seem to be a few about, a lot UK based which is good.
  5. Can anyone confirm whether a comfortech stock off an M2 will fit an older model montefeltro? Both 12b.
  6. Please see a survey from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority seeking views and opinions on wildfire risk. https://www.gmconsult.org/strategy-team/public-perception-of-wildfire/ I've no doubt the antis will be circulating this link amongst themselves in an effort to skew the results. No doubt their agenda being to stigmatise controlled cool burning on shooting estates and ignore the clear risk, and large recent wildfires, associated with land owned by the national trust and others where no heather management is performed. The survey asks you to confirm which local authority area you reside in and lists all in UK, so not restricted to Greater Manchester residents only. I've not seen it mentioned on here or other shooting related forums, so thought I'd share and ask people to complete it. Only takes 10 mins if that.
  7. Fair comment. And to be entirely truthful, your original post has had me questioning my reasoning since I read it. You're right, while petrol vehicles aren't perfect, the glow plug and dpf issues do seem to be the source of the majority of complaints. 30mpg does sound a bit thirsty though after years of diesels!
  8. Always preferred diesels, perception of lower running and fuel cost I guess. Appreciate the dpf issue, but it will be getting a 3 hour motorway run once a month at least to my main stalking ground, with other journeys in addition to local driving. Assuming we return to a level of normality which will allow me to get back to stalking. In no rush to buy until that's on the near horizon! Also will be after a manual in whatever I go for.
  9. Thanks for that. Appreciate there are risks in buying any older secondhand car, just don't want to sleep walk into anything obvious if other options will be just as good for what I want
  10. Good to hear you got sorted. Do you mind giving some more details re mileage, service history and rough price if you don't mind? Send me a PM if you'd prefer.
  11. Thanks for that. Did you ever have any problems with the glow plugs on the diesel, or the suspension bushes on any of them? The boxer configuration seems to present a significant issue in removing the glow plugs if they're a bit sticky, although I believe that having some specific tooling can make all the difference. Sounds like the tooling isn't common even amongst main dealers.
  12. Thanks for that. The boxer diesel is a chain, so no belt to replace. Think chain is recommended for replacement at about 110k, but think they can go beyond that. Intention would be to get one with around 60k or less on clock, so not a consideration for a good while for me.
  13. Thanks for all the useful input folks. Just realised it's the Mitsubishi Outlander, not overlander as per title. My heart says Subaru, niche, cult following in certain models and probably ticks all the boxes in the price bracket. X-trail seems popular, but I prefer the older boxier version, which is getting really long in the tooth now. Last ones about a 10 plate if I'm right. Also seem to hold their money more than others, so not a lot of choice with my budget. Was that the '08 - '12 model? With the big intake on the bonnet? That's what I'm looking at to be honest.
  14. Looking to buy a vehicle that will double as a shooting vehicle and also second domestic vehicle when (rarely) needed. Did have my heart set on a 2012 forester, but had some sleepless nights over the boxer diesel engine, particularly the glow plugs ( the vehicle I was close to buying had had them replaced once, possibly twice up to 68k), and the fact that they seem to have become even more niche in recent years. Looking to widen the search a bit, or have others convince me to stick with subaru. The Mitsubishi and the Landrover seem to also have a lot going for them. Main considerations - prefer diesel engine - budget 7k-ish, potentially bit more as continue saving and looks like going to be a good while yet before I'm travelling about like I used to pre-covid - vehicle will have to do motorway miles, as well as some light off reading when I reach my destination - obviously want mileage as low as possible and keen to avoid the sweet spot on the suggested vehicles where consumables start needing replaced - would like the option to tow if needed (forester towing capacity is 2500kg, which seems to be class leading) Any thoughts from the collective?
  15. Hoping someone on here may be able to give some useful input on an issue I'm having with a '13 plate corsa. Always had an issue in 4 years of ownership whereby rear passenger door wouldn't open via external handle until interior handle had been pulled. Would open fine until vehicle locked, then had to repeat performance once unlocked. Could live with that, but recently put child locks on, which means can no longer open via internal handle! Have taken door card off, but can't see anything obvious. Operating central locking via fob, can feel mechanism apparently working in affected door(others are fine), but clearly not actually unlocking. Will put it into a garage if can't sort it myself, but any suggestions most welcome!
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