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    Clear Out

    Pm sent to both of you. Cheers
  2. Novice

    Clear Out

    Got a number of shooting related items for sale as follows: Sagen Bone Saw - £17.50 posted Benelli Branded Webbing Sling in Benelli Branded Net Storage Bag (believe for the M series of shotguns) -£25 posted Leather Hand Guard for 20b SBS - £20 ScopeCoat Neoprene Scope Cover - £17.50 posted Please contact me with any questions. Can provide pgotographs by email if requested.
  3. That seems like a heck of a lot of machine for the money. Good luck with the sale
  4. Are you baiting the tunnels? Peanut butter on the fenn trap plate should do the trick and tends to ensure a clean kill as their head and neck are in the right spot.
  5. Think it's worth remembering with Packham trying to take the moral high ground on this decision that he refused to have a basc representative alongside hin when he did his GMTV interview. He doesn't do balanced debates when it suits him, so he can't moan when the boots on the other foot...
  6. Hi. Do both barrels fit the same bolt head, or would another bolt be needed for the .223 barrel? Cheers
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jul/18/release-of-non-native-game-birds-to-be-challenged-in-court I'm sure no one saw this coming...
  8. Definitely hen and not marsh harriers? Any pictures?
  9. I see that Avery has tried to put his own spin on the results, but my takeaway is that those opposed to grouse shooting seem much more extreme in their views. A lot of 90%+ responses for the most polarised answer, while the pro-grouse shooting responses seem a bit more balanced. I still think it was a worthwhile exercise to get involved.
  10. https://markavery.info/2019/07/05/closing-saturday/ I just thought it might be nice for Mark to broaden his survey base a little with input from the members on here...
  11. Slightly off topic, but warble flies and their larvae can still be an issue for wild deer. Not so much in domestic stock, but expect that's because they can been treated with a preventative. Nasal bot fly is even nastier and again crops up in wild deer populations, particularly in scotland. Take a look at google if you can stomach it.
  12. Has he had his tunnel traps set since the spring? If so, it's interesting that they've managed to avoid the plate until now, then all 3 succumbing in 1 day.
  13. A couple of points that jump out here. One, they're pulling Gove back in by naming him as an interested party. That's good in my eyes as he's tried to snake out of the situation already, having previously given his word(!) to personally sort this out. I imagine he's thrilled... Secondly, I really think NE should stand their ground and run this to a final hearing. It can't be any more expensive than all the extra work and manpower that's already gone into this situation in the past 6 weeks. What is more, NE won the judicial review over hen harrier brood management, so why are they running scared now? Leigh Day aren't a particularly strong or impressive law firm, even in this niche field. Just google the firm and 'Iraq" for a flavour of where they tried to make some coin previously before getting on board this particular cash cow. If NE threw some money into this situation and got some outside advice from a top law firm (I'm not sure who they've used to date) and a decent QC, I'm confident they'd come up with a position to wipe the floor with Wild Justice and Leigh Day. Seems a very odd situation all round to me.
  14. Commercial third party litigation funders are potentially liable to meet an adverse costs award. I'm not sure whether there is a precedent for corwdfunding by individuals. If there's not, it's high time someone took a stand and pushed the Courts for a decision. Might stop the likes of Wild Justice in their tracks. If the decision confirms no liability on the part of the individual funders, then the position hasn't changed that much.
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