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  1. Novice

    Zamberlan Boots

    I've a pair of their trainer type footwear with a strong vibram sole. Bought them for an overseas trip where they performed admirably. To be honest I've worn them a fair bit this summer as it's been so dry. Decent kit. Nice to wear something lighter when stalking.
  2. I was looking at them on the back cover of a recent copy of shooting times. If I recall correctyl there were a couple of variants with one around the 3k mark rrp, which I thought was a bit steep for a sako. It'll be interesting to see how many they sell. Oh and if you're going to be dialling in for your long range shooting you may want to give further thought to your scope choice. I understand that the v8 has very limited adjustment in terms of "clicks" compared to the competition and you may find you run out of travel at longer ranges.
  3. Novice

    Weekend Quiz?

  4. Novice

    Weekend Quiz?

    Squirrel after sap.
  5. Novice

    Remington 1100 12 gauge

  6. Novice

    More roe and air weapons.

    Do cic make a deduction for weighting a head like that 😳
  7. Novice

    Panorama - Driven Game Shooting

    It will be interesting to see how the new owners of yorkshire game get on. They're the people behind the gressingham duck brand, which has apparently massively increased public consumption of domestic duck. They already have the relationships with the big supermarkets and the facilities to handle and process game. I've heard talk of them focusing on ready meals and curry/stewing mixes already seasoned/marinaded. Could genuinely be the answer and if they do well, i can see the rest of the industry following on. To put it in context, consider the last time you ate chicken as opposed to the last time you roasted a chicken. We've got to look at game the same. Things have moved on a long way in terms of public demand for simply a roasting bird.
  8. Novice

    What crop ?

    I've had a very hectic session on laid oats. Although to be fair it was in an area with little arable, so maybe they're not as fussy as elsewhere.
  9. Novice

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    There are driving moors in that area, but as you say they're hamstrung by UU to a certain extent on what they can do, so they're never going to be top grouse producers. I understand that they pulled in keepers from elsewhere in the peak district and so had a fair few bods on the ground, but obviously not enough. What i do find interesting, although this relates more to the winter hill fire, is that they're apparently digging ditches as fire breaks. I appreciate these are desperate times, but it'll be very interesting to see if they're filled in afterwards. I suspect not, citing the cost involved. Imagine the run off damage that they'll bring to bear come winter. As i say, perhaps I'm being pessimistic, but i look forward to being wrong.
  10. Novice

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    Teams of keepers have been working alongside the fire service from the outset, particularly on the saddleworth fire. News outlet comment on this has been limited, as you might expect. I think they may have stepped aside a little now, but they were definitely involved at the outset, mainly as you say because they have the kit and experience to handle moorland fires. I imagine the fire brigade have been involved in an element of catch up and learning on the job with these events.
  11. Novice

    Early Harvest On The Cards

    I've seen quite a few dessicated osr fields up and down the country on my travels today.
  12. Novice

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    I think it's fair to say, especially in the case of the saddleworth fire, that a lack of managed burning in recent years in the area it started is one of the major reasons it got hold to the extent it has. The original footage showed firefighters working in almost chest high degenerate heather and bracken. The fuel load must have been phenomenal. I'm happy to be corrected, but I'd suggest one of the reasons they've been able to get some control over the saddleworth fire is that it worked it's way up into an area managed for grouse production where there was a lesser fuel load and more chance to break the fire up. The winter hill situation is a bit different as that's an area that is mainly grassland and overgrazed heather. I accept that in dry conditions such as this that large areas of dry rough grazing will go up quickly. I'd be interested to know whether the repeat fire referred to by the poster above was on a true heather moor burned for heather regeneration and grouse production on a commercial basis, or on a grass moor.
  13. Novice

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    What chance United Utilities recognising that the rspb management regime has been a disaster and them bringing in a shooting tenant to take the area back into grouse production? Oh well, we can dream. I can't see the rspb footing the bill for reseeding the heather, but you never know.
  14. Novice

    Horse fly bites

    Exactly as in the pic. Horseflys, or clegs to give them the local vernacular. No idea of the structure of their mouthparts, but that's what was biting me when out stalking in the cotswolds at the weekend. You know it's them as you feel them biting and look down to see them tucking in. In fact, come to think of it, they must have chainsaws for mouths.