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  1. Everything like this should be reported to the police, although I accept it's unlikely that anything will get done in response to the individual incident. What it will do is add to the body of evidence that this sort of criminal damage is getting more widespread and police will have to dedicate more resource to it. One thing that would be most effective from their end is following up on the clowns that post on the likes of the hunt sabs or moorland monitor twitter and facebooks accounts bragging about this sort of thing. I understand that SGA are making moves to change the la
  2. Can't get hold of any. Presume most stocks bought up by the big estates and supply chain issues mean no more going to be around for the foreseeable. A keeper mate of mine changed over last year so he'd have time to get used to them. Reports favourable results. I'd like to source some of the 250 as mainly mink on the small spot I focus on. Not sure whether they'd even get through the required maximum baffle size to get onto the plate though!
  3. Don't think I've seen any other mention on here, so thought I'd flag up that the stoat specific general licence came into effect overnight. Full details of the licence available on defra website. Seems to me to effectively be a piece of paper with no real restrictions beyond what previously existed, save for the legality of certain traps going forward, so no doubt will attract the attention of WJ at some point. What is most concerning though is why DEFRA thought it necessary to introduce this at all? My understanding is that it was never a requirement of the AIHTS and I feel
  4. Ok cheers. I know sometimes it'll say not a PW member when they actually are Not a gunwatch member myself
  5. Any idea which member is selling this?
  6. Novice

    Clear Out

    Pm sent to both of you. Cheers
  7. Novice

    Clear Out

    Got a number of shooting related items for sale as follows: Sagen Bone Saw - £17.50 posted Benelli Branded Webbing Sling in Benelli Branded Net Storage Bag (believe for the M series of shotguns) -£25 posted Leather Hand Guard for 20b SBS - £20 ScopeCoat Neoprene Scope Cover - £17.50 posted Please contact me with any questions. Can provide pgotographs by email if requested.
  8. That seems like a heck of a lot of machine for the money. Good luck with the sale
  9. Are you baiting the tunnels? Peanut butter on the fenn trap plate should do the trick and tends to ensure a clean kill as their head and neck are in the right spot.
  10. Think it's worth remembering with Packham trying to take the moral high ground on this decision that he refused to have a basc representative alongside hin when he did his GMTV interview. He doesn't do balanced debates when it suits him, so he can't moan when the boots on the other foot...
  11. Hi. Do both barrels fit the same bolt head, or would another bolt be needed for the .223 barrel? Cheers
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jul/18/release-of-non-native-game-birds-to-be-challenged-in-court I'm sure no one saw this coming...
  13. Definitely hen and not marsh harriers? Any pictures?
  14. I see that Avery has tried to put his own spin on the results, but my takeaway is that those opposed to grouse shooting seem much more extreme in their views. A lot of 90%+ responses for the most polarised answer, while the pro-grouse shooting responses seem a bit more balanced. I still think it was a worthwhile exercise to get involved.
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