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  1. I personally do. Once I've accounted for the territorial birds and catches drop off, I feel I've done my bit. Everyone is different, and full time keepers may take a different view, but what I'm trying to do is disrupt corvid breeding attempts for that season. It's the pairs feeding their own chicks that can do the most damage to eggs and chicks of other species. Even if a crow or magpie pair were to nest and raise a brood now on my spot, chances are they won't be synchronised with the majority of the nesting attempts of their prey species and won't have such a negative impact. Hit them hard late March to Mid May seems to work for me. Can never understand those who start catching lots of fledged magpies mid summer and think they're doing some good. The local damage has already been done by that stage in raising those birds themselves. As I've mentioned on this thread previously, a larsen mate or two alongside the main trap can make the world of difference. Eggs in the catching compartments can make a bird commit too. I'd recommend hard boiling them so they last a bit longer between trap moves and trampling by captured birds.
  2. How is everyone doing on the larsens? I'm finishing up shortly, one or two trap shy magpies and crows about that will be dealt with separately, but a real noticable reduction in both species in the area.
  3. If you can stretch to it, a larsen mate, preferably 2, will increase your catch rate considerably. It may be that they're catching birds that would eventually end up in the main catching compartments, but I'd say at least 70% of the birds I catch, whether crows or magpies, are in the larsen mates adjacent to the main trap. You've already bought a trap by the sounds of it, but for anyone else looking, I'd say the albi-trap version is about the strongest and best value double catching compartment trap around.
  4. Cheers, I think they were based on a 20b action, so may explain them being a bit heavier than others. Did the .410 wingmaster ever come in a left hand variant?
  5. Even rarer than I thought then...
  6. Has anyone any experience of the above gun? How did you find it? Seem even rarer than the 12b or 10b versions, but I imagine they'd be a useful tool, especially with the multi choke option.
  7. Novice

    Fox Cage Trap

    Looking for the above. Larger the better. Located north cheshire, but willing to travel within reason for the right item. Many thanks
  8. Novice

    Browning BPS 10b

    Still looking.
  9. Any indication of the company she used?
  10. Quotes are just shy of £500 for fixed or just shy of £600 for removable. A touch less than I'd seen elsewhere, but prices have clearly gone up in the last few years for whatever reason.
  11. Thanks, I've contacted them for a quote. It is an option. I've priced up an OEM towbar and electrical kit and it's not crazy money, but I remain nervous about taking a dremel or similar to my bumper. I'm reasonably practical, but I'd rather not budge it up. Will see what the quote comes back at them weigh up my options.
  12. Looking at a witter detachable or similar, with 13 point electrics and including fitting is surprisingly expensive. Appreciate you can get other options for less, but not by a huge amount.
  13. How are people getting on with wear and damage to the cross climates? I was very keen on them, but reading up they seemed to have a very soft compound and there were warnings against using them off tarmac as they're not designed for it at all and it doesn't take much to wreck them.
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