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  1. Novice

    Armstrong & Co. 12 gauge

    Very nice. If I was local to you I'd be very tempted. Best of luck with the sale.
  2. Novice

    AYA sidelock 117 12 gauge

    Now that I really like. Got a hankering for a pistol gripped sbs. Find the straight hand stock doesn't suit me. Just need an excuse to travel to harpenden!
  3. Novice

    Couple of scopes,Zeiss,Nikko Stirling.

    How do you find the reticle when illuminated? The "christmas tree" effect is what puts me off over the 60. Sako, apologies for the thread hijack. Although if you'd take a straight swap for a 3-12 zeiss Diarange scope, then I'd take a punt and learn to live with the reticle. Just let me know. Unless Fizz buys yours and sells me one of his with the 60 reticle!
  4. Novice

    Couple of scopes,Zeiss,Nikko Stirling.

    If it was the #60 reticle I would have been sorely tempted myself.
  5. Novice

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    Any more news on how people are getting on with these? Seems a very useful concept.
  6. Novice

    Couple of scopes,Zeiss,Nikko Stirling.

    The Zeiss is a bargain. Good luck with the sale. Novice
  7. Novice

    50 cal update

    Positive news.
  8. Novice

    Waetherproof Padlock

    I have been oiling the ones I've had but they still end up sticking. Buy cheap buy twice I guess.
  9. Novice

    Waetherproof Padlock

    Can anyone recommend a decent weatherproof padlock? Wanting a couple for a garden gate and a ladder bracket. Cheers
  10. Novice

    Brattonsound 7 rifle cabinet

  11. Is there a lot of cast on the stock?
  12. Now that is tempting. Are you able to give a potted history of this maker? Did they do everything in house? Any idea on age of gun?
  13. Novice

    Mick Vokes

    An excellent guy to deal with. He gets hold of some very rare and interesting guns, especially for the left hand market.
  14. Novice

    Waterproof rifle slip

    Aim drag bag, ridgeline drag bag ogden/monarch country products rifle slip all have a waterproof liner.
  15. Novice

    Air Arms SE90 .22

    Oooh, very very nice. I don't suppose you've any intentions of being up in the north west anytime soon do you?