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  1. A 3.5" sbs 12b. That's got to be a rare beast? Good luck with the sale.
  2. You beat me to it! I've been keeping an eye on the Wild Justice crowd (note that Avery's judicial review of the hen harrier brood management scheme failed today...) and I'm surprised that this is the first topic they've chosen to throw some money at. Famous last words, but I very much doubt they'll get anywhere with it. However, at the very least there may be a bit more scrutiny on whether people are complying with the terms of the current GLs.
  3. So for it to be an absolutely true left hand gun, it should open to the right, right? Sorry to derail the for sale thread slightly. I may have to buy the gun by way of apology!
  4. Thanks for the input folks. I've given them an initial call and it doesn't look like it's what I'm after. It's a browning 425 waterfowl model, but they're telling me it's marked for use with 2 3/4 and 3 inch carts. I thought the waterfowl came as 3 1/2 inch as standard. I guess not.
  5. It's a particular browning model they have that I've been after for a while. Have either of you bought guns from them? Forgot to mention, it's a used gun.
  6. Does anyone have any experience of buying a shotgun from this shop via rfd transfer? If so, how was the experience? Was it as described? Also, who am I best to ask for to deal with the transaction, specifically at their Newport site? I'd prefer someone who knows one end of a shotgun from the other and is capable of giving an honest appraisal. Cheers
  7. Any idea why the waterfowl, presumably intended to be used in adverse conditions, didn't have chrome lined chambers? Was this rectified at all during the manufacturing run on this model?
  8. That looks a lot of gun for the money. Must jump a bit with a 3" shell! Good luck with the sale, hopefully it'll be snapped up
  9. I followed this tutorial if I remember correctly. Pretty straightforward job. The nightvisionforum is the best source of info on the various lens options. A chap who goes by the user name fizzbangwallop ( may also be on here) was very helpful. I have a pentax super takumar lens. Iirc its a 135mm, which gives a good amount of magnification, probably about 12x. One thing I do find an issue, particularly when a fox appears very close, is the narrow field of view. I sometimes see a fox through my handheld spotter, then struggle to pick it up when I transfer to the photon, especially if the fox is on the move I've heard it said that using nightvision is like looking at the world through a toilet roll tube. That description is bang on the money in my case!
  10. Done it on the 6.5 version. Clarity is very, very good for the money. Particularly alongside the new generation laser illuminators. Being able to play around with the aperture setting as well as the focus means you can get a very good image. Just make sure you get a very good condition lens. They're obviously not designed for use on a centrefire rifle and so can work loose after a while, with wandering zero issues (learned that the hard way...). Sorry, just to clarify, mine is the 6.5 xt.
  11. They probably lay up elsewhere in the day and visit that particular area to feed at night.
  12. Did you have the action and bolt treated also? Are they still unmarked? I ask as I recently had a rifle cerakoted and it's already showing wear on the bolt. It's been suggested that where treated surfaces are running across each other, wear is inevitable almost immediately, which is dissapointing given the cost.
  13. From your description of the habitat, I'd say it's just as likely, if not more so, to be a snipe. They seem to accept a wider variety of habitat and put up with a bit more disturbance than woodcock.
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