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  1. As above, three mode as if you get too much intensity you can dial it down a little.
  2. What would you all recommend for a nice matt oil finish, I have used birchwood and it is good but has a high sheen finish and I am after a matt for an old English sxs, Thanks for your help!
  3. So do I ignore super spark? Right, Glen left at 366 + 1 by fisher and 7 by myself today leaves 374
  4. Morning, I have used three in my time, the S410 FAC, the Daystate Mk3 .177 FAC and I currently own the Daystate Airwolf .22 FAC, they were all very good, the S410 had a slightly larger buddy bottle and was fixed at around 30 ish Ft lbs and I could get 20 - 30 shots before I felt I needed a fill, the .177 was a beast, she ran at 17 ft lbs and was a serious bit of kit, shot count was low 20 max as she used so much air to get the tiny little pellet to 17 ft lbs. I went to the Airwolf as she has the biggest buddy bottle and loads of shots before a fill and also she is adjustable so I could
  5. Looking for one of these, prefer with foams but would consider without,
  6. I have used the S410 TDR, the S410 and now use the S510, superb rifles, easy to use, reliable and accurate. Why the TDR? looks cool but personally I would go for the standard carbine and put a nice big scope on it. Just personal preference though, its what I did. You can use the S410 TDR with the stock off as it self regulates to air pistol power levels but I never bothered, I prefer carbines, less moving parts so less things to break and short barrels as rats in a small space are rather quick so speed is useful,,,
  7. Injectors??? Has it had the recall work? Mine ran like pooh and was that. Got done foc but would have cost well over a grand if not under the recall. Also worth a check is the hose in the sump that draws the oil around the injector system, mine was split and made it a nightmare, very easy and cheap to do ( minus oil change) so worth a thought.
  8. Lady got some new shoes, just need some real mud now to see what happens,,,
  9. Yes, the 4 vents on the inside are rotten but the lining is good,
  10. It was upgraded for some god unknown reason a long time ago to have a series 3 front on it, then in 1996 put back as well as the could to a 2, still has the series 3 front wing panels that I will remove and replace with series 2 in due course as the checker plate patches look rubbish. Thanks for the advise, will start looking now, just started on the electrics as they are shot, this might take a while.
  11. Morning, Just got my first series 2 and she is great fun already, been out on the local farm area and the grin factor of being bounced about but going over everything was brilliant. Only issue I have at the moment is that she has road biased tyres and these are fine at the moment as it is dry so not worried. In a few months though it will be less dry and mud around us is going to be an issue so need a spare set of wheels for her. I am new to the whole series tyre size and have been having a look for some alternatives, I want to keep her looking right so the thought of putting some
  12. Weather is looking good, birds are about and for the first time in months I have the afternoon off. So rather than mess about with some modern thing the old Westley Richards is coming out for a few hours of fun. There really is nothing greater than dropping a pigeon with a muzzel loader, very much looking forward to doing just that tomorrow. Hopefully have something to show for it tomorrow,,,
  13. T3 hunter in .243 is superb, solid, very positive and shoots very well. Grouping is great, likes expensive brass best,,,,, I set mine up with a PES mod in stainless, but like all things in life, best to try it if you can before you buy to make sure the gun is right for you.
  14. Is it safe? The comment where I work makes me a little worried, if you are in a safe place, good back drop, no neighbours or at least ones that understand shooting then sure. I would be really careful though, with permission means you can but would you?
  15. I have the maplin one, green light when charging, light goes out when done. Simple!
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