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  1. Hi all Does anybody know off any Gamedealers that are taking pigeons. We are in Northamptonshire. Many thanks in advance
  2. Hi All Has anybody got / used the pop up bale hide from A1decoys, if so are they easy to put up and shoot out off. Many thanks in advance smokey
  3. Well done, Zetter, still trying to get the best out of my N/V not sure which is the best IR to go with it yet
  4. I have got the 8x32x56 Sightron cracking scope, good luck with the sale.
  5. Spot on Michael I was thinking the same, I love the Labradors but yon need both on a shoot in my opinion. My last Lab as he got older (gone now bless him) wouldn't go in any really rough stuff had to do that myself with the spaniels but each to our own. Both types and others make a shoot, imagine if everything went to plan what would we have to talk about at the pub afterwards
  6. It's the same in Northamptonshire chaps, we covered a lot of miles sat for hours watching over sat, sun and today guns never even came out their slips totally dead everywhere. Been pretty cold and breezy as well here. Oh well things can only get better. We hope
  7. Hi Pegasus bridge just wondered does the boss seat fold down for easy carrying / transporting and do you have to state whether left or right handed shooter cheers Smokey
  8. smokeyoakey

    Trail cam

    Many thanks Daz, I will have a look are they no glow and not to technical cheers Smokey
  9. smokeyoakey

    Trail cam

    I know this has been asked before but which one, don't want to go ott but there are just so many so any reviews will be a great help. Also can anyone remember the name of the round bale type pigeon hide and are they any good. Thanks in advance Smokey
  10. Are the pigeons on the rape out your way Fenny as they are not in Northants
  11. You could try Sportschief gloves from guns and country real quality or Deerhunter they take some beating and not stupid prices
  12. Many thanks soulboy1957, I have got a pulsar N750 on my 17hmr but after seeing some of the Snipercam videos I liked the look of them, contacted 007 who makes the videos wanting to go up to Chesterfield to have a look in the dark as it's difficult to judge ranges on film but he wasn't really forthcoming so hoping for some reviews on the drone pro
  13. What do you think of the drone pro, and what sort of range can you see for clear identification. Cheers. Smokey
  14. Hi all After watching 007. With his sniper cam footage, they look a cracking piece of kit. I have messaged 007 about having a look at his but so far have not had a reply. Just wondered if anybody not a million miles from Northampton has got one and we could have a look at. Even if your miles away any feedback would be much appreiciated. Many thanks in advance. Smokey Ma
  15. Still got mine Si-bore awesome scope.
  16. Look very well made what sort of identification range has it got, + can you get a zoom lens. Cheers
  17. God only how i did it but i'm getting there
  18. Hi Tedly I have been trying different things seem to be doing ok then, nothing to follow next step, the last thing I tried was pic resize, managed to get the picture downsized then can't move on will download crop size and try that many thanks Smokey
  19. Hi all Trying to send a picture from my iPad to PW fingers crossed
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