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  1. yeah not the best pictures.
  2. Hi As per the title, i have a pair of CENS ProFlex Bluetooth Headset for sale. They have never been used and are the once in the below link https://www.censdigital.com/product/cens-proflex-bluetooth-headset/ Will let these got for say £75 which will give you a decent saving but open to offers Postage at buyer cost but obviously won’t be allot Thanks Chris
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    Shot kam

    As i’m not much of a shotgun shooter i have for sale a shotkam, in as new condition and had only been used once. As per the below link this comes with everything you get when purchased from the web site https://uk.shotkam.com/products/shotkam I won this in a raffle so it doesn’t owe me anything and i don’t have to sell it but as it is just sitting there thought i’d put on to re invest the money into something i’d use shooting related so would be interested in a swap. I know i have to put a price so start at £300 but will more than welcome sensible offers. Located in Deeside, North wales but will post at buyers cost once funds have cleared. Will post actual pictures of the kit later today. But there is footage on my instagram (instaorr0124) if you want to take a look Great bit of kit, i just don’t use it as i shoot rifle more but anyone well into there shotgun from clays to shooting birds will certainly get the use out of it. Thanks for looking Cheers
  6. Lol fingers crossed , call it 30 years and it will fit me well for retirement 😂😂. There are deer about in North Wales. Can’t say i’ve ever seen one even though i’ve lived here all my life but know people that have. Did see the shoot advertisement and was tempted with being about to do a bit with the rifle but have been offered a place on a syndicate that is mainly deer with some rough partridge in the season so gone with that. thanks for all your comments.
  7. i’ll give them a shout for full details
  8. Due to the land owner of the syndicate i have been a member of deciding not to continue with the lease due to building holiday let’s on some of the land i am now in a position where i now need to look for a new syndicate or just a few days out a year. The syndicate i was on wasn’t big money & wasn't massive but it was enough for me to get my escape from the daily grind and i successfully took 2-3 deer a year which is enough for me and my family to have in the freezer as waste would be devastating to me. BASC insured but I do not have DSC although have stalked alone for last 4 years and have taken part in a number of paid guided days for a number of years prior to this, i have enjoyed country sports for at-least 17 years and stalked various grounds from open hills in scotland to wooded ground using binos and thermal. i live in North Wales if anyone can advise me on a small syndicate or some days out it would be very much appreciated. Happy to travel.
  9. Winchester Sx3 in red Posting for a friend. Have shot the gun my self and is actually quite nice to shoot. I have too many guns my self other wise i’d consider it. Not done allot and looks as new having a issue with posting pictures due to there size but if anyone wants pictures, give me a shout and i’ll happily send them to you Bit of a review below Starting off at £800 but happy to discuss offers with the owner of the gun,
  10. As per the title k9 dog box. Perfect for the back of a crewcab pick up or in back of a van measurements in the pictures if you zoom in. i had this on the back on a Nissan Nivara for my pointer & cocker but new job an new company car so this is no longer needed has removable divider, i have fitted rubber hose matting in bottom for comfort and warmth & had vent covers made for the side but didn’t get round to fitting them. https://transk9.com/products/spares/ Collect from Flintshire Northwales. £250 but open to offers. Pictures i have taken exceed the max size. If interested i’ll email or watts app these over
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