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  1. anyone got the metal southern guns mag .22lr lying about ? prefer 25rnd but anything will do !
  2. mikehutt

    v22 vector arms mags

    feed angle appears to be wrong bullet gets half way into breech then jams the 10rnd sgc mag always feeds fine
  3. mikehutt

    v22 vector arms mags

    just recieved BLACK DOG 25 RND MAG FOR MY V22 BUT IT WONT FEED ! anyone got any mags to suit a v22 ? or any idea what will ? mike
  4. mikehutt

    Niggeloh Rifle sling and Simmons Scope

    is the scope matt black or 'granite' finish ?
  5. mikehutt

    CZ452 22lr Magazines

    If r1steele does not have them let me know mike
  6. mikehutt

    Leupold VX3 4.5 - 14 x 40

    ARGHHHHH 4 hours too late !
  7. mikehutt

    Black powder cartridges

    if only kent was in yorkshire .....................
  8. mikehutt

    Free trailer

    could get to you wednesday at soonest
  9. mikehutt

    Free trailer

    how soon do you need it out the way ? mike
  10. mikehutt

    bausch & lomb

    what condition is it in ? got any pics ? does price inc post ?
  11. mikehutt

    Wads primers powder

    doncaster i think shame as i am too far from there !
  12. mikehutt

    20g cartridges swap or free to youth

    Hi I have 165 20g lyalvale express cartridges mostly 70mm plastic wad 24g no8 HV comp with a few 65mm 24g 7 1/2 fibre hv comp mixed in. I can use almost any 12g cartridges fibre or plastic as long as number 5 or higher ( ie no slug, bb,2 ,3 or 4 shot )
  13. 160 odd 20g lylevale will swap for 100 12g of any sort or free to any youngster starting out ! as long as you have licence ! in kent near lenham
  14. mikehutt

    Game cartridges

    shame you are so far away . as i have some 20g i wont use . but am in Kent !
  15. mikehutt


    pm sent