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  1. Ok not got one of those just a .22 black rifle . if i sell i may be in touch
  2. what rifle are you looking for ?
  3. I think one reason The H&R one is muzzle loader only is because of some accidents with the adaptor type . on this one the breech plug can only be removed with the barrel off this is for safety as imagine with the adaptor type if you get a slow burn in the primer and open the breetch not waiting the prescribed full minute ! charge goes off and the breech plug plants itself in your face ! Not pretty
  4. Hi all The breech plug is removable for cleaning by removing the barrel However there is no way you can use a 12g cartridge in it as it does not have a chamber machined for it . it is muzzle load only . Mike
  5. Hi Anyone got a spare peep sight aperture .? i need either fixed hole oe adjustable just the disc with the hole . for A PARKER HALE SIGHT ? A long shot i know might even consider a complete sight depending on price ! Thanks Mik e
  6. I have 19 boxes so 475 12 Baikal record trap cartridges 70mm 12g no7 shot 28g i think These are plastic wad and most places i shoot now are fibre only i will use eventually but would use fibre much faster , i am near lenham kent and will swap for 400 of any fibre 12g cartridges or sell £90
  7. Hiya, was just talking to someone about one of these today!!! Dont suppose its still available??

    1. mikehutt



      sorry you dont say what but if it is the 9410 then it has gone 


  8. Hi 

    have you still got the .410 lever action I’ll take it

    PM me


    1. mikehutt


      sorry gone 

  9. These are near £350 at optics planet . Vector Optics Thanator 1-8x24 CQB Red Illuminated, 30mm body As new boxed with flip up covers and mounts Bought this off here a few weeks ago but i was hoping to use on my V22 for mini rifle but also target fitted used once then switched back to my eotech . as i prefer it . £225 inc postage tracked .
  10. interested but would need to be more of a saving on new price whats your best price ? ...... https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/vortex-crossfire-ii-1-4x24-sfp-ir-v-brite-rifle-scope
  11. wanted Lyman or Hornady auto powder scale .
  12. very kind offer i am trying to think of a youth who would benefit from it ...
  13. those .410 are a bargIN, WISH I WAS CLOSER !
  14. arrived thanks i will fit it and zero today !
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