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  1. On a 10g muzzle stuffer percussion gun . trying to work out the maker , anyone recognise it ? Thanks
  2. Thanks yes looked there only 1 is a brown bess and at £850 it is way over priced i will keep looking . Mik e
  3. looking for brown bess in good condition .75 calibre and flintlock . prefer pedersoli cash waiting.
  4. cartridges still available
  5. as soon as they are assembled into ammo you need to have slug specified on your licence to posess them same rules apply to home loaded as to bought . Mike
  6. covid bored so sorted out a few bits i have no need of any more prices inc post if you want more than 1 item i can reduce slightly . 12g cartridges are collect only from Kent 12G OTP rollover tool to fit in pedestal drill little used cost over £30 from Folkestone engineering supplies . £20 inc post. NOW SOLD pending 50x 28gr Sabot style 12g lead slugs with bag of plastic wads £20 inc post . NOW SOLD pending 70 x 300 grain bullets sized to .458 and smokeless lubed as per box £15 inc post and finally still have 450 Baikal 12g cartridges plastic wad £65 collected
  7. 475 plastic wad Baikal record trap 12g cartridges as advertised before. still have them £75 the lot however tomorrow weds 16th i am driving from london to Bedford so can meet any interested parties on route i usually go M11 then across to bedford from cambridge on the a428 need to know before mornig though as i will be leaving early
  8. Hi i would like these but need to travel from kent can you tempt me a little more to drive up there ? im free wednesday this week Mike
  9. more often down that way in spring/summer not so much this time of year Mike
  10. Hi in boxes of 25 and these are plastic cases
  11. Have no idea how old as i got them in amongst a job lot probably left from the 70's however i have used paper cartridges from way further back than that with no problem and each slab was sealed in thick plastic so certain they will all be fine as they ever were ! PRICE DROP got to be worth £70 just for a laugh and nostalgia ! or 300 12g fibre
  12. Google reckons £1 in 1975 is £8.44 today so £65 a 1000 is £548.60 ! makes current pricing look cheap .
  13. if only they were that price now ! not a lot out there under £200 now !
  14. 1 box short of 2 slabs so 475 cartridges number 7 shot baikal record 12g cartridges i cant use plastic wad anymore where i go so £80 the lot collect near Lenham in Kent . Or swap for 350 fibre wad 12g
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