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  1. I thought they were a belt? Mine’s a 2005 GV1 swb 1600 petrol and we changed the belt a couple of years ago while it was in for its annual service and mot…it’s on 104k now. There’ll be plenty of advice of the Suzuki 4x4 forums as to whether there’s likely to be any valve damage… cheers fizz
  2. Yes please…let me know how you want paying etc. Thanks Fizz👍
  3. 🤣………..😫 They did give me a bit of a part-ex on my old 230bar well out of test tank too (after inspecting it and me confirming it had never seen water).
  4. Agreed…deffo a good buy and I’d be having one if I hadn’t bought a new tank a few months ago. Fin Divers in Stevenage will test a tank ‘while you wait’ https://www.findivers.com/ Cheers fizz
  5. I bought a s/hand 20b Cordoba in nearly new condition several years ago now and had the same problem. I spoke to the workshop guys at GMK(or whoever the U.K. importers are?) and it turned out they’d already had it back in for ‘repair’ 9 months beforehand but couldn’t actually tell me what that was for. Following various bits of the usual helpful “advice” 🤣 ….of the “a couple of boxes of heavier loads to run it in, it’ll be fine…..these are bound to work” type… I tried various makes and weights of cartridges and eventually found it would only cycle Rio’s consistently in both the 24gram clay carts and the 28gram game loads. I just had to buy a nice Caesar Guerini Essex to use up the cartridges that didn’t work so they weren’t wasted 🤣(And very nice it is too) cheers Fizz
  6. I use a couple of teaspoons of Bicarbonate of Soda in a litre of hot water to neutralise the citric after ultrasonic’ing cases…..followed by a couple of rinses.👍 I then use an airline to get rid of excess water and stick them in a Lakeland food dehydrator to properly dry having once dried a batch of 22-250 cases in the top oven on a low heat…..but they changed colour to look like the whole case had been annealed. So, not wanting to risk that having actually happened I junked them. 😫 Cheers Fizz 😎
  7. I swap my Pard8, which was one of the first batch into the country, between my .17Rem, .20Prac and AA S510 air rifle without loss of zero....and the rifles are in the cabinet without scopes on. The secret is to be consistent in mounting and tightening the cross-bolts.... I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t need shimming, they now provide shims with the scope but there’s nothing wrong with strips of coke can. To mount it, I simply use a thumbwrench from Wilko/Wilkinson’s which you’re only likely to find in store, with a 1/4” drive socket on the end, the nuts don’t need to be any tighter than that and the bolts have been known to stretch and snap by being over-tightened. Zero and save in zoom mode (13x)....on mine it moves the reticle 1 click at a time..if I zero in basic mag it moves 2 clicks and if I go into the Zeroing mode in basic mag it rounds any odd number down to the next even number. That may be a feature peculiar to my scope but worth bearing in mind (Write your co-ordinates down! 🤣) For a lens protector... I use a shader8 from Ash at Custom Hunting https://customhunting.ecwid.com/3Dprint-&-building-c13698142 Keeps the lens clear of your fingers. External IR-wise I use a Sirius XTL in a Burris Eliminator ring. Brilliant. Enjoy 👍 Cheers Fizz 😎
  8. I’ve now used the Peltor EEP-100’s for a year and a half for shooting and loading and they’ve been brilliant! I wasn’t keen on the tips supplied so I’ve been using the CENS Mino tips and I’m still on the original pair of those with no sign of degradation. I did have a pair of CENS passives made a few years ago but soon went back to a pair of Howard Leight Impact Pro electronic muffs.... found those for £65 odd by avoiding the shooting websites which started around the £100 mark for the same thing! 🤔 The EEP’s came from Earshot Communications.... £164/£169 odd, there is an LEP version which has batteries within the case but that’s more expensive... the case on the EEP’s just gets plugged into a USB socket for charging. Simples. Cheers Fizz ps By all accounts.. CENS post-sales customer care isn’t the best and they charge a lot for a service...and take their time. 🤣
  9. Joe Beatham of The Gunshop, Cat Hill fame was counterboring varmint/match Ruger 10/22 barrels and fitting moderator baffles and the Met took great exception to it.... and to him as he took a bit of ‘getting to know’ in his manner and foibles and, of course, whether he actually liked you. Cheers, Fizz
  10. I use them..... very good....bit more blurb in here and links to earshot for the plugs and to the cens mino tips I use with them in preference to the supplied ones. 👍 Cheers fizz
  11. I bought a pair of the passives to see how I got on with them first... but didn’t take me long to revert to electronic muffs . Then for the 19/20 season I got a pair of the Peltor EEP-100’s following a comprehensive thread on ear protection on the Stalking Directory..... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/electronic-earmuffs-fit.176014/ I’ve used these for shooting and for loading on double gun days they’ve been bloody brilliant! I wasn’t keen on the inserts that came with them and use a pair of the cens mino tips and I’m still on the first pair of those with no signs of degradation to the material... apart from pulling a bit of wax out of the old lug ‘oles, they’re still clean too. 🤣 The grey malleable ones that come with the 100’s quickly got manky and grubby between drives. Bought them from Earshot Communications and just ordered another pair on back order on behalf of a mate ....... last week, there were 5 pairs still unallocated on the next batch due in 25/3. These come with a usb lead to plug the case in but there is a more expensive pair, the LEP-100’s, that have a battery in the case for on the go charging but I didn’t think that was worth the convenience.... hasn’t worried me so far. https://www.earshotcommunications.co.uk/shop/product/3m-peltor-electronic-earplug-eep-100-eu/ Mino tips from here.... I originally bought from puretone retail as the postage was free but that seems to have disappeared and they’re now charging postage...☹️ https://www.puretone.net/product/mino-cens-foam-tips/ cheers Fizz
  12. Just arrived...... Excellent, many thanks Bob...pleasure doing business with you. cheers fizz
  13. Try Decathlon for Aigles..... bought a pair of the leather lined the other week and can put up with them being a brown sort of colour. Going to replace my years old full zip leather lined but they’re over £300 on the Aigle website..and like rocking horse poo over here. I did have to go down a size on the new ones though... cheers fizz
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