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  1. Thanks Allan, Not up to the quality of your projects but quite pleased with it really....that chip guard reminds me of the old Mamod steam engines... The most expensive bit was the decent motor from fleabay, 80mm nylon pulley from fleabay, tap and drill from Chronos.....and the chip guard is from the warming plate of an old Hostess plate warming cabinet.....and an old chopping board. Cheers Fizz
  2. Inspired by seeing one converted by Yorric over on the Stalking Directory I’ve just finished this....
  3. There’s been a good thread on SD over the last couple of weeks on in-ear stuff..... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/custom-electronic-ear-plugs.162849/ cheers Fizz
  4. Have to say I’m impressed by the speedy way Pard react/respond to suggestions and constructive criticism from the people that sell and those that use the kit in the real world. 🤣........that sounds like another manufacturer notorious for releasing new equipment onto the market for ‘user testing and development’ but Pard have got it working well right from the off. As for me.... I’ve now got a Pard NV008 dedicated sat on the one rifle that was getting left behind in the cabinet....early days yet* but I’m amazed at its performance for such a small package. Very impressed. * by early days I mean getting the opportunity to get some more zeroing time to test the repeatability in taking it off and putting it back on the rifle (All my scopes come off before the rifle goes in the cabinet and I also swap with the dayscopes as and when). The Pard 8 took me 3 shots to zero at 100m.....boresight, 1 @ 25m, 2 @ 100m..result. fizz
  5. Torchy is the man for genuine 18650's....choice of flat tops here....... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=torchy+18650&_sop=12 He's been around for along time and knows his stuff! Cheers Fizz
  6. Haven’t a clue D3ave..... I’d sent mine back well before I even heard of anyone changing the lens..... cheers fizz
  7. Details in this faceache group......you’ll need to join though. I had to dig a bit to find it and narrowed it down with the search function. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1526261620999944/ impressed by the upgrade though.... I didn’t get on with the 007 when I tried it and reckon that was down to the base magnification of the 16mm lens with hindsight. Shame they don’t offer the 12mm lens as standard...... but maybe Ashley at CRS would fit one for you if you asked.....and still offer the warranty? cheers fizz
  8. I had the same cracking service from Anglo Italian after buying an Essex in 20b....it was fitted with an aftermarket butt pad and the RFD had mislaid the case so they sent me a case and a new butt plate foc. They also suggested I arranged an appointment with Wisemans in Cannock to have the gun fitted.... that was an experience in itself at an old school gunsmiths and it now fits me like dream and handles like a wand! Brilliant...... and a refreshing attitude in this day and age. Cheers fizz
  9. Buy it! I’ve got a couple of these with the 63 & the 60 rets...the 63 is effectively a mil dot as per the 43 but with very fine circles instead of dots. When I’m on a target, I’m focused on the centre of the cross in relation to the ‘picture’, I don’t even notice the rest of the reticle....it doesn’t intrude. These were the first scopes I found that could match my Swaro 8.5*42 Binos for absolute last light performance. The variable illumination can easily be tuned to the available light as darkness falls...... more than once helped by the streetlight pollution from Luton reflecting off the cloud! cheers Fizz
  10. Ladbroke and Langton would be worth a call..... https://www.gunrepair.co.uk/ Good bunch of lads who know their stuff cheers fizz
  11. Cheap but well made, cheerful, durable... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SILICONE-SOFT-UNIVERSAL-FIT-GUN-BUTT-EXTENSION-RECOIL-FOR-SHOTGUN-PAD-SHOULDER/192303905326?epid=1289222485&hash=item2cc634ba2e:g:zYcAAOSwmrlU1TBu cheers fizz
  12. Poly beads......? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xpoly+beads.TRS0&_nkw=poly+beads&_sacat=0 Cheers, Fizz
  13. I ended up with Rios in my 20b Córdoba after it was failing to eject and cycle properly. Tried several other makes on recommendation (Yeah, stick those through it, they’ll work!) including RC’s but it was only the Rios that consistently worked, including the 24grm. I bought it as an almost new secondhand...... when I subsequently spoke to GMK about the problem, it turned out it had already been back to them for exactly that. So much for the honesty and integrity of the well-known dealer in off loading a gun ... I’d driven 150miles to collect and wasn’t about to make the return trip. Cheesed me right off. On the other hand...my M2 Comfortec 12b has dealt with anything I’ve put through it. Fizz
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