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  1. I’ve found a slinky type spring as an alternative ...... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gardigo-Anti-Bird-Pigeons-Seagulls-Deterrent/dp/B07D3WF48X But that would start getting expensive, so I looked for sprung steel coil and I’m thinking it could simply be wired top and bottom of the coils to a straight piece of wire rod and then to the fence to keep it upright...might give this lot a call tomorrow. https://reddifast.co.uk/ Just popped up the club to get an idea but think it needs to be after dark to get a better idea. Apart from one section, the pellet fall-out area isn’t that bad after all. cheers fizz
  2. My local hockey club has a new Astro turf pitch and they have a problem with feral pigeons roosting on top of the chain link fence surrounding the pitch....and depositing the usual guano on the pitch sides which ain’t the most hygienic or desirable considering the usual friction burns caused to knees and elbows when falling on the surface. I understand they’ve got the usual fine V spikes on top of the 5m section behind the goals as these have a top support bar but that’s more difficult on the 3m chain link with no top support. Someone tried the usual plastic owl but that has no effect...... An air rifle at night would seem to be the obvious answer but one side of the pitch runs alongside a residential home and the angle of the shot would always be upwards so that’s out of the question. Any suggestions to deter them gratefully received....... I'm going up to have a look this afternoon to get a better idea of the problem. Cheers fizz
  3. S/h Raptor on SD.... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/franchi-raptor-712-semi-auto-2-1.170561/
  4. Diver Dave spray is pretty good by all accounts... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xdiver+dave.TRS0&_nkw=diver+dave&_sacat=0 Fizz
  5. Downer. I’d have preferred kitkats or snickers though. 🤣 They were competitive on the Lee melting pot I bought for Salt Annealing....took a while to get through customs and come into stock but I wasn’t in a great rush. all up and running now though....pics over here on page2. fizz
  6. Jackson Rifles stock (🤣) McMillan http://www.jacksonrifles.com/ cheers fizz
  7. Sweets?! What sweets!? I’ve been done! 😂
  8. It works, it works!! Batch of 106 .20Prac cases annealed this morning... just over the shoulders. The last thing was the led that comes on when the relay is energised showing power to the pot. Quite impressed with the controlled range of the pid..over the batch it only varied by a degree either way proving that there’s minimal loss in heating cases. I’ll be doing the next lot of cases at 500c going from pinkfoots experience over on the thread on ukv. I got the deck height of the caseholder adjusted before the salt got too hot and galled the threads. Cheers fizz I rest my case.......🤣
  9. I agree with that, although I can’t claim any credit for the inspiration to use one....... that came from kevgun when he was making a new mount for my Mk1 Drone (and a very fine job he made of that too! )
  10. Thanks..... Took a bit of to’ing and fro’ing to get the wiring correct for the PID/ssr combination but we got there in the end and the inside now looks like this..... Plan for tomorrow is to wire in a flashing led to show when the melter is heating. First serious test will be sometime soon with another batch of .20Prac cases. cheers Fizz
  11. And the next stage finally worked today...... Testing with water in the pot.
  12. My dad had an 1897 WW1 trench gun and you could see where the bayonet carrier had been screwed on the barrel... just under the 24” and fitted with a Cutts compensator. Apparently anyone found carrying one by the Germans was executed on the spot. It was in clean condition and I was gutted when he gave it away to a keeper moving on from a local shoot.... often wonder where it is now. Wouldn’t mind getting it back but think there’s small chance of that...hoping it’s sitting loved in someone’s collection and taken out for exercise now and again. Fizz
  13. Good in the dry year round.... but stay wet and get cold when they’re wet. I wear them all the time but try and keep them dry if it rains. Bought a pair last week from A1 Decoy over the phone as the pwmember5 discount code wouldn’t work......really helpful and they posted them by 1st class straight away despite being after their stated cut-off time. The gloves arrived here up on the West Coast next day.....inside 24hours! ......just been on to the website to check the price I paid and see they’ve gone up to £32.99 to match the eBay shop price... I paid £24.99 less the 5% with free delivery... so you might be able to blag it? Fizz
  14. You summed it up on the first page Ditchie...... “seriously what is it all about ...the British love of sheds and fiddling about making stuff....“ In my case, eBay was my friend for all the bits.....along with a lathe and a milling machine. I’m just an assembler, although I will happily own up to resorting to a hammer and chisel many times over the years. 🤣👍 Cheers Fizz (What’s a ‘file’? 🤔 😂)
  15. The 6” ruler sacrificed for my first build turned out to be too narrow for the intended rivnut...... this is my final version, all nicely tidied up and waiting for the next batch of brass. I built this rather than having to deal with the level of molten salt or faffing around with spacers to get the case necks to sit at the optimum annealing depth for the different calibres. cheers fizz (more over here on ukv including people using pid to accurately control the salt temperature between the optimum 500-530c ..... the control on the Lee pot is a bit hit and miss... http://ukvarminting.com/topic/45167-molten-salt-annealing-rig/
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