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  1. I swap my Pard8, which was one of the first batch into the country, between my .17Rem, .20Prac and AA S510 air rifle without loss of zero....and the rifles are in the cabinet without scopes on. The secret is to be consistent in mounting and tightening the cross-bolts.... I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t need shimming, they now provide shims with the scope but there’s nothing wrong with strips of coke can. To mount it, I simply use a thumbwrench from Wilko/Wilkinson’s which you’re only likely to find in store, with a 1/4” drive socket on the end, the nuts don’t need to be any tig
  2. I’ve now used the Peltor EEP-100’s for a year and a half for shooting and loading and they’ve been brilliant! I wasn’t keen on the tips supplied so I’ve been using the CENS Mino tips and I’m still on the original pair of those with no sign of degradation. I did have a pair of CENS passives made a few years ago but soon went back to a pair of Howard Leight Impact Pro electronic muffs.... found those for £65 odd by avoiding the shooting websites which started around the £100 mark for the same thing! 🤔 The EEP’s came from Earshot Communications.... £164/£169 odd, there is an LEP ve
  3. Joe Beatham of The Gunshop, Cat Hill fame was counterboring varmint/match Ruger 10/22 barrels and fitting moderator baffles and the Met took great exception to it.... and to him as he took a bit of ‘getting to know’ in his manner and foibles and, of course, whether he actually liked you. Cheers, Fizz
  4. I use them..... very good....bit more blurb in here and links to earshot for the plugs and to the cens mino tips I use with them in preference to the supplied ones. 👍 Cheers fizz
  5. I bought a pair of the passives to see how I got on with them first... but didn’t take me long to revert to electronic muffs . Then for the 19/20 season I got a pair of the Peltor EEP-100’s following a comprehensive thread on ear protection on the Stalking Directory..... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/electronic-earmuffs-fit.176014/ I’ve used these for shooting and for loading on double gun days they’ve been bloody brilliant! I wasn’t keen on the inserts that came with them and use a pair of the cens mino tips and I’m still on the first pair of those with n
  6. Just arrived...... Excellent, many thanks Bob...pleasure doing business with you. cheers fizz
  7. Yes please Bob.....sending you a pm 👍 cheers fizz
  8. Try Decathlon for Aigles..... bought a pair of the leather lined the other week and can put up with them being a brown sort of colour. Going to replace my years old full zip leather lined but they’re over £300 on the Aigle website..and like rocking horse poo over here. I did have to go down a size on the new ones though... cheers fizz
  9. Aigle leather lined... last for years. My first pair were £110, then I made a mistake and had 2 pairs of Chameau leather lined on the trot and when the second pair failed, I went for Aigles again, they fit better too. And.....Decathlon do Aigles at keen prices. cheers Fizz
  10. I’ve been on freesat for more than 10years now and originally bought a couple of Panasonic telly’s with an internal freesat tuner..... No record function so I added a couple of Humax boxes over the years. I was on ntl/virgin cable tv so there was no satellite system on the house....bought the dish etc and the cable and ran ‘shotgun’ cables into 4 rooms... so I can record one channel and watch another on the Humax twin tuners. (I’m guessing that the standard Sky cable is shotgun too) Whichever system you end up with there’s still a load of toot on the telly, feels better that you
  11. NEOS Smartcam..... got 4 on the go 👍 £29.99 odd each direct or Amazon....A peanuts £2.49 monthly Boost sub for 1minute clips loaded to the cloud (otherwise 12second clips) plus other functions not on the basic free package Stick a sim in for constant recording.....gps arming when you, or your last nominated person leaves the house. My mate bought 3 cameras and we were both on each other’s App which will be useful for when one or the other goes away. Amazon have them on offer at times.. Well impressed..Plenty of reviews on YT.. cheers fizz .....forgot to say
  12. 🤣..... yeah, have to agree with that....some can be like a Rottweiler with toothache chewing on a wasp when they think they have more right than you to be where you are...usually the older dragoons 😂 Still....in comparison, they are way more polite than the average push-bikers. At least horse-riders put something into the local community.....even if it’s only poo for the roses! fizz
  13. At least you can see the horse poo in the middle of the road......quite unlike the bloody cat poo in the front garden that hides in the long grass only to be discovered when you get the smell off the lawnmower wheels..... closely followed by realising you’ve also walked in it! Just don’t get me started me started on the oh so rude mountain bikers that..... a) Never slow down as they hurtle towards you..... dog or no dog; b) Never acknowledge or even, show any gratitude, that you’ve actually stepped aside for them; c) Never alert you to them rushing up behind you..... a
  14. They turn up like a rash....along with all other sorts of spam so I’ve been forwarding it all on to HMG and then deleting it......seems to be working. report@phishing.gov.uk Cheers fizz
  15. Good stuff Trinity..... must be coming up to my renewal date soon, I’ll have to check it’s in place. cheers fizz
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