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  1. Good in the dry year round.... but stay wet and get cold when they’re wet. I wear them all the time but try and keep them dry if it rains. Bought a pair last week from A1 Decoy over the phone as the pwmember5 discount code wouldn’t work......really helpful and they posted them by 1st class straight away despite being after their stated cut-off time. The gloves arrived here up on the West Coast next day.....inside 24hours! ......just been on to the website to check the price I paid and see they’ve gone up to £32.99 to match the eBay shop price... I paid £24.99 less the 5% with free delivery... so you might be able to blag it? Fizz
  2. You summed it up on the first page Ditchie...... “seriously what is it all about ...the British love of sheds and fiddling about making stuff....“ In my case, eBay was my friend for all the bits.....along with a lathe and a milling machine. I’m just an assembler, although I will happily own up to resorting to a hammer and chisel many times over the years. 🤣👍 Cheers Fizz (What’s a ‘file’? 🤔 😂)
  3. The 6” ruler sacrificed for my first build turned out to be too narrow for the intended rivnut...... this is my final version, all nicely tidied up and waiting for the next batch of brass. I built this rather than having to deal with the level of molten salt or faffing around with spacers to get the case necks to sit at the optimum annealing depth for the different calibres. cheers fizz (more over here on ukv including people using pid to accurately control the salt temperature between the optimum 500-530c ..... the control on the Lee pot is a bit hit and miss... http://ukvarminting.com/topic/45167-molten-salt-annealing-rig/
  4. Correctamundo.......using the shellholder from Ballisticrecreations in Canada I was really impressed by the batch of .20Pracs I did. I usually use one of the syringe action pick up tools to hold the cases and twiddle them in a blowtorch flame but using the molten salt was straightforward and quick once up to temperature. Each case was in to the count of 4 and then into the jug of hot water on the floor to wash any residue of salt off....well away from the Lee pot to avoid any water splashes getting near the salt. That wouldn’t be good.
  5. Having finished the trimmer I moved onto another project that would be used more often........built one of these as an adjustable improvement to a Canadian original... I subsequently improved on it but a photo of that would give the game away.....🤣
  6. Good timing....been a while since I’ve been on the thread..... It’s just finger pressure on the side of the pulley......motor is positioned so when the pressure is released the belt running true just backs the cutter away by about 5mm from memory.
  7. Ive got a lot of history with Suzukis.... 3 SJ410’s which were brilliant! 2 petrol lwb vitaras and now on my second swb petrol GrandVit. First was a Y reg which had been in the wars a bit before I got it.... accident, put back together, bad respray, fat wheels, window tints. Changed to sensible wheels and tyres and it did me well before it would have cost more to put in a new clutch than it was worth so I stripped off the good bits and scrapped it. It did have a problem with stopping when it was stopped in traffic or just out rabbiting on tickover and I eventually nailed that down to a duff crank position sensor (confirmed by pouring cold water over it when it next happened). Easy enough to work on too. I’ll have had the current 05 with the updated interior over the 01 but pre-face/body lift for 4 years come June...cost me £1400 to buy and it’s sailed through its mots on the annual service, only had new tyres in that time, its my daily run around and gives me around 330miles to a tankful at a £58 odd fill from the light flashing. This pre-facelift model has the flat rear bumper and I’ve shot a lot of foxes stood on that (or one of the rear wheels) and shooting off the roof. Took me a while to actually find a good one and I’ll be gutted when it finally comes to and end. Replacing it will be a difficult choice but I’ve got half an eye on a Japanese import Suzuki Carry or Honda Acty 4x4 pick up truck but they’re pretty expensive for what they are....although not as pricey as the converted Jimny’s. Hmmm.....never had a problem with rusty sills on either GrandVit. I’ll keep an eye on those. cheers Fizz
  8. Thanks Allan, Not up to the quality of your projects but quite pleased with it really....that chip guard reminds me of the old Mamod steam engines... The most expensive bit was the decent motor from fleabay, 80mm nylon pulley from fleabay, tap and drill from Chronos.....and the chip guard is from the warming plate of an old Hostess plate warming cabinet.....and an old chopping board. Cheers Fizz
  9. Inspired by seeing one converted by Yorric over on the Stalking Directory I’ve just finished this....
  10. There’s been a good thread on SD over the last couple of weeks on in-ear stuff..... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/custom-electronic-ear-plugs.162849/ cheers Fizz
  11. Have to say I’m impressed by the speedy way Pard react/respond to suggestions and constructive criticism from the people that sell and those that use the kit in the real world. 🤣........that sounds like another manufacturer notorious for releasing new equipment onto the market for ‘user testing and development’ but Pard have got it working well right from the off. As for me.... I’ve now got a Pard NV008 dedicated sat on the one rifle that was getting left behind in the cabinet....early days yet* but I’m amazed at its performance for such a small package. Very impressed. * by early days I mean getting the opportunity to get some more zeroing time to test the repeatability in taking it off and putting it back on the rifle (All my scopes come off before the rifle goes in the cabinet and I also swap with the dayscopes as and when). The Pard 8 took me 3 shots to zero at 100m.....boresight, 1 @ 25m, 2 @ 100m..result. fizz
  12. Torchy is the man for genuine 18650's....choice of flat tops here....... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=torchy+18650&_sop=12 He's been around for along time and knows his stuff! Cheers Fizz
  13. Haven’t a clue D3ave..... I’d sent mine back well before I even heard of anyone changing the lens..... cheers fizz
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