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  1. They turn up like a rash....along with all other sorts of spam so I’ve been forwarding it all on to HMG and then deleting it......seems to be working. report@phishing.gov.uk Cheers fizz
  2. Good stuff Trinity..... must be coming up to my renewal date soon, I’ll have to check it’s in place. cheers fizz
  3. I joined as I was totally hacked off with the General Licence fiasco last year. That and the rspb et al attitude that raptors rule and their blinkered attitude that the small birds were just cannon fodder. Grrrrr. I’ve always been for the underdog. Don’t start me on corvids ..... (****.....auto-incorrect just changed that to corgis! ) Some of these people have never seen what they can do to birthing sheep and lambs.... cheers fizz
  4. There was a similar thread over on the Stalking Directory a few weeks ago and on the strength of that I joined the Scottish Gamekeepers Association..... and I’m bloody glad I did! What a breath of fresh air the magazine is.... well written, no nonsense, solid science articles. I haven’t been in BASC for years now having gone to the NGO instead....so that’s me in the NGO, the BDS, Songbird Survival (another science based organisation) and now the SGA. cheers fizz
  5. The really sad thing is I think the reel to reel is still in the loft.... on the probably misguided grounds many years ago, that it might be worth something. I first remember it in the 60’s when it belonged to my uncle. Hey ho....another of my bright ideas that probably won’t get anywhere. It’s next to all the full bottles of the Queens Silver Jubilee ales... another bright idea although there are some rare ones up there..... fond memories of getting bladdered at the time, not so much the next morning 😱
  6. 🤣 got them on an old 8” reel to reel somewhere.... think cassette player/recorders had only just come out! fizz
  7. I’ll have a better look tomorrow for the bits and pieces....in the ‘90’s I took a call from someone fairly local who’d just got back from holidaying over there... he’d actually got into conversation with the local postmistress who asked after my dad! Apparently they were keen on each other while he was over there..... I could’ve been Canadian! ....Fantastic! Chances of that? She sent some press cuttings over and there was a picture of him standing in front of a bomber of some sort.... after he died in 2005 and we moved mum out of the family home, my brother found an undeveloped roll of film...developed it to find pictures of dad’s time over there.... 2nd chances of that? I know he stuck a Hurricane into the snowdrift at the end of the runway too...... cheers fizz
  8. Somewhere or other I’ve got a similar photo to this from my dad’s training and signed by the squadron/flight.... I know he did his training over in Assiniboia Canada and was then assigned to 18Squadron in the med. Now I’ve got a bit of time on my hands I’ll have a dig around, I know his logbooks are around too... found his final one from March 1954 a few weeks before I was born. There’s a history of 18 Squadron in the same bag.. cheers fizz
  9. That’s excellent news....sounds like a lot of fun! cheers fizz
  10. I now use the Peltor EEP100’s with cens mini tips..... well impressed having used them over the season when loading...way better than my moulded cens and the big Howard Leight earmuffs! This thread on the SD is worth reading.... a lot of knowledge in there and the linked threads... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/deceased-ear-muffs.183093/#post-1702222 cheers fizz
  11. I bought a Nectar memory foam mattress back in September, the main things being it got a better customer service rating than other equivalents, they would take the old mattress away (being the tatty old one out of the spare bedroom)..... but, most of all, it had a year’s try it or return it warranty and they would collect. (Some others would charge you for that or expect you to make your own arrangements). I was wary on keeping it clean over that period so I bought a Tencel mattress protector from them at the same time.....since bought a spare at half the price online from elsewhere. Pros.... - they got as many good reviews and customer service ratings, better in many cases......although the proof of that will come if it gets sent back. - comfortable to sleep on, reasonably firm in that I don’t sink into it and it’s reasonably easy to turn over. - It’s pretty warm... I’m still using the summer weight duvet and just a T shirt. I never have my central heating much above 15c anyway. - 2 free memory foam pillows (not used) - they delivered when they said they would, the mattress pick up was a separate company and he turned up on time a couple of days later. Cons..... - it’s heavy to turn, which I normally do monthly now. - It stunk for more than a week, despite leaving the window open during the day and nothing on the mattress. - But the main concern is how hot it’s going to get over the next few months.... it holds the heat now so might be unbearable as it gets warmer..... this really would be my only reason for returning it and the 1year ‘trial’ period sealed the deal anyway. cheers fizz
  12. As an alternative....... https://hextonmanorestate.com/simulated-game-shooting-hertfordshire/ cheers fizz
  13. These.....dogs danglies with a pair of cens mini tips from puretone retail (free postage) https://www.earshotcommunications.co.uk/shop/product/3m-peltor-electronic-earplug-eep-100-eu/ http://www.puretoneretail.net/mino_industrial.html#reload Ive been using them for both loading and shooting..... very impressed and way better (and cheaper in the long run) than my moulded cens. Thread on SD......well worth a read....convinced me to go for them and I’m pleased I did, still on the first pair of the mino tips and they show no sign of degrading as yet. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/electronic-earmuffs-fit.176014/#post-1634886 Cheers fizz
  14. Whether I’m out stalking or in company, I usually carry a rifle or slung semi-auto on the front of my shoulder, barrel up. With the rifle I’ve usually got Binos or the thermal to manoeuvre in front so a forearm is usually wrapped around the rifle controlling it at all times.....For me it’s easier to do this to control the gun if the weight of the moderator is pulling the barrel downwards... certainly easier than trying to hang on to or grab the sling as the rifle or shotgun swivels backwards..... not a pleasant place to be if you’re stalking behind someone who’s not barrel aware. Getting the gun into the shoulder is simpler with less movement as it’s already on the front of the body. Cheers fizz
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