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    Interested in all types of shooting especially pigeons and goose shooting when you can find them. Recently retired from keepering and have taken up a little trout/sea fishing as I live quite close to the Tweed. .

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  1. The press release I read was on BBC Scotland news headlines on line I Think it was wednesday said they are going to ban intensive game rearing along with stopping the badger cull and several other things. Sorry if this is a different release to the one you refer to. But a much more serious one in my opinion
  2. i read it to say labour are going to ban intensive game rearing. If this is so how does that not impact on shooting. How is what you highlight above not already covered.
  3. Yes I agree talk to them , but for BASC to say they welcome anyone to ban shooting is just rolling over
  4. Cartridge prices too good to be true

    Still got 7or 8 if you want them
  5. autotrader

    Thanks Richard
  6. autotrader

    Hi. Anyone aware of any pitfalls or scams selling on autotrader. Seem to remember something on here a while ago. Thanks
  7. Boundary mini driven days

    Try Lammermuir shoot Scottish Borders. 01578740258
  8. Feed the additction.

    Talk about realistic. Even down to the goose s##t on the lawn
  9. Not sure what a straw stopper is I know what a straw chopper is though. I drove combines for 30 years what have I missed
  10. Heavy fine for killing goslings

    Aye so a bit more than a few days then
  11. Heavy fine for killing goslings

    The way I read it 7th august was the day he was at court. Not the day of the offence. A bit to soon to get it to court.
  12. Scottish Solway Wildfowlers Association

  13. Off to the USA

    Don t think I would want him accessing our security details
  14. How far will they go?

    I lived down your way in the sixtys and watched them come off the roost. Great to see, then for some reason they stoped coming. Was down for a driven day two weeks ago and watched them come over again. Nice to watch
  15. Tumble dryer warning

    Got an e mail this morning saying repair december or a replacement for 59quid .As its 7years old decided on the replacment .I followed the instructions and at the end it came up error on filling in the form. They arnt answering the phone either. Any one remember the flights to america saga. Shower of ######