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    Interested in all types of shooting especially pigeons and goose shooting when you can find them. Recently retired from keepering and have taken up a little trout/sea fishing as I live quite close to the Tweed. .

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  1. squirrelhall

    Big cat?

    Maybe illegally slaughtered and butchered what was n,t needed dumped and fox or badgers helping themselves
  2. squirrelhall

    Raptors and Domestic Cats

    Dont know what the bird was but maybe road kill cat
  3. squirrelhall

    Hide your Golliwogs!

    Read on BBC on line this morning Derbyshire police all male choir has to accept women
  4. squirrelhall

    Today’s news.

    Fell for that
  5. squirrelhall

    Today’s news.

    Why ?
  6. squirrelhall

    World Cup in Russia, yes or no?

    No pun intended I ment kick of as in things turning nasty
  7. squirrelhall

    World Cup in Russia, yes or no?

    I agree. As long as they accept it,s there choice and dont expect others to rescue them when things kick off
  8. Wasn t it about Partridge laying cages. Keepers thinking BASC wasn t supporting them ". Keepers not cages"
  9. I thought Promote high standards in game shooting Tackle criminality and Promote Sustainability was already agreed if not it should be. If it is, what is there to welcome about discussing intensive rearing, It will have to be discussed but I fear for the out come. Game Shooting is dependant on rearing, BASC will have to be more careful with their language
  10. The press release I read was on BBC Scotland news headlines on line I Think it was wednesday said they are going to ban intensive game rearing along with stopping the badger cull and several other things. Sorry if this is a different release to the one you refer to. But a much more serious one in my opinion
  11. i read it to say labour are going to ban intensive game rearing. If this is so how does that not impact on shooting. How is what you highlight above not already covered.
  12. Yes I agree talk to them , but for BASC to say they welcome anyone to ban shooting is just rolling over
  13. squirrelhall

    Cartridge prices too good to be true

    Still got 7or 8 if you want them
  14. squirrelhall


    Thanks Richard
  15. squirrelhall


    Hi. Anyone aware of any pitfalls or scams selling on autotrader. Seem to remember something on here a while ago. Thanks