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    Interested in all types of shooting especially pigeons and goose shooting when you can find them. Recently retired from keepering and have taken up a little trout/sea fishing as I live quite close to the Tweed. .

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  1. No heading south to that great sanctuary called England
  2. To late thousands of crows of all species and pigeons passing over my house crossing the border prepare for mass immigration
  3. Thought Packam &co was trying to ban heather burning recently on the grounds that it released tons of carbon
  4. Seems to me that it,s Verity who was on the take. Nothing to do with cycling.
  5. Years ago there was a fruit and veg shop in Hull called R Sewell soon changed to Bob sewell
  6. And sending news readers to Rio and Washington to read bog standard news bulletins when Olympics and American elections are on
  7. How do you mince the meat. I have an old manual mincer ,but the holes get bunged up with the thin membrane that,s between the skin and breast
  8. That s cleared that up then. I was n,t challenging the figures, just thinking more than 1/5 of the nation is over 75 takes some believing Did n,t realize you where quoting
  9. Pinfireman in your original post you said BBC collects £3.5 billion from licence fees and 1.5 billion from commercial revenue I added it up for you. Mighty prawn said over 75 s are not paying 1/5 of that which is 1 billion
  10. Corrections welcome .Pinfireman says BBCs income is £ 5 billion. Mighty Prawn says over 75s exemption is 1/5 of that i-e £1 billion 2 pensioners living in a lot of households . That seems a lot of old peopie
  11. My dad had an oliver90. Used it for powering a threshing set
  12. squirrelhall


    No but have tried S N H Scottish natural heritage . Just comes up this web page can n,t be reached is that your problem
  13. Aye but grass needs cutting weeds need pulling it builds up quicker than it composts S H
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