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  1. http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/350351-beretta-al391-28-sporter-opti-barrel-with-chokes/
  2. I have a Typhoon H and they do an IR camera but I cant justify the cost yet. Great bit of kit and 4k video and ability to switch between video & photos in flight including 360 panoramics etc. Great way to view permissions. You can get surprisingly close to rabbits & deer before they get spooked if you fly at 80m+ Back on topic. My brother bought the upstairs flat a number of years ago and got the local power distribution guys in to put a new consumer unit in and wire the upstairs rooms into 1 board. Long story short the old lady who had passed away recently was already wired in! Ne
  3. I also had this on Sat but it has not concerned me. If you do go over the lower tax threshold you only pay 40% tax on earnings over and above so it will only affect you if you start doing ALOT of beating, or if on the edge of the lower tax limit it will just mean you only keep 60% of what you are paid to beat if you teeter over the current tax code.
  4. markm I think you are right it will be rocky. Prob more so with the aggressive stance the EU are adopting. For me it was simple to vote OUT given the very different role the EU has now from the trading relationship it was sold as to the public. As it has evolved and more and more incidious laws and regulations have been passed I have become more and more concerned. If the EU was purely about trade that is fine but so many aspects of it have failed on a large scale and to continue to deny this would be crazy. The French will be next to vote OUT and the Euro in my opinion is doomed long term
  5. SGC are selling 1000 clay cartridges for £149.99 at the moment! No brainer.
  6. All sorted now thankyou Martin. Look forward to using it.
  7. I will take this if it's still avail please.
  8. Have sent you a message
  9. I'm beating at a local shoot next week and heard they pay £30 for the day with lunch provided. I have been asked to bring photo ID and my national insurance card. After reading the above I assume this is so the shoot can register the payments with HMRC? Given that I have a full time job and my tax is currently PAYE will the taxman sting me at the end of the financial year for his share of the £30 then? Given my current earnings I will see £18 of the £30 if the taxman is keen! after fuel and wear and tear etc as Piers mentions above is taken into account + any potential vets bills is a huge
  10. I echo some of the comments above just sell up and rent or downsize. No company will see you right and do a deal in your favour with equity release. why release a little equity on their terms? Just sell it and manage the funds yourself. Or keep it and rent it out you will have an income from it them that way. Id be very suspicious of any equity release deal.
  11. Does anybody have a secondhand one available please? After a handheld one but will consider a shoulder one if there is no others about.
  12. Picked up the second hand Silver Pigeon I Deluxe today. Its 2 years old and has an adjustable comb and very nice Game scene engraving. Much better for the pocket at £1510 after some haggling with a case and set of extended chokes. Plan to keep the semi auto for rough shooting and use the OU for the clay shoots and days out. Thankyou for the comments guys its much appreciated jumped in and got this one as I had a work bonus and if I didn't get it now I doubt I would be able to afford one once it was spent elsewhere. Wife is happy so its a result.
  13. Morning guys, Been a member on here for years but don't post very often due to being regularly deployed overseas, BASC member and I have a young working cocker I would like to train up to retrieve birds and beat. She had her 1st drive experience a couple of weeks ago and was great but she is yet to pick up.. But her flushing was a real experience and she took to it very well. I'm in Plymouth and would like to network in the local area to shoot over more land if possible, I have a hide and decoys and willing to travel for a days shooting within 50 miles or so. Keen to make a decent go a
  14. I don't see the issue with Semi Autos at a drive, I imagine the main reason is safety although the number of times I saw discipline slip I wouldn't say break barrels were any safer. I only chamber 2 cartridges when shooting clays so there is no advantage cartridge wise, some would even say it may be a disadvantage with a single choke. There is no rush to trade the SA, I will keep the SA now I think. My urgency for the Silver Pigeon I have seen is the particulars of this one with the upgrade stock and game engraving. IMO the new Silver pigeons and Beretta range are not as well made. I bough
  15. I have a 1966 BRNO Semi Auto and it is very accurate. In fact it really does impress me how well it shoots still considering its age! However it is prone to jamming which can be frustrating given its accuracy. The action can be noisy as well in comparison to a bolt action which if picking off the rabbits can be a large negative. I enjoy stripping it and understand your train of thought there but unless you can find one that does not jam I would steer clear. I think CZ are now making a new semi auto so that may be worth researching.
  16. I see Duckandswings point, it is nice to have a selection of particular tools for certain jobs. As an Engineer I can see this justification and appreciate that view. The shoot I was recently invited to did not allow Semi Autos so I had to borrow the brother in laws OU for the day which is what made me think about buying another one. I will see how it feels tomorrow and see how I go I have a work bonus coming that will pay for the OU for me which is making the decision possible but I dont want to get it just for it to gather dust and have the other half kicking my *** for the house jobs tha
  17. The devil in my head agrees but as I grow older I find myself having to justify more reasons why before jumping into stuff like this especially when there is a number of house jobs awaiting my attention.
  18. Plan was to view a Beretta Silver Pigeon tomorrow morning with a view to getting an OU 12G for clays and the odd drive with my brother when I visit him. Today I headed to the local clay ground with my brother in law with my current Beretta AL390 that I have only ever fired half a dozen carts through rough shooting (Not my usual option as Id prefer to shoot an OU if I can when on the clays) But long story short I shot my best day of clays ever! 94-120 which for me was very consistent. Trouble I now have is the group I was shooting with all agreed as we navigated the grounds moving betwe
  19. Final clay shoot of 2016 - 94/120

  20. Thanks for the replies guys. Viewing a Silver Pigeon with GS engraving & Deluxe stock tomorrow. If its as I hope then I will delete the thread if I can.
  21. My old work colleague used to feel the same, if I discussed shooting in the office he would rant about defenceless animals and other ****. So I posted lots of slaughter house links and similar bad taste vids on his facebook wall questioning his outlook on these defenceless animals!? He replied they were bred for consumption so it was ok... How some people view shooting and eating from the land is beyond me.
  22. Prefer a 30' just because that's what I am used to. Out of interest what sort of money are you after for yours?
  23. Looking for a 30' 12G Beretta 686E or similar or an older Silver pigeon with multi chokes local to Devon & Cornwall please. will consider anything from a 686 to a EL really. Getting back into the clays and would like to buy something I will keep. Happy to travel within reason Previously owned a 682 Gold E, 686E, Perennia III. Budget is £2000 Max
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