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  1. Have the battery in your hide with spade end connectors, have one connected and touch the other connector as when required. i use to do that all the time befor i bought a timer unit which i can run two flappers and two peckers at the same time. with the timer unit no need for a long cable.
  2. Have you asked the farmer if you can put a bale hide in the middle of the field if he won't allow this put a net hide hide up in the middle of the field and leave it there. Also i find using a couple of floaters really helps
  3. Has anybody used pecking crow decoys, i shot 44 the other day and missed as many using one pecking crow to side of my decoy pattern it made good sport on an otherwise slowish afternoon on a maize stubble game strip. has anyone else had success using crow peckers.
  4. A friend of mine who works at a shooting ground as an instructor was shooting alongsside a combine a few years ago when a Transit van pulled up at the side of the field in question. Six armed response guys got out and through a load speaker one of them told my mate to put his gun down and lie face down on the ground which he did, Then two of the officers started to climb over the fence, seeing this my mate called over to them but the guy with the loud speaker told him to shut up. three times my mate tried to speak to the two climbing over the fence but every time was shouted down by the officer with the load speaker. The two climbing over the fence jumped into the field and dissapeared into a large ditch covered by brambles it took two other officers five minutes to help them out with all thier webbing and helmets all over the place scratched faces and embarrassed looks.My mate knew the ground and was trying to warn the officers not to jump over the fence. the guy driving the combine was the landowner so hence there was no problem but it must have been the funniest thing to see.
  5. I dont think that the pigeons will eat the beans once they start to chit unlike peas
  6. Double H I Shoot on 5/6 farms in that area and have had good days on at least the last dozen outings, which farms do you shoot over?
  7. If birds are shying away from your hide the birds following them will also shy away before you even see them, thus breaking up the flight line. I have sat in tram lines shooting pigeons over laid barley with no hide and had the birds streaming in, If the birds are determined to come in they will. I think one of the most important things on a hide is to have a very good back on the hide so as not to create a silhouette outline of yourself and dont leave your hide too often even if dead birds are scettered all over your pattern only tidy it up when the birds stop coming in. If you are using nets cut some foliage from nearby hedges to help belend in the nets doing this only takes five minutes.
  8. I have had some good days on drilling in the last two weeks, the best being 137 on drilled barley and 226 on drilled beans, the 226 was with a mate. I shot 24 Rooks/crows and 52 pigeons on monday afternoon but saadly the drillings have all but finished a good down pour might help things. Now the flocks are breaking up and the rape is blooming there might be a chance of better bags on the rape a friend of mine had his best day ever on rape (256) at this time of year ( guess who that was Lazza )
  9. My father in-law has told me that the old boys in the village used pieces of blue/gray rag for decoying pigeon this was an era when decoys were not so common place as today, i would imagine it was in the fourties or fifties, by all accounts it worked well.
  10. There is a differnce... one set of barrels is two inches longer
  11. I have shot loads of big bags, the largest bag i have ever shot was a 1000 KG Fertilizer bag and wrong or right if i got the oppertunity i would do it again. What is the accepted size of a bag that you can shoot.
  12. I am all for getting Quality decoying equipment cheaper, I just find it strange that theese prices were much higher a few months ago. There are clearly people trying to help other like minded pigeon shooters and there are people trying to take people for as much as the market will allow ,nothing wrong with that but there is no point in weeping on the carpet when cheaper products come on the market.
  13. dont worry lads i have just been informed that it cant be done. Cheers kev
  14. I have just bought a remington 1100 Auto, does anybody know if i can get a Multi choked 3" magnum Barrell for it? If so where. Cheers Kev.
  15. If i were you i would take your new gun with you, The three main things with gun fit are Combe, Stock Length and cast the chances that all theese will need adjusting are slim. For what its worth i had a beretta and always shot high with it, having always used a browning. I dont think you should change the style in which you shoot either that could well be a reciepe for disaster, you should always look at the bird first and not down the gun.
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