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  1. Down South

    Plant ID.

    Looks like a cranesbill of some sort.
  2. I knew it would not be straight forward, I’ll keep the shorter cases for lead fibre loads, I have some data for that. Thanks.
  3. It’s going to drive you mad now. My friends model is hammerless so there are variations. Good luck with your quest. 👍
  4. Google search images Manufrance simplex. Single barrel, trigger guard extends back to act as a lever.
  5. Thanks for replying. This was a wet day in lockdown question. I’m happy with using the specified components and the end results work very well. I know to stick with proven data. Can’t get materials to load lead for now so was thinking out aloud.Is it the reduced case volume and base wad that would cause issues or is cutting down the wad also a bad idea. I am here to learn. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I've recently started loading steel for 16 bore. I have plenty of used 67mm RC empty and new 70mm Fiocchi cases. I have good data using A steel, this recipe calls for 70mm case, vp80 wad and overshot card.When made up in 70mm the load is a bit low in the wad but with a little card packer and os card in crimps well on my Lee load all. My question, can I safely cut down the wads so I can use my 67mm cases, use the os card, and reduce the charge and load a little. I've made a couple up and they close nicely. What do you think? Sorry if this has been covered before. Thanks. DS.
  7. My friend in France inherited a 12 bore of similar description to this. Made in France, single barrel, push the trigger guard down and forward to break. He had several oldish guns and all made in France, Manufrance comes to mind but I can't be certain. DS.
  8. Down South

    Plant ID

  9. Look here, has 16 bore wads too. 👍 https://shotgunreloading.co.uk
  10. I wonder if Crisp Packet would be outraged by the destruction of perfectly healthy trees! Seriously, it’s always good to get out and enjoy the environment.
  11. French brand Percussion fits your budget. A mate that pickups and beats twice a week has had one of their coats for a couple of seasons and has nothing but praise for it. I tried their Normandy jacket, ideal for cold weather use.
  12. Starting from scratch. That said, if any body has another calibration Lee I could convert it providing it all adds up.
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