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  1. I had the same issue with sash windows. Didn’t want to lose the Victorian linings and architraves but didn’t like the draughts and rattles. With sound frames and sills I removed the sliding elements and parting beads etc and replaced them with plastic double glazed panels that fit directly into the recess. Does the job and leaves minimal external wood to be painted.
  2. This ^, or make sure the stop button is fully back. Had a tef20 that occasionally did the same and was the stop button not fully home. Good luck, great tractors.
  3. I shoot 26” in 16 bore, 26.75” in 12 & 28 bore. I don’t do fashion. Enjoy your short barrels. 👍
  4. We had the Water meter trial down here. Everybody has a water meter, no choice. In normal properties they ate fitted on your boundary. Any problems beyond their stop cock/meter is your problem.
  5. Musto br2 breeks, 34” waist, water proof liner, washable. No damage or wear. These are lovely breeks, regrettable are to small for me. £60 including postage.
  6. Quite so! I’m Just particular where I put it. 🤪
  7. I’ve tried various cartridges through my 16s. Without doubt RC 28gm fibre are the best followed by Fiocchi 28gm but they are plastic wad. I did a blind test on a shoot day where I took RC, Fiocchi, Hull and old Eley vip In equal quantities in my cartridge bag and just shot what came to hand. For me the RC & Fiocchi were noticeably better killers, Hull kicked hard and the Eley vip disappointing to say the least. I had some ejection problems with Fiocchi due to the high brass but all I shoot now is RC 28 gm fibre 6.
  8. In Europe most hunters wear a high vis item of clothing to reduce the chance of being shot by a fellow hunter, it happens. An orange hat is not unusual in the field.
  9. Recently inherited a Lincoln no2 28 bore with short barrels, great little gun and will be my pigeon hide gun if I get into reloading for it. With Wigeon Jim’s support I have started loading steel for the 16 bore but only shoot it through an old Zabala sxs for now. Clays, I don’t do them, not my thing. 👍
  10. Balance suits me, just forward of the hinge pins. 30” barrels will be different.
  11. Lincoln Jubilee prestige, scaled action, 28” barrels, multi choke, 6lb 4oz, lovely guns. Looks right, feels right and handles well. I don’t shoot 12 bore any more. Check one out if you can. I found B Rizzini too heavy.
  12. Looks like a Bay bolette and if so edible. Be careful!
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