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  1. That was quick! I’ll check them out. Thanks.
  2. Anybody have experience of replacing the cocking piece on the above shotguns(part 231). It extends from the fore end and engages with the action when the gun is opened. Mine has broken on my 16b, just in time for the season. It looks easy enough to replace if I can get the part. It slides into the fore iron in a channel and looks to be held by interference or locktite. Thanks in advance.
  3. Taken from Gualandi powder tables for Vectan A0. At your own risk! Plastic wads, probably their own. 16/70 Plastica DFS615/CX1000 1,50 —- 30/32 Stellare 20/70 Plastica DFS615/CX1000 1,40 —- 28/29 Stellare 20/76 Plastica U684/CX50 1,45 —- 31/32 Stellare 28/70 Plastica DFS615/CX1000 1,05 —- 21/22 28g load is roll closure.
  4. Search google for vp80 (16 bore wad for steel) reloading data. It should take you to a Ballistic products page with loads of data for you. Load 50204 is the one to go for, works well.
  5. \/ This, just taken delivery of a new game bag, very nice, very pleased.
  6. The first combine I remember seeing was in the very early 60’s. Towed and propelled by a tractor, Massey Harris I think. 6ft cut and bagged as you went. A great advancement at the time.
  7. I shoot both. 16 is more versatile having far more killing power than the 28. Both are Lincoln over under, not much difference in weight, both about 6 1/4lbs. I no longer use my 12 bore since going back to a 16 and I don’t feel I am missing out in any way. The 28 is good but I feel you have to be selective with your targets.
  8. Looks nasty. Could be a spider bite, might see 2 triangular puncture marks at the centre.
  9. If you buy replacement doors don’t forget to check hinge spacing. It’s a fiddle to redrill cabinets, a good mate can testify!
  10. Down South


    I’ve seen them on and off on the south coast over the years, IOW to Weymouth. They are big, size of a dust bin! In summer you quite often find lumps of translucent jelly on the low water line which I think are their decomposing bodies.
  11. I shoot 16 bore, sub 20 yard partridges out to 40+ what ever comes my way. Chose the right cartridge for your stile and enjoy. Always open chokes.
  12. I love my Italian loafers, must check out the muzzle option. 👍 As above, cylinder & improved for all my game shooting.
  13. Down South


    Thanks for that. Thought it had to be something along those lines.
  14. Down South


    What is a “clout”. My mother in law used the same expression but never knew what the clout was.
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