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  1. this shop has a good reputation and he trades on it No room for bad feedback on a island This/\.
  2. Petition to ban driven grouse shooting. Government has replied and I don’t think CP will be amused. Part of the reply to petitioners, This is a devolved matter. Defra is working with key interested parties to ensure the sustainable management of the uplands, balancing environmental and economic benefits, which includes the role of sustainable grouse shooting. The Government appreciates that many people hold strong views on the issue of driven grouse shooting. The Government considers that shooting activities bring many benefits to the rural economy and can in many cases be beneficial for wildlife and habitat conservation. We recognise that it is vital that wildlife and habitats are respected and protected and the law is respected. We will continue work to ensure a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship between shooting and conservation. The Government has no plans to ban grouse shooting.
  3. Down South

    What plant

    Also known as Thornapple, poisonous, I have a few to deal with this week.
  4. Got an induction hob, would never go back to gas! Does everything gas does and a doddle to keep clean. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your existing pans you should be able to use them. 👍
  5. Hi WB, is this 16 bore still available? 

    1. Had a Solway zipper years ago, waxed the pants off that more than once. It was Miserable to wear when cold and wet. I hung it over the spare wheel on the truck to air one day and forgot it. Drove home and of course it was gone, Never went back to look for it. Modern fabric from then on.
    2. Have used Musto waterproofs for years when sailing, very good stuff but at a cost. Now that looks good! I’ll check out the other makes too. Thanks all.
    3. It's been raining all day and my old Barbour Endurance coat has let me down. Not bad after 15 seasons use. Looking at Alan Paine Berwick, Rutland or Musto Keepers Westmoor as a replacement. Anybody have one of these and would you recommend them. Thanks in advance.
    4. Anybody doing the big butterfly count? https://www.bigbutterflycount.org/. Guess who has got his face on the web site.
    5. Just renewed my coterminous certificates and grudgingly paid a demand for £40 to my GP. Doctors should have to comply with police checks, they should not have the power to veto applications for any reason other than those laid out in the medical check. Discussing my possession of guns with my neighbours, they are good people but no! More regulation on law abiding people, why?
    6. Back in the early 60s, I remember father taking the shotgun to the rick yard. 1 shot took 14 sparrows. Mother had them on the table for supper served in a huge pan. Nothing went to waste.
    7. More anti shooting propaganda, nothing wrong with shot meat, chew it properly and spit out any pellets you might find, simple! There are lots of mums out there doing wrong by their children by feeding them processed junk food and that includes vegans. Their choice; our choice to eat shot meat.
    8. They look the business, I assume the same used in your A5 post. I would love to load steel for my 16 but not sure where to start. Long live 16s.
    9. If this was a deliberate act of persecution then it is indefensible, if a culprit/s are found then they deserve what they get. However, as already stated, it’s rather odd that these casualties invariably seem to be uncovered by those with an anti shooting agenda! As with missing Adam & Charlie the golden eagles (wild birds with names, too Disney for me) that disappeared in April, no bodies found, being monitored by protectionists. Why is the news full of reports now? They all accuse criminal activities aligned to grouse shooting. Could it not be criminal activities aligned to protectionist organisations? Surely not, they are all beyond reproach!
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