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  1. Got a Harrington and Richardson 349 gamester 12g bolt action ,has a 2 shot tube under the barrel, comes out to play every now and again, don't see many theses gays.
  2. £45 two months ago in great sutton Cheshire, my brother who is in a different surgery 2 miles away ,they want £150, so he's changed surgery and saved himself £105 in the process .The whole medical report requirement needs to be nationally agreed.
  3. Chopped in my mossy 500 for a BPS , What a great decision beautiful gun shoots great ,trigger can be a bit heavy but action is silky smooth. Taking the barrel off is easy just unscrew the end cap set the pump action to half way and pull the barrel off cleaning is easy. Doing a full strip is easy too.Get one you wont regret it 👍https://youtu.be/sCik8kKuDwk Heres mine.
  4. Thanks for your positive response, I actually attended a boxing workshop on Saturday afternoon especially designed for parkinsons sufferers, keeps everything moving we do balance, breathing and physical exercises.as you say I am doing everything I can to keep fit both mentally and physically, cheers👍
  5. Just had my SGC renewed in Cheshire, fee was £45, it said on the renewal form medical records are not acceptable you must have a statement from your doctor, however it went on to say the ultimate decision in granting a licence lies solely with Cheshire police. As regards cost my brother who is in a different surgery 2 miles from my surgery has been quoted £150 for the same service, so he's moving to my surgery and saving himself £105. The whole doctor thing needs to be nationally organised.
  6. I find that with it being a dynamic shooting sport as opposed to target shooting the condition doesn't really come in to it, was shooting yesterday on high tower did well. 👍
  7. SGC renewed, just a follow up to my original post, my SGC landed at the weekend had a home visit from my FEO had a chat about my condition and she was reassured that I'm fine to continue for now, although my SGC is for 5 years I'm on a yearly review with my FEO just to make sure the condition hasn't progressed, which is fine by me.So if anyone else has concerns regarding Parkinsons it's not the end of your sport it just another hurdle to jump, all the best .
  8. I sold my mossy 500 for a Browning BPS, marvellous!
  9. Got a Auto 5 as well 12gauge ultra light
  10. Welcome to the DA club,just one tip look carefully at the barrel extension where the square locking bolt engages as one of my barrels cracked there managed to get 2 spare barrels of Wabbitbosher on PW.
  11. Sorry but your not getting mine 😜 In all seriousness there's always some on gun trader
  12. I have contacted DVLA ita a legal requirement, I have had my driving licence renewed without any problems only difference is i have to renew it every 3 years for car and bike and every 1 year for my HGV.
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