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  1. klatuveradanikto

    Who on here has a 12g 24" Mossberg 500?

    I had input on this thread, sold my mossy for a BPS. Has it really been that long.
  2. klatuveradanikto

    Browning A5 pistol grip 12 gauge

    Every decent cabinet should have a Auto 5, any spare barrels Mick.
  3. klatuveradanikto

    What would you do...

    😂😂 If we lived in America we wouldn't be having this conversation the right to protect yourself seems to have meaning over there.
  4. klatuveradanikto

    Browning BPS Hunter 12 gauge

    Go for it Scully
  5. klatuveradanikto

    Mick Vokes

    Ever tried getting a barrel for a browning double automatic. I tried everywhere, was going to scrap the gun so asked Mick, he had 2 he was going to chop up cheap as chips. What a guy
  6. klatuveradanikto

    A warning to all Section 2 pump and semi-auto shotgun owners

    Checked this evening all ok both section 2 mag tubes
  7. klatuveradanikto

    A warning to all Section 2 pump and semi-auto shotgun owners

    I have a Auto 5 and a BPS, I'll check when I get home later. But it's just not something you think about when buying a section 2 you just accept it will only be capable of holding 2 in the mag tube. Will report back.
  8. klatuveradanikto

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Someone's been watching red dwarf
  9. klatuveradanikto

    disco 3 wiper blades

    Bosch all the way, it's amazing what decent blades can do
  10. klatuveradanikto

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    Small kit in my bag, larger kit in the car as well as a fire extinguisher
  11. klatuveradanikto

    Most bizzare job you've had

    I used to be a motor cycle despatch rider and one of my daily jobs was to deliver the evening standard to number 10 downing Street. This was before the barriers were there I used to ride in park my bike in front of number 10, by the time I was off my bike the door was open waiting to receive the papers. Great memories.
  12. klatuveradanikto

    Cartridge storage

  13. klatuveradanikto

    Cartridge storage

    THE OCD tendancy in me wants to rearrange those boxes into a uniform pattern all the way up the stairs on the left or right hand side so as to free up space for pedestrians.
  14. klatuveradanikto

    Browning Twelvette/double auto

    Try wabbitbosher I sourced 2 spare barrels for mine of him cheap as chips too p, s, you can't have mine for no price. Lol