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  1. Occasionally I empt the cabinet and take my O/U, SXS, SEMI AUTO, DOUBLE AUTO, PUMP ACTION, BOLT ACTION, AND MARTINI HENRY ACTION.down to the clay ground never had any problems with 3rd parties, if anything the eclectic mix starts great conversations.
  2. You're not getting mine
  3. I bought one of the AYA Yeomans as well. In my cabinet within 3 days, condition better than described, as stated what a guy the bosher is.
  4. Tried the 180 Bush test today my old double automatic everything was fine so sticking to the 180 Bush with 1 oz load setting alls good.
  5. Just to let you chaps know I did 25 test loads at the 171 Bush setting everything was fine on the BPS but when I used my old long recoil auto 5 I had a couple of shots that failed to load I guess there wasn't enough energy in the load so I've gone up to the 180 Bush I do a test batch soon and report back thanks for all your help
  6. Hi, to be honest once I get the right powder Bush I won't be changing it. I have done the the hole on the top cover modification that allows you to empty the shot hopper after you disconnect it from the main body of the loader. Upload some piccys anyway it's always nice to see modifications. Cheers.
  7. Hi thanks for the response they supplied me with Gualandi V_Zero 25 wads, I guess these are standard fit for 28 g loads. When you mention grains how do I measure that I also purchased a small digital scale for reloading not sure what weight scale I need is it grammes or grain. Thanks once again for your experienced support
  8. Hi chaps, I'm doing first time reloading bought all the required equipment from clay and game just need some advice what Bush do I need for the Lee load all 2 powder slot. I'll be using 1oz Bush for the shot and maxam csb5 powder. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I had input on this thread, sold my mossy for a BPS. Has it really been that long.
  10. Every decent cabinet should have a Auto 5, any spare barrels Mick.
  11. 😂😂 If we lived in America we wouldn't be having this conversation the right to protect yourself seems to have meaning over there.
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