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  1. Hi have you still got them if so we are interested where in Surrey are you we live in Chobham
  2. Hi Chris if you still got them we would like them thanks
  3. One of the wires broke so I took the bull by the horns and took it apart and soldered it back on and it WORKS so back with a spare now
  4. You can't get his number anymore I thought he may of moved. As for the controller sending away for one today can't go wrong at that price
  5. Magtame can't get it touch need controller fixing any ideas
  6. Hi will you post if not do you live near pyle near glastonbury as we have a friend there if the answer is yes to any of them we will have them please. thanks Mick
  7. Wymberley is right wood turners love them as for the wood burner any fruit tree is good I try and save mine for christmas
  8. pokey

    insect fogger

    Where are you from and £15
  9. Has anyone got the sizes and a drawing for a 410 roll over tool if they have could you please email to me many thanks Mick
  10. Russ Is the engine a runner
  11. I have 7 bitches and 3 dogs 1st cross bedlington/whippet pups for sale at £150 each these were bred for our own use the dog is 17" and the bitch is 22" and are in surrey
  12. pokey

    Woodhouse Grange

    Anyone live near Woodhouse Grange cricket club and going to the village cup final at lord's against Valley End our local side should be a good game if the rain keeps away
  13. Have you any spare silkie hens what colour's and how much and how much for the sebrights cheers pokey
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