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  1. great vid i enjoyed watching that. Thanks for posting
  2. Im sure there was a topic recently about the lynx being released back into the UK at some point?. Maybe this will be the start of the re-relase if it doesn't come back? http://www.lynxuk.org
  3. an mpk custom call for me, they look beautiful, sound amazing and also are below £70 (well they where when i got mine!). You can choose the wood you want as well. Their website is worth a look www.mpkcustomcallsandwoodwork.com
  4. i tend to find that the more i exercise the less often i get ill. Exercise ranging from brisk long walks to going down the gym. I know what you mean about getting colds, over the last month I've caught a cold and haven't exercised as much as i normally would.
  5. Allen has been restoring a rare south coast punt! Part of the restoration can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LAI7j7N1TE
  6. Hi All Allen has been restoring a rare south coast punt, have a look at the below vid which details parts of the restoration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LAI7j7N1TE Dont forget to vote for Allen Musselwhite in the BASC elections www.allenmusselwhite.com I had also posted another topic in general shooting matters about the BASC election for Allen Musselwhite HERE Thanks Steve
  7. rectifier


    now that is absolutely superb Davyo! ill be subbing to Leo! Makes the songs sound much better lol nice find!
  8. Hi All Voting closes in June. So, theres still time to vote for Allen if you havent already ;-) Many thanks to all those that have voted already. Regards Steve
  9. Thanks felly, didnt know about that one. http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/eu-referendum/referendum-on-eu-membership-result I think this means the betsters think we will more than likely stay? What do you think?
  10. So far there has been a great response from a lot of shooters. If you havent yet voted, then please checkout Allens profile and vote for him! Also, if you have any questions for Allen Musselwhite you can contact him on voteallenmusselwhite@gmail.com or visit www.allenmusselwhite.com Thanks All!
  11. Hi All The BASC council elections have begun for 2016. Langstone Wildfowlers are endorsing Allen Musselwhite for the BASC 2016 Council elections. It would be greatly appreciated if you could distribute the attached flyer to anyone interested and also direct them to the website about Allen Musselwhite www.allenmusselwhite.com. Allen also has a youtube channel where he will be uploading several interesting videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXP_L6GUhyYXmrUFrx7Bkgg Allen participates in all types of shooting and can talk about deer stalking to wildfowling so will be great to have him on the BASC Council. You can vote for Allen here : VOTE ALLEN If you have any questions please ask below or send an email to voteallenmusselwhite@gmail.com Regards Steve VoteAllenMusselwhite_BASC_2016.pdf
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