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  1. Always check the powder manufacturers website for the latest data. Powder isn't just ran off a machine and into a bottle, they make massive amounts in batches. These are bulk stored and dip tested at regular intervals as the chemicals alter slightly over time. Any changes to the burn rate etc. are noted and their published load data is adjusted if required. Reloading books data can be several months old by the time they're published and bought, some haven't been updated for years.
  2. Friend of mine died last year, we used a cremation only service with the ashes delivered to the person of their choice. With all the fee's etc. it was £1150. Try a Google search for basic funeral. https://www.simplicity.co.uk https://www.low-cost-funeral.co.uk/basic-funerals/
  3. My club FAC has been with Durham since April. Had an FEO visit almost 4 months ago, then sent a variation form (which I hadn't asked for) to complete a month ago. I emailed the licensing manager 2 weeks ago requesting an update on the situation and have not had the courtesy of a reply. They are currently issuing an automatic 8 week extension for Fac & Sgc renewals if not completed before expiry of the existing license. I've also had copies of letters/emails sent to our members adding a further 6 month extension for Sgc renewals still not completed within the 8 week ex
  4. Don't know about pest control but shooting ranges (both indoor and outdoor) are closed from midnight Weds, "The government has confirmed leisure centres and gyms will close, as will other indoor and outdoor leisure facilities including: sports facilities including swimming pools, golf courses and driving ranges, bowling alleys, dance studios, stables and riding centres, climbing walls and climbing centres, archery and shooting ranges."
  5. No, whoever told you that is talking complete b@ll@cks The Lee set will do 38 special as well as 357 magnum. 3 Die set, (90510) LEE CARBIDE 3 DIE SET 38SPL / 357MAG https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/lee-reloading/lee-die-sets/lee-carbide-pistol-3-die-set.html 4 Die set (has factory crimp) (90964) LEE DELUXE PISTOL 4 DIE CARBIDE SET 38SPL / 357 MAG https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/lee-reloading/lee-die-sets/lee-deluxe-pistol-4-die-set.html
  6. Brand New - StarLine 6.5 Creedmoor Small Primer Cases Currently £86/100 + postage at Kranks 300 available £75/100 or £215 for all 300 posted Payment by bank transfer preferred or Paypal friends & family so no fees. Collection from Durham area available.
  7. If by "weapons" you mean rifles and shotguns these can be sent (to an RFD) using the Post Office (Sporting Firearms) just use a 24hr service. Guns for sporting use International - Allowed in the mail, see restrictions and packaging guidelines below: Guns intended for sporting purposes - including Section 1 and Section 2 firearms, low-powered air guns and their component parts - may be sent in compliance with UK law and subject to applicable export controls on the shipment of firearms. Items that appear to be prohibited weapons may be subject to addi
  8. Cases arrived this morning, very fast delivery As to case annealing, or more properly "stress relieving" applying a fixed constant temperature is the best way, dipping the case necks into a molten salts bath or molten lead will ensure the cases do not overheat past that point, an induction annealer will typically apply heat for a much shorter period than a naked flame much reducing the chances. While some cases start to change colour around the neck/shoulder area when reaching the stress relief temperature it's not a reliable method unless you're only using the same batch of cases
  9. Ordered another load for our members yesterday, will let you know what happens
  10. I got 5,000 from them about 3 years ago for our club members. Arrived in big hessian sacks of 1,000 and exactly as described, after a lot of case prep perfectly good Lapua brass Nowadays we get once fired GGG, ream or swage out the primer crimp and it's very consistent brass for not much money!.
  11. I had two of them set up for 44Mag and 300AAC, quick picky to set up and the on-press priming system went in the bin!. Have a good look on Youtube, there's a load of helpful videos covering setup and tweaking. The new Auto Breech Lock Pro progressive is a much better design (still don't use the priming system!), runs a lot smoother and so far hasn't needed tweaking at all
  12. Arrived today, exactly as described, thank you very much indeed
  13. Yes please My daughter needs another one (she has a habit of killing them!! PM me your bank details and I'll get payment sent straight away Jeff
  14. Maybe they stared reading the forum from the very beginning for something to do during lockdown and 2015 is as far as they've gotten so far? Just wait until they get to the part about Burnley Dave and kicking doors in 😂
  15. Probably because there's no real need or reason for it 😂 Just cast or buy the right size lead bullet and get shooting, Shellhouse make a very decent range of cast bullets. You'll probably get more info posting on other forums such as Full Bore UK or UKV, Here's a reply from a very experienced shooter/RFD who has cast bullets for decades, "I have tried it extensively a few years ago and the bottom line was that it conferred no benefits to me on the target over conventional lubing. In addition I found it a very messy and fiddly process and tried every
  16. This was very popular in the US a couple of years ago, there's no evidence that powder (epoxy) coated bullets shoot any better than a decent un-coated. By all means give it a try (something to do!), you'll need a powder that (as you said) will bake in a domestic oven, in the US they use a little cheap "toaster oven" I almost brought some powder back a few years ago but decided the amount of time and energy just wasn't worth it for no appreciable gain. If you know anyone going to the US (at some point in the future) Harbour Frieght have it quite cheaply ($6.99 - 16oz) , there are
  17. Don't bother it's a complete waste of time. A properly sized bullet of the correct harness will shoot perfectly well
  18. Ordered an in-stock air rifle almost 5 weeks ago, any enquiries just get the same automated "we are still working but slowly" email they sent out earlier, no direct response. Not the most important thing in the world at the moment but an actual reply would have been nice.
  19. I've just started listening to my copies of ISIRTA, there's about 90 of them so that should keep me busy. I may even get my son to go in the loft and get my "At last the 1948 Show" DVD's to watch
  20. I saw that, it was more of a statement than a question 😂 Probably not a bad thing as things have changed since the original thread (expanding bullets/ammo etc.)
  21. Who dug this thread up? To clarify, No SGC/FAC needed to buy bullets (yes bullets, only the Americans call them "heads") No SGC/FAC needed to purchase reloading (Nitrocellulose) powder but you may be asked to show one. For "Black Powder" you will need to possess an "Explosives License". There are storage limits on how much powder you can hold as well as specific storage requirements for "black powder" (wooden box sealed with an intumescent strip and chained to the building fabric) http://www.hse.gov.uk/explosives/licensing/storage/ Primers, for metallic cart
  22. And just to clarify, you can post S1 firearms and S2 shotguns but only to an RFD. You post using Royal Mail next day, see here, Guns for sporting use International - Allowed in the mail, see restrictions and packaging guidelines below: Guns intended for sporting purposes - including Section 1 and Section 2 firearms, low-powered air guns and their component parts - may be sent in compliance with UK law and subject to applicable export controls on the shipment of firearms. Items that appear to be prohibited weapons may be subject to additional ch
  23. Nice to see Durham actually get something right for once. They've had a 3-4 month backlog for months, several people I know who had the 8 week extension letters still didn't get their certs back in that time. And of course they're still wasting time and resources insisting on doctors letters from everyone, even though they are not required under firearms legislation or Home Office guidelines unless there's a specific reason.
  24. Unlikely to see any of the powders banned under the REACH regs, they're not good for the environment you know!. Hodge, what caliber/s are you loading for? the Viht website has a load of info covering most calibers, https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/ If you want to load up say 10 rounds using N140 or N150 let me know and I'll save you having to buy a full tub to try them out
  25. The citric acid is only added to act as a water softener and allow the fairy liquid and pins to do a better job. All you need is about 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon, putting more in does not make cleaning any better.
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