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  1. sorry to tangentialise, but in the modern world surely the line between the millitary's expertise and policing is narrowing sharpely - granted 36 years ago(i'm thinking the last conventional war - the falklands ) anyone in "our green" was doing their duty if they did their uttermost to kill anyone wearing "their green" providing they carried it out by any means not banned by the Geneva convention. From what i read of our recent exploits in sandy places it would appear that there where such convoluted rules of engagement in place that the enemy could follow our troops about on
  2. Canis

    GTek Air ram

    Obviously it no good as your only hoover in the house as theres no pipe attachment, but it works very well for a general hoover round and its light enough that my mother who's 70 and has partial disablement of one of her arms can weild it to good effect when she can't lift my dyson up the stairs .
  3. I Agree with the 'Watch on colemans Mustard. I'm not convinced by Heinz ketchup these days- ever since the point that the trendys pushed Heinz to remove the preservatives so that it has to be kept in the fridge It simply doesnt taste right and does not have a continuous texture - far prefer Dadies ketchup or even catering ketchup ( providing it hasn't been cut with vinegar ) likewise i prefer Dadies brown sauce to HP! HP classic is the king of Barbecue Sauce though! Helmans Mayo (and i prefer the squeezy version for some reason although i couldn't quite say why!), salad
  4. While i am fully in favour of the death penalty, flogging,transportation and victorian prisons being the "maximum standard" , on the face of it i believe that this incident is a simple and tragic if inadvised accident where an older chap was interacting with/trying to joke with the 7 year old Girl and mistook her 5 day old sibling for a doll. look - on the route i take the dog for a walk we have passed probably a dozen times what is either a very young mum with a baby in a pushchair or a teenage girl with special needs playing with a lifesize doll in a pushair and i couldn't tel
  5. For years all the dogs we've had in the family have had human names, named after departed members of the(human) family. We did once have a black lab /German shepherd cross who came to us"secondhand" with the Name Satan! (
  6. does this advert not highlight everything that is wrong with country ? on a plus side though chaps avoid needing to go lamping by placing a trampoline in the middle of your land and let the vermin come to you
  7. Agreed that nothing is infalible and certainly a cordless angler grinder has all sorts of of "uses" but given that 99% of them are either a cyan blue colour ior A yellow and black colour, (dependant on the owners preference in professional power tools) the chances are if you where the average skag head burglar you would have fenced the angle grinder to pay for a fix or two !
  8. questions that will be relevant in quantifying how long that piece of string is : is it in a low or high cost of living part of the country? is it floor concrete slab or joists and boards? is the ceiling plasterboard on joists, lathe & plaster or concrete ? is visible plastic mini trunking acceptable or does everything need to be chased in ?(essentially a cost vs asthetics question) would you be expecting redcecoration or simply plaster repairs ?
  9. i would agree that for most static wall mounting purposes plugs and screws are perfectly adequate -that pretty much every radiator in the land is held to the wall with 2 inch size 10 screws and brown rawl plugs and the larger ones weigh 50ish kg perfectly demonstrates that - however the fixings are being specified to stop the cabinet being pried off the wall with a pry bar and items fixed with rawl plugs do pry out of their holes easily!
  10. In my opinion knowing the name of the pig is going to put people off but putting the name of the farm that the pig has been reared and the breed of pig on is a really great selling point. i quite happily admit to being a meat racist who tries to avoid foreign sourced meat wherever possible, going for local whenever practicable.
  11. Op, the bolts supplied with your cabinet are not up to the job- was it a gdk one? - they are simply bolt headed screws and 10mm rawl plugs. will hold the cab on the wall but will provide little protection to being pried off the wall your options are rawl bolts or chemical fixings.
  12. my terrier has eukanuba lamb and rice adult available 24 /7 for on demand eating having graduated from their puppy food at about 9 months. On top of that he gets a pouch of pedigree "Wet" complete food daily at a regular mealtime . again puppy version moved to adult at about 9 months . he's nearly 10 now but the still the only fit member of the family. He helps himself to bakers once in a while when i visit my fathers house... it gives him really runny stinky poo for the next 48 hours Another brand i was impressed with was laughing dog however the little ****** went off i
  13. if its for his studying and a little bit of browsing then you couldn't go far wrong that the little lenovo 11" that i picked up for my mother within the last month at PC world for £129. it doesn't break the bank if he drops it, leaves it on a bus. he will probably want a !5" or 17 inch screen for playing games though at £300 + ! forget the concept of buying a computer to last - its one of the few things where it is better to buy cheap and more often as computers get obsolete so quickly Expect to have to pay for office on top of that for which they seem to want to sell you a yea
  14. Left/right handed , measurements etc?
  15. Canis


    Sat here in a satyrical frame of mind this morning contemplating how: Packham and the loony left will moan when a we release pheasants, a non native species into this country ( although first introduced nearly 2000 years ago )on the basis that it is detrimental to the existing species. Yet when aplied to humans it is the same loony left that wants to release millions of immigrants into this country ( and has been doing so for the last 50 years or so) despite the fact that it is detrimental to the existing species.
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