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  1. Hey peeps, giving anybody that may be interesed a chance to grab a real wee head Turner, great to drive, cheap on road tax, insurance, and petrol,, just passed mot today, a few minor a advisories, .... Brake pipe slightly corroded, nearside and offside front,, and off side rear,, and nearside brake disc. And off side front, aint got the time to sort these minor anoyancies, now it does have 2single beds although if your handy could be converted to 1 double, me and the wife managed ok, also a cooker, sink with on board water tank, pop top roof, if u need it, ellectric hook up cable if you really need to go on site, we mostly went off grid and parrked up where ever we fancied, some good points,, its just had the timing belt done,, valves and seals, alternator belt and tensioners, starter motor and battery, it also has a lesure battttery for of gridding, it is a 1996 model diahatsu hijet so expect some very minor surface rust. On body, just needs a couple of Bob spent to get it tarted up a bit, I was gonna cammo the paint work up, to make it reallly stand out,, but I just have,nt got the time do it,,,,,,, work and all that. Seems to get the better of me all the time. but would like to see it go asap, so someone else cvan have some fun with it. Look forwarc to any replys, and I,ll Price: £2000 ono
  2. Not f you happen to own a diahatsu hijet camper van, I use it as an every day motor, and you can Park it up almost anywhere due to its small size.
  3. Yeah I was having a blonde moment :-)
  4. Game dealers will not take them when they are out of season
  5. Open season, October 1, January 31.
  6. Correct me if I,m wrong, but are hares not out of season?
  7. Not seen that before, but I would imagine that would have caused a great deal of pain for the beast.
  8. Who really cares who gets what
  9. Please pm me for more details gents. I,ll get back to you asap, cheers.
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