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  1. Hi do you know anyone who sells muller chokes in the UK thanks 

  2. Between me and my ex wife we have four Tollers. Litters are fairly scarce over here. We had a litter of ten a couple of years ago, not that many working over here but msg if you need any Toller owning advice or breeders info. Azzurri.
  3. I have the same problem with my HTC one-m8, updated it yesterday. Now it's completely useless, slow, freezes with non stop notification tones until you check mail, FB, texts etc. Phoned HTC helpline today and they said they were really sorry but couldn't help and that I should be patient as Google were aware and a fix was in the pipeline.... Would getting the old iPhone unlocked (EE) and using my o2 sim work as this situation is crazy ? Any suggestions would be appreciated !!!! Azzurri.
  4. Whilst I wish you luck in your venture I think your efforts would be better spent setting up a rival organisation to the CPSA....you'd pinch their entire competition membership overnight such is the regard the CPSA is held in these days !!!!
  5. I heard they are charging £7.50 per round of 25 targets...not sure how true this is, has anybody any more info ? Azzurri.
  6. I bought a sawdust burner...saves making briquette's Good value for money on the bay Azzurri.
  7. Azzurri

    Tony Blair

    I hate the ******, saw straight through the lying **** years ago...but I missed the bit about him getting sentenced in his absence, who passed sentence on him and why wasn't his sentence carried out ? Genuine question by the way. Azzurri.
  8. Same targets month after month, I haven't been for a couple of years, just got sick of supporting the place. The str in front of the clubhouse was always the same...you couldn't see the targets for all the flipping signs. And how many years were those two targets on on the stand next to the str, it's just laziness on David's part. You can understand it though when the majority of people just want to turn up, blat a few clays then go to the pub afterwards rather than be challenged by a decent variety of new targets every few weeks. If the new owners do everything opposite to the previou
  9. Possible different primer in the 24gm perhaps ? I never had a misfire with Golden Trap 28gm but they're just a bit dear for me, great shell though !!
  10. I stopped using FBlacks for the same reason, more misfire's with them than any other cartridge i've used...ever !!! I replaced the pins in my Browning which did help but I also think the primers varied from batch to batch. They are good carts when they go bang and I shot one of my highest scores at registered sporting with them, but the level of doubt whilst you're trying to put a score together is something you just don't need. I know people who shoot FBlack through Beretta and they seem to go off without problem. Azzurri.
  11. I shot my mates F3 Pro last night, I like it and it breaks targets well. Can anyone tell me how much weight can be fitted to the barrels to shift the balance forward ? Azzurri.
  12. I'm with Pegleg31 on this, that's deffo a stretcher course. The inside edge of the stretcher will probably be sat on a 2" x 4" and the external is now basically sat in fresh air. When the house was built I'd put money on the original boxed sliding sash frame having a solid head which when it was "lugged in" properly will have been enough to take the outside of the stretcher course. I'd recommend a new lintol be fitted above the plastic frame or better still phone me up and I'll make you a new sliding sash frame to match what was there originally ;-) Azzurri.
  13. Agreed. Cameron & Clegg are a proper pair
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