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  1. demonwolf444

    Shotgun foregrip

    powdered chalk and water into a paste, slather it on thick and ontop of the aga or in the oven at 30 or in the airing cupboard or something. It what i use on any seriously oil soaked heads of stocks. Takes days, scrub it off with a soft brass brush, and repeat, id be amazed if you needed to do it twice.
  2. demonwolf444

    Def 200 tdi running problems.

    Thanks for the interesting replies gents 👍 I could post on the 4x4 forums but this forum is home!! Its performance is back where it should be; the cars no whipper snapper it's done 168k... but it only averages out at about 3k a year. Legend has it it has done a few expeditions in its time but I've forgotten the folklaw passed down to my by its previous owner... I think it went somewhere snowy. Going to flush and clean the oil, fit new injector nozzles and new viscous fan/water pump also got a new cam belt and tensioner but that seems like a scary undertaking for some reason? and picked up a plug in thingy today, ran it today, firing up absolutely flawlessly, like as soon as the key makes contact it's running, battery light didn't come on or anything; it certainly didn't enjoy the cold weather, difficulty Is when I stop for lunch I usually **** around for Half an hour on the car just putting a new door striker on or something, so I don't know if it's just me leaving the interior lights on and such, going to bypass the heater matrix and give that a clean/replace if bunged up, would be nice to have a bit of heat. I made a dog guard thought being I could attach a series fume curtain to try and keep the heater just heating the cab and not the rear tub space also.. I'm back to the half inch gap at the top of the door really bugging me. In that respect life is good
  3. demonwolf444

    English Springer Spaniel Pups

    Looking likely to be down to the last bitch looking for a home; will confirm this weekend
  4. demonwolf444

    English Springer Spaniel Pups

    Just a BUMP Had a few people asking for a location - Im near Northallerton North Yorkshire. One bitch found its new home, someone keen on another coming to view a bitch this weekend, leaving two bitches and the dog! If you have any interest then please get in touch.
  5. demonwolf444

    Def 200 tdi running problems.

    Just thought i would put this on here, problem solved so to speak but don't fully understand why it presented the symptoms it presented Landy been running absolutely fine, i do give it some hammer but it just keeps on going.. i thought i had got to the point with it where my biggest concern was the half inch gap at the top of the passenger door - for a self admitted 26 year old disaster case ( car not me ) is pretty good going. Last Monday did 200 miles in it - as you can imagine untold driving pleasure. Last Tuesday did 40 miles in it. last Wednesday did a mile to the pub for dinner and back. last Thursday evening cold - struggled to start but then started - Suspected battery or alternator failing ( can cope with that its on the list of parts that haven't been replaced ) . Got a mile down the road in second due to steep hill ( 1 in 5 ) and serious ice out. Decide to get up to speed and the engine revs and then dies away, just about make second gear but not enough power to sustain it. Look behind me; oh balls, I've asphyxiated the village by turning it into some parody of a Victorian mill town with my exhaust smoke. Mum and sister at the family home - neither competent, so wasn't going to ask for a tow back up the hill, the bloody thing would make it home. Which it did, at a stately and hesitant 3mph, billowing its clouds like some teenager with a vape stick as it went. Spent three days looking at it occasionally hoping it would cure its self ( landys sometimes do ) while my dad bleated that the head gasket was gone and when i asked what he thought was wrong with it his only answer was "everything" which wasn't really helping me much. Prices and advice sought, bit of head scratching under the bonnet, a test drive where it appeared to cure its self. Week goes by and id decided it was the lift pump, there seemed to be a post a week on lift pumps failing on the internet and given that mine was recently replaced it was probably due to fail. First things first just check the fuel filter.. AH, we have the culprit. £5.17p and problem solved. What i don't understand is why being starved of fuel results in loads of whitish smoke smelling of un burnt diesel? Anyway, just another adventure in the rust bucket! Edit to add - Jesus 26 years has not been kind to that rear axle - Summer project to swap that out.
  6. demonwolf444

    Oldest Shotgun

    Had various muzzle loaders over the years! Joy to use once you get the right load!
  7. demonwolf444

    Stock refinishing

    Thanks for the recommendation figgy - Busy work shop at the moment gallery of pictures can be found at the link below. https://www.instagram.com/woodworking_gunsmith/?hl=en I'm based near Northallerton, very close to Thimbleby if you are stopping by the workshop you can make a day of it and shoot some clays there too! Should have a website sorted soon just collecting testimonials - struggle to find time to get out of the workshop and on the computer! James.
  8. demonwolf444

    Antique Gun Ownership - Change is coming!

    Simple answer is just to have a collectors license where in the collector has to keep a record of sales and transfers between collectors much like an RFD but without the security aspect. Anyone without said license or who owns a gun that falls into license category without such a license can quickly and easily be prosecuted. I'm loathe to see any further restrictions but if its coming anyway we are probably better suggesting a method that is workable rather than being handed a restrictive set of laws which may damage collections of our heritage.
  9. demonwolf444

    English Springer Spaniel Pups

    Edited now - forgot to add in when i posted the add - refresh your page it should be up there now cheers!!
  10. demonwolf444

    English Springer Spaniel Pups

    English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale. Litter of 5 puppies, 3 Bitches, 2 dogs born on the 20th Jan. Both parents are working dogs. Mother is my first dog, she has done everything to small farmers shoots, bigger shoots, grouse moors and for the last season has been used for walked up. fantastic instincts and nose on her when on a scent either for a wounded bird or flush she never gives up and loves to please. When not working she is a very relaxed low maintenance dog, if the pups are anything like her would make ideal working dogs/ companions or family pets. Would prefer to see the dogs to to homes where they will be worked, simply so the new owners will have as much satisfaction working their dogs as i have had with the mother. KC reg, 5 generation pedigree. Field champions on both sides. Legally docked and declawed with all relevant paperwork. All really big pups, all been checked over and healthy - the bitch is mine lythe lane queen, mated at stud with storm of the Olympics at Salrowbra. Good mating - well below average inbreeding coefficient using the kennel club tool Link to stud: https://salrowbragundogs.co.uk/index.php/stud-dogs/storm/ Pups could leave 17th March earliest. They will be registered, wormed and Jabbed and micro chipped prior to leaving and new owners will get 5 generation pedigree. Dogs £800 Bitches £850 ( £50 deposit secures pup ) Please PM for any more info, any documents can be seen on request. Mother with pups after whelping: Pictures of the mother: Break after a drive grouse beating at Arncliffe Walked up this year. Dog at stud. Thanks!
  11. Im glad gunman stepped in when mole grips were mentioned! I use cramps as described by gunman and its the easiest way.
  12. demonwolf444

    Barrel blues

    That would be Mr Dan Bromley of Bromley and son, blueing blacking and browing. Prices absolutely fair and workmanship without fault. Every now and then he is on these forums i believe under the name "barrelblacker" if memory serves - If you want his number PM me and ill send it you; he is based in Kent, will take work postal however and is reliable and professional. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/profile/47868-barrelblacker/
  13. demonwolf444

    best place for new firing pins

    I can carry this work out for you. What turn around time do you need? Bang it in the post ill try and get one back to you the next day. PM me if needed. ( send both parts of the broken on to me ) One from a few weeks back. PM me if needed - All kinds of gunsmithing work carried out. I always try and offer best prices consistent with quality workmanship. https://www.instagram.com/woodworking_gunsmith/?hl=en
  14. demonwolf444


    is it actually chambered in 13 bore? - Or are the barrels just bored at 13 bore. For example i have seen historic guns where the barrels are bored and marked as "15" or "11" on the flats - yet the guns are chambered for 12 bore. The boring is not necessarily the same as the chamber size. the number on the underside of the tubes is just the size of the bore 9 inch from the breech when proofed. So the tubes might have been 13 bore when proofed but always chambered for 12 bore cartridges, I have had many many older guns like this. There was more variation way back then but 12/14/16 bore were pretty common. I have taken dimensional drawings of 12 and 14 bore pin fire cartridges; 14 bore need to be specially made; it is possible to adapt conventional modern 12 bore cartridges to pinfire.
  15. demonwolf444

    Relaying a rib

    Just make sure you clean the joint properly and apply lots of flux - use rosin to flux the joint - try and tin the surfaces before hand - IMO its sometimes easier to lift the whole rib and relay depending on how bad the soldier joint was to begin with. Obviously your other ribs and forend hanger is soldiered on as well so control your heat or you might attach the top rib but un - attach something else. You need annealed iron wire to tie the barrels - its hard to find and ideally you want some that isnt too oily or it will get on your nicely tinned and de greased surfaces. Horse shoe nails are good for tapping under the wire to clamp the ribs to the barrels. Carry the work out on a flat bench with the barrels set up on parallels..you can end up with one barrel shooting high and the other shooting low.. dont ask me how i know its just all part of the learning curve! ideally use some copper or aluminum or some fore bricks to try and heat sink away from the rest of the barrels, allow to heat up and cool down slowly, You need to tin and then clean and then clean and then clean and you need to make sure that your flux is decent quality and is not going to leave an acidic residue behind. Its dirty messy job and you will need to reblue after as once you have done the work you will have to clean off the spilt over flux and clean up the tinning next to the ribs and such.