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  1. demonwolf444

    What size box section

    Jonty - 30mm Box section would be fine. - Incidentally I see you are in Yorkshire dales....a friend of mine near Northalleton supplies 40mm galvanised box section - this will take care of any rusting issues you have. You only have to grind off the galv along the edges you would like to weld to and a bit of paint over the welds to stop the welds rusting. If you are going to be storing it indoors then you needed even paint it. I have used the same 40mm box section to make a number of heavy workbenches in the workshop and its incredibly useful and easy to weld/work with. The box section he supplies comes in 8FT lengths and often he has a stack of "rejects" which have been damaged in transit and are ever so slightly curved along the length unless you need absolute precision this is almost negligible - so for any situation where you will be chopping the curve becomes unimportant - he usually lets this stuff go cheap and would provide a low cost steel for your project. If this is of interest then please PM me and i will pass on his details and let him you you might get in touch. Hope that helps James.
  2. demonwolf444

    the Hungerford Massacre

    The public perception argument is in my mind a ridiculous one. - I don't own any military guns or have any interest in doing so. The public is so uninformed about legal gun ownership and your average man in the street's knowledge of guns if your lucky might be shooting an air rifle as a kid. I remember when derek bird ( I think from memory ) went on a rampage and the witnesses were quite convinced he was using a "sniper rifle", the media also enjoyed using the same description.. when if memory serves it was a some kind of CZ .22 rimfire, with a scope and moderator; so a gun resembling what a fair few members here have. Of course the media was never going to describe it as a legally held gun that really quite common in the UK and is owned by many people in the UK for pest control. Its not quite as snappy as "sniper rifle" and lets face it once someone's gone nuts and is shooting at random, no body cares if its an airgun or a center fire rifle we would all just rather it wasn't happening. Such events are horrific, but we cant legislate for people who have clearly gone insane. What we have in the UK is a generally work able body of legislation that strikes a balance between public safety and allowing people to pursue lawful activities. No systems without its faults but on the whole it works well and has been working well for some time. Frankly i don't think owning a gun with a black stock or a wood stock is any more or less of a risk factor then the color of your car or the size of your carving knife. Its a risk that anyone might go nutty tomorrow. Proportionately, the risk of a firearms owner going nutty has to be lower because there are less gun owners than non gun owners, and even that small risk is somewhat mitigated by the legislation we all abide by and the checks made on us all as gun owners.
  3. demonwolf444

    Deer Poaching

    There is no reason for that sort of behavior it just is nonsensical. The only answer is someone has a gun and a boat load of issues; entirely pointless unethical and a complete waste. On a shoot i was on for a bit we used to find injured deer from someone poaching with a crossbow, and occasionally would find crossbow bolts in tree's. I did some work experience down south in my teens on a shooting estate in Hampshire, the estate sold venison at a farm shop, and i helped butcher two of the deer, we picked out air rifle pellets from the spine and ribs of both deer that day; the keeper said the temptation was too much for some people, they could pull up near a clearing on one of the little estate roads and take pot shots, I presume they managed to drop one at some point and kept coming back to try.
  4. demonwolf444

    shotgun stock alterations

    Thanks guys, Just like to keep a portfolio of my work, firearms dealers ticket is in process just loads of hoops to jump through; its the nature of the beast! Loads of exciting new things to come and lots to share with the forum members. Kind regards James.
  5. demonwolf444

    sanding belt cleaning

    I have a 12 inch disc sander and cheap belt sander and in both cases find buying decent quality belts is well worth while - when you buy such tools they always come with a belt that seems to have about five minutes in it, i don't know if its the abrasive or the glue attaching it to the fabric but they do seem to last longer - I'm a fan of "klingspor" ( if you dont have a seriously solid bit of kit like ditchmans's and have a cheap belt sender in the shed and want more oomph out of it for instance for grinding knives, stick a big fly wheel on it where there might normally be a grinding wheel or what have you on the other side - i made one out of some MDF laminated up together and it stopped the motor stalling out under heavy use. I had this thing sitting about for ages, a friend wanted to use the workshop to make a knife and the piddly thing was not up to the job, modified it with an angle adjustable table and a big fly wheel which meant it would run flat out at its highest RPM and not stall under load; making the fly wheel is as simple as drawing round a dinner plate onto some thick ply or MDF and drilling a center hole and mounting it in place of a grinding wheel. Just thought it might help someone! )
  6. demonwolf444

    shotgun stock alterations

    Thanks for the kind words It was a beautiful gun and a joy to work on! A professional website is is on its way and will be finished in the next few weeks! In in the mean time a good cross section of jobs I have worked on can be found on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/woodworking_gunsmith/?hl=en A good deal of my work has come to me via pigeon watch, friends of members and so forth so the reccomendations are very helpful! The good people of this forum have provided me with varied and interesting work and are quite literally helping make my dreams a reality! Thanks guys I look forward to hearing from other members in the future and sharing my work with you on the forums.
  7. demonwolf444

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    6:30 the 2/8/2018 all PM's replied to and couriers organized thanks for everyone who has responded so far!
  8. demonwolf444

    Fore end {anyone help!?

    Aga man, If it breaks again I can repair this for you, potentially have one from another Bettensoli gun also which might fit. Feel free to PM me - only just seen this.
  9. demonwolf444

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    Figgys French polished Set Number of sets of handmade turnscrews are available. I have PM'ed everyone who has expressed an interest to me privately in a set and hope you will all check your messages and let me know. I've produced a good sized batch and the custom orders that were requested but a postage address and payment will secure their new homes! Please make contact if you are interested in a set! All the best James.
  10. demonwolf444

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    Hello guys and girls! Number of sets of handmade turnscrews are available. I have PM'ed everyone who has expressed an interest to me privately in a set and hope you will all check your messages and let me know. I've produced a good sized batch and the custom orders that were requested but a postage address and payment will secure their new homes! Please make contact if you are interested in a set! Ill take some photo's of the batch and upload them here! Kind regards James
  11. demonwolf444

    Panorama - Driven Game Shooting

    Heard all about this from someone who knew last year. Frankly the industry has had it coming IMO - Unfortunately small shoots and responsible practitioners will be tarred with the same brush. Anyone involved with game shooting is likely to suffer because of this. The film will have no positive impact, it wont seek to address serious issues such as the market for shot game, its going to question morality and ethics, focus on a hatred of wealthy and probably roll class around in the gravel a bit to boot. What it will do is lead to poorly thought through legislation which controls and restricts the sport, and still doesn't offer any solution for game meat wastage. It will also invigorate every anti and do good-er into making their poorly informed views known again aggravating all and benefiting none. I love game shooting i really do but i cant help but feel this has probably been a long time coming, its a shame we have not seriously asked questions sooner, then again the people on here probably are not the people regularly going on these big days and the people going on these big shoots probably don't know what happens to their birds, don't ask, and don't care and that's not a stab at anyone but i can understand why you would assume commercially operating shoots would find a ready market for their produce. - Clearly there isn't one or this wouldn't be an issue.
  12. demonwolf444

    £180 for a recoil pad fitted?

    I wouldn't have said it was miles out of the ball park, i wouldn't supply and fit one for less than £125 - and I'd get that price in the trade from some people.
  13. demonwolf444

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    Some updates with pictures for people to drool over! Here we have the batch of blades ready for heat treatment in the little oven! The blue grey is just from a solution which i store the blades in to prevent rusting while i work on the batch! ( baking powder and water if anyone is interested. ) From this post we have a few bespoke requests - some slab sided ones are in production for Mr Feltwad for his gun cases, some have been specially picked out and french polished for Mr Figgy - pictures of those to follow. Impala59 wanted a turnscrew that would accept the magnetic bit holders offered by brownell's and other outfits and with it a holder for storing his bits which i will get to this evening. Since he is only wanting the one tool ive done something a bit special and fitted the tool into a felt lined solid oak block with a english walnut veneer. The bits may surround the tool but spacing is tight, he might need a specially constructed box to accommodate an extra layer to hold the bits. Trying to work this out! Enjoy guys!
  14. demonwolf444

    The making of Handmade Turnscrews.

    Ive bought an axminster "premium" which has got the job done without any issues cutting through the steel like butter! Only issue i have with the blade is a missing tooth where it has been welded which occaisonally stalls the blade if it gets caught, annoying in a "premium" item but not the end of the world, heat treatment is underway today!
  15. demonwolf444

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    So upsetting. Whoever did this is guilty of much more than arson, perhaps not in law, but has undoubtedly done incalculable damage from a biodiversity and conservation point of view. The damage done is in my view akin to an act of terrorism. My sisters boyfriend lives nearby, showing me videos of his mates some of which had not slept for days going backwards and forwards with slurry tankers full of water they have found all sorts of animals singed and dead from smoke inhalation - sheep burned, everything. Apparently the initial response was one fire engine and the keepers and farmers were not all that impressed. The fact is that such events are fairly rare - In other countries they have local groups of wildland fire fighters who are called in to control and manage wildfires which operate similar to how our mountain rescue volunteer groups work. Its not a bad idea. We went last week and put signs up on all the gates near us leading up on to the north York moors which Im sure will do nothing but if it makes someone having a fag think twice about where they put it out its worthwhile. I think as sportspeople and country people we might not own the moors but we take ownership of them because we have a connection with the landscape, through sport and recreation. I can not understand the motivation of someone committing arson.