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  1. I always wondered about them as over a few years we used to find deer wounded by crosbow bolts every few week. Anyhow found a reasonably modern one that my friend had, it was just a cheap one i'm told but i think it will be over 80LBS. Shot it into some round straw bales stacked in an empty silage clamp, the bolt went clean through the first and into the second by 6 inches or more. The power was quite incredible I'm at a bit of a loss to see what would stop a bolt that you could easily set up in the garden.
  2. I'd take with you a wall thickness gauge and a shotgun bore micrometer. I wouldn't trust whoever catalogued the last load, unfortunately im away this weekend or i could meet you there with tools and run through the catalogue though last time it was largely a wasted effort. - Last time nearly every gun had sprung ribs, damaged barrels, bulges, or were out of proof, plenty of guns were listed as 16 bores or 20 bores and turned out to be other sizes completely. There appear to be some okay looking boxlock ejectors in this time around - everything else i would steer clear of.
  3. Last time i was at rydale there were 70 - 80 lots, every single gun nearly had a handful of faults which were not reflected in the bidding. I would not recommend buying a gun at auction if you don't have the knowledge to properly appraise them - Next sale is the 8th December - which i don't think i can make.
  4. Have the bores measured and proof checked. Its not worth £37 if the barrels are out no matter how clean they look.
  5. worked with yew a lot - Its nothing like as evil as tropical hard woods. Best high gloss finish is a few coats of shellac based sanding sealer then a couple of coats of true oil - which is an oil/varnish mix - the result comes out really really nice on yew particularly. Yew heart wood will darken some what with age. If you do breathe in a lot of dust the result is pretty much like a crippling hangover. Hand sand or use machines with extraction. If possible sand outside and you will be fine. good yews a beautiful material my childhood home was surrounded by yew tree's so i spent a lot of my childhood working with it.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Grobet-Knife-Edge-Swiss-Pattern-File-Pillar-Checkering-6-Inch-Cut-4-75-lines/401736015327?hash=item5d89551ddf:g:FCYAAOSwpMZcl3D- 75 lines to the inch would create very fine "jimping" 30 lines might be better but may be too course https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Grobet-Knife-Edge-Swiss-Pattern-File-Pillar-Checkering-6-Cut-0-30-lines-per/401814578830?epid=2255967767&hash=item5d8e03e68e:g:Y1MAAOSwxOBdKYTx
  7. try ordering from dembart directly ?
  8. 1 Part beeswax to 4 parts parrafin wax ( vaseline ) Before. After Water proof? yep. Been doing it for years
  9. Guns with NVSN just get entered on your ticket as NVSN - sometimes they might ask for particular or identifying features but its not an issue there are thousands out there with no S/N. Is the pin missing or is it just short or broken off? not a big issue but will need addressing, from pin goes through the cocking dogs, middle pin goes through the hammers/strikers, rear pin goes trough the sears. As for Re laying ribs, its pretty uncommon that you can get away with bodging them back together, there is usually old rust, soldier and flux floating around in the rib cavity. If you are careful you can lift the top rib leaving the others in place, clean the cavity, tin the mating surfaces make sure to neutralize if your tinning compound is acidic wire everything back up and relay, you need some parallel surfaces to set the barrels on while doing this, non galvanised annealed iron wire to wire the tubes and ribs together with, rosin flux is best, tin lead soldier, you want to gently clamp the muzzles and watch the flux, you want it melted and hot enough for the soldier to run but without burning the flux ideally. Do not get the barrels too hot, horse shoe nails are ideal for going under the wires and clamping down on the ribs to hold everything in place, go steady and ensure everything is straight as a die. Clean and clean and clean again once everything has cooled, then re blue. Its quite an involved process, genuinely takes me the best part of a day to clean strip and re lay everything and Ive done it a few times now. Attached video of your typical rib cavity - and no i'm not using my best chisel.
  10. Trade client told me once that "disposing" of old guns used to be a simple process of cutting them into as many chunks of useless metal as possible and then ploughing them in or burying them next time some earthworks were being done. - Lets assume this was a long time ago. Now days this isn't the case of course. Just saying its just as likely it was found in someones possessions and disposed of, or was actually "legally" disposed at some point, The police hold a national database for guns used in crime of the individual imprint that firing pins make on cartridges, in my mind it would be more interesting to have that possibility ruled out than to have a hunk of iron on the mantle piece; that being said whats the value of the piece to the police, if they connect that "weapon" to a crime how much further would they get? I suppose that's for a detective to work out, but knowing that "unsolved shooting" happened with a gun doesn't exactly require Sherlock Holmes intellect.
  11. Re advertised due to unforeseen circumstances. English springer spaniel bitch for sale. "Tilly" is a 10 week old liver and white english springer spaniel bitch, she is from our litter born on the 20/01/2019, she had a home lined up but due to unforeseen circumstances she is looking for a home once again. Tilly is KC reg, with a 5 generation pedigree, working parents on both sides, legally docked and dew clawed, vet checked, microchipped, wormed and up to date with her vaccinations. She is a good pup who keeps her kennel clean, and lives out, though is being house trained. Very sweet natures and showing good instincts, lovely spotted markings coming out on her legs, liver head, white on one side with liver markings over her bum and tail I'm eager to find her a good home and for her to get settled somewhere nice, she will make a great working dog/ field companion/ family pet. Based near Northallerton North Yorkshire, can be viewed by arrangement pretty much whenever suits. £850. Litter IMG_1027.MOV Mother Father
  12. Thanks for the praise! Don't be silly - its about maintaining a standard and learning as you go. Anyone who thought they knew everything from day dot was wrong, and anyone who thinks they know it all by the end of their time has settled for "good enough" or simply doesnt care enough to continue the journey. Your work is nothing to be ashamed of - just look at the hundreds of guns you see with rounded off but ends and a valley between the pad and end, checkering sanded over or even worse run over with some kind of dremmel attachment and little consideration. Here are some recent works for the enjoyment of people who like to see this sort of thing!
  13. powdered chalk and water into a paste, slather it on thick and ontop of the aga or in the oven at 30 or in the airing cupboard or something. It what i use on any seriously oil soaked heads of stocks. Takes days, scrub it off with a soft brass brush, and repeat, id be amazed if you needed to do it twice.
  14. Thanks for the interesting replies gents 👍 I could post on the 4x4 forums but this forum is home!! Its performance is back where it should be; the cars no whipper snapper it's done 168k... but it only averages out at about 3k a year. Legend has it it has done a few expeditions in its time but I've forgotten the folklaw passed down to my by its previous owner... I think it went somewhere snowy. Going to flush and clean the oil, fit new injector nozzles and new viscous fan/water pump also got a new cam belt and tensioner but that seems like a scary undertaking for some reason? and picked up a plug in thingy today, ran it today, firing up absolutely flawlessly, like as soon as the key makes contact it's running, battery light didn't come on or anything; it certainly didn't enjoy the cold weather, difficulty Is when I stop for lunch I usually **** around for Half an hour on the car just putting a new door striker on or something, so I don't know if it's just me leaving the interior lights on and such, going to bypass the heater matrix and give that a clean/replace if bunged up, would be nice to have a bit of heat. I made a dog guard thought being I could attach a series fume curtain to try and keep the heater just heating the cab and not the rear tub space also.. I'm back to the half inch gap at the top of the door really bugging me. In that respect life is good
  15. Looking likely to be down to the last bitch looking for a home; will confirm this weekend
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