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  1. Grandalf


    Well this family is very glad that the exodus from Kabul airport is over. My eldest Grandson completed seven of the evacuation flights in his position in the RAF. (Engineer on the A400). Carried Afghans, our troops, UK civilians and seven military dogs. Glad he's safely back in the UK and going to his cousins wedding this weekend.
  2. Grandalf


    That was so that the country could not be held to ransome when the Royal Family became hostages.
  3. Having just recovered from a small dose of Covid my thoughts are with you. Must have been very scary. Keep taking the tablets and I hope all goes well for you.
  4. Grandalf


    America, Pakistan and the British supplied and trained the Taliban for the twenty years that the Russian army was in Afghanistan. In those days they were the good guys and were known as the Mujahideen. Then they morfed into the Taliban, still supported by Pakistan, and became the bad guys and the Afghan army became the goodguys. But due to the Afghan tribal system it is forgotten that these are all the same guys. In Afghanistan changing sides is considered to be just a political move that might save your life. There is no shame attached to it. It's considered to be common sense not to be on the loosing side when the final whistle blows. Yesterday and over the last few weeks a lot of Afghans changed sides - That's all. Been going on for hundreds of years.
  5. Grandalf


    I put the blame fairly and squarely at the door of politicians. They are the ones who make the decisions to send in the troops. What they never do is decide what the troops are actually going to do and when, and why, they are going to leave. All of this should have been decided BEFORE the decision to invade, and invade is what we have done, was made. The Russians had over one hundred thousand troops in Afghanistan. Now that army doesn't travel with a press corps and journalists from the worlds media. They go in mean and hard and get on with the job. After twenty years they decided the whole effort was just too much, even for them, and left. A few years later the USA and a few allies do EXACTLY the same thing with EXACTLY the same, predictable, result. We could have left after the terrorist bases were bombed out of existence but then came the decision to put boots on the ground - "For the good of the Afghan people". Good sentiment but it was never going to work. The Afghans will do the same to any 'invasive' force that tries to inflict a way of life that they don't want. Democracy will never work in any country where the majority of the people are illiterate and is ruled by a religious cult that only sees things in black and white. The Afghan government has never ruled Afghanistan. They may have held power in the main cities and lined their own nests with all the trappings of power available to them but they have never controlled the rural areas. There the mullahs rule. As they have always done. And probably as they always will do. If you don't like the way things are run then you have to educate and give enticements for change. Force will never work when you are trying to change someones religion at the point of a bayonet. Do you remember the British politician who said the army would not fire a single bullet? What planet was he on? My eldest Grandson is now playing a small part in the current fiasco. Yes I am bitter. We are a military family and very loyal to the Queen and country but this fiasco has been caused by political stupidy of the worst kind.
  6. I keep hoping someone will come up with something other than Scotland and before I get too old to attend.
  7. This is exactly what I did about a dog. Ensure you have someone who will look after them as you do yourself and go ahead. Make sure your dog knows that person well so that the stress of the final parting will be less and carry on with your life. Too easy to look for excuses to pack up when the going gets a bit difficult. Just push on with it and enjoy yourself.
  8. David - Long time no see - Which is not as it should be. Hope you are keeping well. Landy is still going strong. Steam cleaned and resealed on the bottom. 'New' doors and various other bits on the top. Timing chain done on the engine. (First time since the 1986 manufacture). Same clapped out driver though... Picture is where you last saw her - at Catton Park. Happy Days.
  9. But I remember what they were like fifty years ago...
  10. I'm 82 and had my first gun, a weak springer rifle, at about 6 when my elder brother came home from the war and gave me his. Been lucky in the health department and still usually very active. (I say usually because at the moment I am in isolation with a touch of Covid19 - Feels like a bad summer cold and a hangover at the moment). Wildfowler since in my mid twenties. Keeper, part-time, for thirty years now retired. Game shooter whenever I got the chance and could afford it. Pigeons and vermin always. Took up 'proper' stalking about five years ago when I lost half the sight in my right (master) eye. Reckoned it was easier to shoot a rifle left handed than a shot gun. Got that sorted out then had my shotgun altered to fit me left handed and purchased a left handed semi-auto. With a bit of practice and a lot of bad language I got that reasonably sorted out too. Now still fowling on the easier marshes, stalking and vermin control (mainly foxes) whenever I can get out. Time is limited due being a full time carer for my wife. I spend far more than I should on a relief carer so that I can get up in the middle of the night to go stalking or get to bed in the middle of the night after foxing. Do I ever want to give it all up? Never, never, never. It is my life and hunting is in my blood. Not much time for fishing these days though... That's a pity.
  11. I use the tramlines even in my Landy. Noisy and rough stuff.
  12. Do a proper introduction post and say where you live and what your interests are and members will respond in due course. It is a very friendly website.
  13. Situation sorted. Thank you.
  14. It was like that but longer and shallower.
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