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  1. Grandalf

    Sea Eagle.

    I wouldn't stay long in Grimsby either JD... Lovely country inland but the town...
  2. Yes Dougy, I will try it but I still don't see why we have to go to all this problem just to put a photograph on the site. It is 2020 now. Don't get the problem anywhere else that I use. Won't be until tomorrow. Busy now. Hope you are keeping well mate.
  3. All to complicated. I want a website that uploads pictures like Facebook does. Sorry but I don't do difficult tech any more. Struggled with that all my working life.
  4. Sorry chaps. Come against the usual PW problem. Every photograph that I want to upload to the site is too big. Can't be doing with it. We'll say that it is a CWD fawn and leave it at that. Thanks for the interest.
  5. I have now seen the skull and taken some more pictures. Will try to put them on this afternoon. Caring duties to do now. It is not a dog. Gone back to thinking a deer fawn. Now the type? Stand by. More later.
  6. JD, I spoke to the lady last night and told her what we had more or less decided. I didn't mention in my post that she is currently half way through a biology degree course at UEA in Norfolk. Now closed down for obvious reasons. She said that she considers that the teeth are not those of a herbivore. I blew the picture up and had a look at the canines and they are small pointed objects. Are CWD fawns born with teeth like that or do we have to think again? Another friend of mine - yes I have more than one - thinks it is some type of dog. The area is close to the village so that is highly possible. I will see if I can get her to send some more pictures from other angles or get a look at it myself provided I can get round the current restrictions. (I have a disabled wife so can't take any chances). Thanks for the input. Ben
  7. I am just north of the line that you mention. With a strong southerly wind I could hurl a rock into Norfolk. The local police now refer to it as Indian Territory but we don't see many of them this side of the border.
  8. Nah, we shot all of the sasquatch before the lock down started. They are all in the freezer. I think JD is right. CWD fawn. That was my first thought too. The land is 40 acres of new plantation for a nature reserve. There are CWD, muntys and roe on the land. I'll tell the lass that the combined brains of PW have come up with a load of old squit and decided on CWD fawn as the most likely. (If it was an ole boy from Harleston then we would have found the web feet marks around the site. Nothing obvious found anywhere near it).
  9. My money goes with you at the moment JD.
  10. As title. Found on small nature reserve next to my house in North Suffolk. I haven't seen the real article. Only the photograph. About ten centimetres long. Thanks - Ben
  11. Seven year old dog. Hopefully fully trained to the gun for £250. Still a bargain. Doubt there are any left though. Pity.
  12. My very small nail clippers were confiscated as a potentially lethal weapon. Fair enough - Except I was the flights Captain. Normal for Norfolk! Well done Norwich.
  13. I have two dogs with Agria due BASC recommendation. This year one of the policies went up by 15% when renewal came around. Thought this was a bit steep as I have never made any claim for either dog. So I shopped around and found very much cheaper insurances with seemingly the same 'life' cover. Did some digging around and found that the cheaper ones say that in the event of a claim you will be paid up to the limit of cover for the year and then the total limit will be reset upon renewal "providing that cover is offered". In other words there is no guarantee that they will let you continue after the annual renewal date. After more discussions with Agria I stayed with them.
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