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  1. Three years ago I purchased a Viking. Just over £100 from memory. Super piece of basic kit. Just tells you the range in yards or metres. Use it on just about every stalking trip. Don't go out without it.
  2. Grandalf


    Irreplaceable. History and art treasures gone for ever.
  3. Enjoy the order and organisation of a virgin workshop. It wont ever look like that again if you are going to use it as it should be used. Enjoy every moment you spend in it. Where's the bar and the music centre?
  4. I have a dog bed in my workshop. They get used to bangs, other noises and bad language all at the same time.
  5. I used to travel with a very small 'tool kit' in my bag. Norwich airport departures. Security did not like the nail clippers in my suitcase or the one and a half inch double ended cross head/blade screwdriver in the mini tool kit. Both confiscated. I asked why and was told it was just the sort of weapons used to highjack an aircraft. I pointed out that I was the Captain of the aircraft but still lost both items. Now in happy retirement.
  6. Do you remember the days when leave meant leave? Wonder what it means now.
  7. I voted to leave. I expected WTO. All this soft and hard Brexit hadn't been invented then. We all expected WTO. Bring it on. Please...
  8. Our parliament has not been designed for anything. It has just happened over the last several hundred years. Not fit for purpose in this century. It doesn't even have a written rule book.
  9. If there is another referendum then I will vote, as I did before, to leave. Other than that I will never vote again in national elections. Democracy is dead in this country and why should I waste my time. Our politicians have sent our troops to conflicts all over the world in support of democracy. Why? We don't have it here yet. The system of political government in this country is not fit for purpose and should be scrapped. Who can scrap it? The politicians - So don't hold your breath for any great reforms coming any time soon. I am totally disgusted by the whole bunch of them. CZ550kevlar - Good idea - I will do that tearing up the ballot paper bit too.
  10. Yep - Best years of my life. Only left because the missus didn't like it. Then we split anyway...
  11. I'm just visualising the caravans - And that's bad enough for me...
  12. And I thought I was lucky this morning when I woke up...
  13. Sell it and buy another. Very big operation for very little gain I would have thought.
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