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  1. They did. Several times. I was a struggling rabbit farmer at the time and we had lots of problems with antis. Never resorted to shooting the ******* though. 7 very large dogs seemed to help. Plus we had village coppers in those days and they were very supportive and used to drop by on a regular basis at all hours of the day and night.
  2. Horses aren't completely daft. We always reckoned that they had worked out that a cows bum is usually fairly mucky compared to a horse. Flies go to muck. Therefore if horse stands and grazes in between the mucky bummed cows then they get less trouble from the flies.
  3. North Suffolk at early o'clock this morning. About twenty yards visibility. Then the fog started lifting and dropping which went on for about an hour. Then it finally cleared. During all this period and for the next hour I saw 22 deer. Roe does with young - One with three. Chinese water deer various. Some on their own some with young. Four young on their own. These came right up to my hide and were butting and chasing each other. Roebucks or muntys? Not a sign of them. No shots fired but an interesting morning.
  4. Cod's Wallop like everything else he writes. Wonder how long it took him to make that lot up? I'm sure we all run around on commuter trains with our BASC cards at the ready.
  5. Spot on Bigbird. When my disabled wife got bad enough so she couldn't ride any more we were able to afford the holidays that she couldn't go on anymore due to her infirmities.
  6. Well obviously I do. Seems right to support the guy who wrote/sang/played it. I hope they are getting their cut - But I tend to doubt it.
  7. Thank you all. Hello Mr Amazon...
  8. Which female artist sang Talahasee Bridge (Chocktaw Ridge)?
  9. The population of the world has TREBLED in MY lifetime. It will more than treble again in my Grandson's. Why do we need all these people? People now survive infancy and live to a ripe old age (I am glad to say). Birth control is so simple and safe these days. We should be paying people NOT to have children.
  10. All of this talk of farming methods, fuel usage, electricity production, saving the planet, saving the forests, vegan diets, and whatever else is the flavour of the month misses the main point. There are far too many people in the world. Over population is the only thing that needs to be discussed. It never is discussed. If the over population of the planet was by any other species on the planet then our species would be out with the poisons and sprays bigtime. Now I am not advocating that we do that, but surely it wouldn't hurt to discuss it.
  11. Shoot them fairly regularly on my early morning stalking trips.
  12. Farmer friend once said to me "'There's only one thing worse in the whole world than a horse". "What's that" I replied. "The b***** woman riding it" he replied. I'll just get my tin hat out of the loft...
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