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  1. I have two dogs with Agria due BASC recommendation. This year one of the policies went up by 15% when renewal came around. Thought this was a bit steep as I have never made any claim for either dog. So I shopped around and found very much cheaper insurances with seemingly the same 'life' cover. Did some digging around and found that the cheaper ones say that in the event of a claim you will be paid up to the limit of cover for the year and then the total limit will be reset upon renewal "providing that cover is offered". In other words there is no guarantee that they will let you continue after the annual renewal date. After more discussions with Agria I stayed with them.
  2. Ward addon has done me proud for years. Had it upgraded to a 700. Fits on my three rifles. Simples. Need a scope with parallax adjustment.
  3. Oh it still is in some places. I'm glad to say that I live in one of them. Thanks for posting db135. I enjoyed that.
  4. XOL it says on my gloves. Don't know anything about them but they work. Found them in a clothing shop in Bournemouth. Had them about five or six years. Fairly bulky but waterproof and warm. If you always make sure that your gloves will fit into the trigger guard before you buy a new gun that is half the battle. I use a semi-auto for fowling, three different rifles and a Mirouku for game. I can shoot all of them with my gloves on. OK, reloading is a bit slower but with my cartridges in an open pouch hung around my waist rather than in my pockets it is not a big problem.
  5. Gave up for eighteen months way back in 1968. Then the woman I loved changed her mind and I started again. Gave up again in 1980. Picked my week when all was supposed to be quiet in my world and then all hell broke loose. I had just got married. Then the next week I got made redundant. Then I got offered another job on the Monday provided I learnt another aircraft - The Shorts SH5 Belfast - and took all the pilots exams on the Friday afternoon. Frankly that, without giving up the weed, was totally impossible. Then, as I was on the way to the village shop to buy another packet, I thought - If I can get through this week without smoking and pass the written exams on Friday - Then nothing will ever make me smoke again. I didn't smoke. Did it cold turkey. I passed the exam. I got the job and my life was sorted out again. Still got the wife. Have never smoked again and, at eighty, never will. Use any method possible to give up. You will never forget it.
  6. I know these things. I'm way ahead of most of you.
  7. My step Grandson came into my life when he was seven. He had been raised by his Mum and she had done a good job of it. However, he obviously lacked the mans stuff. He was scared of the dark. He had never caught a fish. He had never handled a gun. He didn't have a dog. He had never driven a truck on a stubble field. He had never been camping. All of these things, and many more, we put right that first summer. Now he is a Sergeant in the RAF and has a lad of his own. I hope he does all of these man things with his lad. If not then he will wish he had when he looks back on his life. There is an absolute pleasure in showing the youngsters that there is more to life than a computer device.
  8. Gentlemen, Thank you for your replies and reassurance. I have never had a problem with the scores of dogs that I have bred and trained over two thirds of my lifetime. Some were a bit reluctant or apprehensive but nothing more. This friends dog is different though. As I said in the original post. I read up about the inner ear possibility and, being an ex airline pilot, I know a bit about it in humans. (It can stop a pilots career if it raises its ugly head at any time during his working life). So all we can do is wait and hope. The plot is not to put her in the car unless absolutely necessary - vets, etc - and try her again in a few months. The owner is a very dog savvy person and a steady driver with a very stable truck. (One of the big KIA's). Thanks again for your input and I will let you know how we get on in due course. Ben
  9. Friend has a five month old Golden Retriever. She is a good hound in all respects bar one. She gets sick just about every time that she goes in the car. She was alright at first and did trips of up to an hour with no problem and was kept happy chewing a fresh meat bone. Then did several shorter trips with no problem. Then she started being sick. We tried all the usual things - feeding her in the car - stationary of course. Just taking her around the block with liberal treats. Moving her to the front of the large vehicle, Kia SUV, so there was less lateral forces and anything else we could find in the training books written over the last several generations. Nothing has improved the situation. She bounds into the car with gay abandon and is then sick within ten minutes. Wont even look at the bone nowadays. My friend is an elderly, don't let her know I ever said that, lady who is a very steady driver. She tows a horse box all over the country. (Not with the dog in it). She has trained dogs all of her life and is a country lass through and through. She has two other dogs which travel quite happily. I have trained labs for about sixty years but this one has got me stumped. Whatever we do doesn't seem to make any difference. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  10. I'm eighty years old and read this topic purely out of boredom whilst waiting for my disabled wife to finish her shower - Then I have to help her get dried, dress her etc. Now I'm worried to hell. Am I going to be arrested for my actions? I have never had any carer training or passed any police checks. On a more serious note - I am appalled at what I have read in this topic. Is it really as bad as most of you say? I thought the first set of posts were jokes - then I realised it was deadly serious. Thank the Gods that I had my family back before the world of PC became ridiculous. Yes the kids need safeguards but not seeing your kids naked after seven years old! What if he/she develops a huge growth somewhere? He/she is too embarrassed to tell you and you don't know it's there until he/she drops down dead. This ain't the planet I was born on and that's for sure. Beam me up Scotty.
  11. He's a lucky little fellah and that's for sure.
  12. Shooting left handed is not easy after about 72 years the other way. However, I have now managed to pull down two geese with the Hatsan so I am getting the hang of it slowly. Not easy to strip down and clean after being used to a Benelli Black Eagle.
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