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  1. Thanks Steve - A moderate moderator if ever there was one.
  2. A very happy Armed Forces Day to all who have served their country in the past and at present. Rarely fully equipped to do the tasks allotted to you, but you all did your very best even though it meant putting your lives at risk. (Now where have I heard that recently)
  3. Certainly wouldn't do your tyres any good...
  4. I have been dealing with NE, and their predecessors, on shoot licences for many years. This post from harkom is absolutely spot on. They are a totally different organisation from the one that I used to deal with and their staff have totally changed in their outlook on what they are trying to achieve. Packham and his mates are very astute individuals who think out their moves carefully and after great deliberation. If the shooting fraternity goes on acting the way that it is doing, and has done, so far, then we will loose. It will be game shooting first, then grouse, followed by fowling. Stalking might survive for a while due the massive increase in deer nationally and the governments plan to plant millions of trees over the next few years. That will leave only vermin for crop protection and we have already seen the way that they attacked the GL. We must all pull together instead of being so fragmented.
  5. Grandalf

    Premium bonds.

    The Memsahib dropped in for a £500 win this month and a £25 as well. Never had one of them before.
  6. Grandalf


    Well said Sir.
  7. Camouflaged, masked and at night. All totally legal of course - But you have to ask yourself how the 'uncountrified' people see this. Secretive and definitely Illegal would be their totally wrong interpretation. I have shot hundreds of foxes over my very long time in keepering and conservation. Never felt the need or desire to post a picture of any of it. Why give the antis more ammunition for their cause and make them even more anti? Keep it like the fowlers code - The only thing you leave behind for others to see is feathers and trodden grass. Country Sports and activities need allies not enemies. A little discretion is needed on occasions. Hopefully we have nothing to hide - But we don't need to be so blatant about it either. Just the thoughts of an old man...
  8. I have shot hundreds of foxes over the years but... Out two nights ago and observed a big white blob in the thermal spotter. Thought it was a deer lying down. Looked at it through the IR scope and it turned out to be a vixen feeding six or seven very young cubs. No I didn't pull the trigger. Somethings are just not right. They'll still be there next time or the time after that.
  9. Ditto here. No point as far as I can see. Never seen a fox catch a cat but I have observed them doing the stalking part on several occasions.
  10. I clocked up just over 20,000 hours of piloting before I retired. (That's about two and a quarter years I think). That means that I made a lot of noise for a lot of time. For those I annoyed - I apologise. For those I pleased - It was my pleasure. For those I was ready to defend - It was my job. For those who I took to and fro on holiday - I hope you enjoyed flights and hols. For those who received the packages I collected from all over the world - I hope your goods were as you expected and on time. I enjoyed every moment of it. For all of those in aviation who have already lost, and all those who shortly will loose, your jobs - I am very sorry for you and wish you luck in your search for new employment. Bad news from Rolls Royce Aero Engines this morning.
  11. Ah - That would be my thermal imager and then my IR night vision.
  12. Just found this. Stalking is a dangerous pastime on occasions. Good high seat though when it's on the straight and level...
  13. They look good but much too expensive for me. The charity shop ones are usually about a tenner or under. Just got to keep looking every time you pass one of their many shops. Our local one is for the air ambulance.
  14. This is grief. Some years ago. A small navigational problem whilst negotiating a gateway in the dark whilst foxing.
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