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  1. There is company that sells second hand circuit boards for tellys etc. Got one for my LG about two months ago. I put it in to a bloke in Bury St Edmunds and he got the board. Guaranteed for one month. If it goes phut they will send you another. Mine is still working ok. I don't know their name but you should be able to Google it.
  2. Grandalf

    National Service

    My two Grandfathers were soldiers, my father too. My brother and I joined, both my sons joined, my eldest Grandson is now a Sergeant, his brother is trying to get into Sandhurst at the moment and the Granddaughter has thought about it. My wife's family are pretty similar. That's what some families do. However, we were all volunteers except my brother who was called up in WW2. When I was 'in', National Service was in full swing and stopped about 5 years before my demob. There were some super chaps doing there two years and it was a pleasure to serve with them. But they all had one thing in common - They didn't want to be there. Then there were the others - rebellious, undisciplined, scruffy - total waste of time and resources for the services. I doubt it did them any good and it certainly did not do the services any good. Our armed forces are now much smaller and more professional. You cannot be serious about thinking of dropping all the dross of modern society on them - surely?
  3. Grandalf

    National Service

    Absolutely spot on.
  4. Grandalf

    The War

    This is the most offensive post I have ever read on Pigeon Watch. The Royal British Legion, of which I am proud to be a member, is, amongst many other things, the Custodians or Remembrance. That means we are charged by the Government, and out Patron Her Majesty the Queen, to ensure that the people of this country NEVER cease to remember the service of the armed forces. I spend many hours visiting schools and youth groups to talk to children about the price that has been paid for our freedom. Just maybe some of them will take the actions necessary to ensure that war becomes a thing of history. We never, ever, glorify war. War is a thing that should be avoided and that is what we teach. However, if diplomacy and tact doesn't work then someone has to step up to the plate.
  5. End of a curtain pole.
  6. Try it is the only answer. You wont get a good picture but it might be good enough.
  7. martyn2233 - Thanks for that. Have read and watched. Seems right for what I want out of it. A basic spotter for foxing and stalking. Not interested in all the electronic gizmos. It is a forum I use often but did not think of it... Old age again...
  8. Thanks Dougy. Yep, not doing too bad for an old un. (Hit the big 80 next month). Apparently the Pulsar Axiom is being reviewed by someone in the Sporting Rifle magazine next month. I will wait until I read that but it seems to be the way to go. Due to a right shoulder injury back in January my shotgun days seem limited. Certainly wont be doing any more 'big' game days. As you know I shoot rifles off of my left shoulder so that is what I am doing most of the time now. The Axiom seems to do what I want it to do without going into the silly money range. Be nice to speak to someone who has actually used one. Ben
  9. Thinking of purchasing one of the above for foxing and stalking. Any comments, good or bad, would be appreciated. Grandalf
  10. I'm 80 next month. When I was 13 and in the Army Cadets I used to take my P14 .303 home on my bike if we were going to have an 'exercise' over the weekend. When I got to be 14 I became my sections Bren gunner and took that home. (.303 light machine gun). This had to be done on the bus due stability problems on the bike. Both weapons were fully serviceable. I'd keep them at home until the following week's meeting. They had to be returned to the armoury fully cleaned and oiled. In those days nobody thought anything about it. The conductor, we had them in those far off days, usually a lady 'clippie' as they were known, would just tell me to stick it under the stairs in the luggage compartment. Now there's a hell of a hoo har because two actors start acting about with two replicas... Am I on the same planet that I was born on? Do grow up and get a life fellahs.
  11. I have now moved house and got a smaller cabinet but the one I had for the thirty years before that I made myself. Could have got 30 guns in it if I'd crammed them in. Absolutely secure and no questions ever asked. There is no law to say you have to have cabinet. The gun has to be secure. You could have a gun room that would take two or three hundred if you piled them up. If you then sold the pile and kept three it wouldn't make them anymore secure. He's way outside the regulations.
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