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  1. They are not so much fun these days as most want you to press a button before they start the chat. It's usually an electronic gizmo telling you that the end of your world is nigh. Back a while and there was always someone there to chat to. That opened up all sorts of possibilities on a boring stay at home day and you knew that they were paying for the call. My best effort was when Miss India told me, very loudly and rudley I thought, to F off and then she slammed the phone down on me. She had eventually twigged that I can speak English.
  2. Three times recently I have had emails from DPD saying they called an nobody was in. Total lies as my disabled wife and her carer, or me, are in 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This company used to be top notch but not any more.
  3. Go via Ebay. Cheap travel crates to fit every car and they fold flat when not in use. Simple, hygienic and wont break the bank if you can afford to shoot.
  4. Thank you. I will. Worth a try.
  5. As it says in the title. Got to be in reasonable condition.
  6. Grandalf

    Light aircraft

    Thankfully I always walked away but it got a bit hairy once or twice. In evitable over 42 years of flying and a career that went from piston engines to jets and navigators with sextants to satnav and autolandings. Never bent one though or damaged a passenger, except parachutists and they don't count because they are totally doolally anyway. One thing does amuse me. Stories in the pub where the narrator says "and the Captain told us it was the worst conditions he'd ever flown in". How many times I have used that expression over the PA I just couldn't count. All adds to the ex
  7. Grandalf

    Light aircraft

    Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. Old saying but very true. Believe me - I know what I am talking about.
  8. My gunsmith advises light motor engine oil. My Hatsan runs well on it.
  9. My way of dealing with it is to talk Stanley Unwin type jibberish whilst trying to be very helpfull to them. Put in the odd English word or phrase to keep them interested. One nice Lady, who I think probably came from somewhere near Dheli, took the bait and chatted to me for over ten minutes. I then started giggling at her efforts to make me understand what she wanted me to do with my credit card and she twigged and shouted F.. O.. very loudly. I took that as a win situation.
  10. Never ever cancelled a day on the shoot that I ran/keepered for more than twenty five years. Delayed the start a couple of times due fog - Safety reasons. With all the modern day clothing you have to stand still for quite a while before you get really cold. Trouble is that most of the guns turn up dressed for a fashion show rather than a day out in the field. Nothing to say that you can't enjoy a days driven shooting dressed in your fowling gear. Don't do it on 'normal' days but perfectly acceptable when the weather is against you.
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