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  1. This is the problem and the only problem. If humans were any other species on this planet then we would have been out with the traps and poisons years ago. That is obviously not acceptable but we could at least discuss the problem now and again.
  2. I'll just get my tin hat...
  3. I have a 3800S. This is the sporting version. Bought it as a used gun and had it tailored to fit. Very light gun. Must have had it for 30 plus years. Only recently has it given me problems and I have shot thousands of cartridges through it and abused it terribly. Now it tends to only fire one barrel on occasions. Gunsmith has fixed it again but says it is very worn. This does not surprise me. Love it to bits.
  4. If I can bring a little happiness...
  5. I go to the Forrest of Dean fairly often. While walking the dogs I have seen a fair few boars of all shapes and sizes. On the two occasions I have paid to try and shoot one - I have yet to see or hear one.
  6. My Labrador got very confused last night. He is three years old and is with me just about always. We pick up, stalk, fox, shoot pigeons and wildfowl together. He will retrieve foxes. A couple of days ago a farmer friend phoned me to say that a fox had killed one of his geese. These free range birds live on the moat around his house. Told him to leave the carcass where it was and that I would be there that night. Noodle and I attended the scene and, after a fairly long sit out in the landrover, shot one vixen on the same field as the goose carcass but about fifty yards away from it. Job done, or so I thought. I left the fox by my friends barn and went home. Next day my friend phoned to say the goose carcass had been moved and chewed again. Told him as before - keep clear and leave it where it is. That night off goes Noodle and me again and as soon as we arrived, about 8pm, I see another fox chewing away at the carcass. Shoot the fox and then waited about three hours to see if another one would put in an appearance. It didn't so I decided to pick up the fox and go home to bed. I let Noodle out of the truck and sent him off down the torch beam. When he gets on scene he is confronted with one dead goose and one dead fox lying side by side. He just stood and looked at the two bodies and then at me over and over again. You could almost hear the words - How the hell did you do that with just one shot? After studying the scene for a few minutes - I just stood and watched him - He lifted the goose and bought it back to me. He now treats me with greater respect.
  7. Usually a young cat or fox. They tend to go through bluish tinge to white as they get older.
  8. NO - Give us a big clue.
  9. They made an old man very happy. TMO judges want to re watch the second half. Two blatant forward passes by the AB's. Also one of the disallowed tries beats me to say it was a forward pass. His hand was on the ball all the time as far as I can see. Still, we won so it really doesn't matter.
  10. There you go then. My old Grandad said we spend most of our time worrying about things that never happen. Seems he was right in your case. Very pleased for you. Have a good season.
  11. Woolpack pub Long Sutton very many years ago. Six fowlers sharing an attic bedroom along with their dogs. Very, very, cold for a long spell. On the third night the landlady opened the door and said "Thought you might be a bit cold". She then threw her Labrador into the room, closed the door and left. Sensible lady that. Keep out the drafts and add another dog. They don't need heating unless they are ill.
  12. Congratulations Sir. I'm envious.
  13. The 'trainer' - a man of some renown in past years - told me he had done basic training in a kennel yard only. It turned out that the nine month old dog had never been out for a proper walk, only been in a car once - to the vets - never been in a house, his only exercise was playing with other young dogs. When I got him home he wouldn't come in the house. He had only ever walked on concrete or grass. When he heard his feet on a wooden floor it totally freaked him out. Whistle work was non existent. For five months I had to walk him on a 50 metre rope to practice recall. He had me off my feet several times. Anything coming out of cover - sparrows, hares, pigeons, etc - would just scramble his brain. He was a good hound but he had just been ignored. I got very close to selling him off as a pet but persevered. He is now two and a half and lives in the house, wildfowls, foxes with me at night, stalks with me for roe, munties and CWD and only rarely goes on a lead. I am an old man and have bred and trained very many dogs in the past. I am definitely not a novice but it was very hard going. You definitely don't want all those problems with your first dog. Fully trained or nothing would be my advice if you can't do the job yourself. No, I am not selling you my dog!
  14. Unbelievable. I admire his undoubted skills behind the wheel but he takes the top award for sticking his neck out. It's like me, a retired airline pilot, saying you lot are all wrong for flying on your hols. (I need my pension so please keep flying).
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