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  1. Very quiet around here. Not many about anywhere.
  2. This gun and all the 'bits' now have a new home in Suffolk. Thank you Terry. A pleasure to do business with you. Take care and stay safe, Ben
  3. I was under the impression that this was a page for adverts and not comments by all and everyone as to whether the deal was good or bad. I am amazed tht the Moderators have allowed this to happen.
  4. Grandalf here. Shatel is having communication problems but we made contact. This item is now sold subject to the usual. (To me of course). Ben
  5. Hello, hello, hello. Is there anyone there?
  6. Trying to contact you shatel. Two PM'S on PW. Plus your Gunwatch link to your email address doesn't work. Keeps coming back to me. Grandalf
  7. Hi maveric123. Welcome from North Suffolk. Grandalf
  8. Thanks Steve - A moderate moderator if ever there was one.
  9. A very happy Armed Forces Day to all who have served their country in the past and at present. Rarely fully equipped to do the tasks allotted to you, but you all did your very best even though it meant putting your lives at risk. (Now where have I heard that recently)
  10. Certainly wouldn't do your tyres any good...
  11. I have been dealing with NE, and their predecessors, on shoot licences for many years. This post from harkom is absolutely spot on. They are a totally different organisation from the one that I used to deal with and their staff have totally changed in their outlook on what they are trying to achieve. Packham and his mates are very astute individuals who think out their moves carefully and after great deliberation. If the shooting fraternity goes on acting the way that it is doing, and has done, so far, then we will loose. It will be game shooting first, then grouse, followed by
  12. The Memsahib dropped in for a £500 win this month and a £25 as well. Never had one of them before.
  13. Well said Sir.
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