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  1. The problem is that soldiers are trained to be soldiers - Not police. They should never have been put in the position that they found them selves in. If it was essential that the army was used - and it probably was at the time - then the rules of engagement should have been much clearer. Trouble is that this will all rise up again and again when the next bloke is charged fifty years after the event. Until the politicians face up to their obligations this will go on and on.
  2. Keep going marsh man. I'm 82 in June. Just paid my subs for next season too. Sorry but I don't do mentoring anymore due age and other commitments. Contact Norwich - They have a website - Good Luck.
  3. When I am in a bad mood I always play his Orange Blossom Special. Difficult to be in a bad mood when you are singing your head off and stomping around the kitchen .
  4. I would agree with marsh man entirely. I was in Yarmouth and Norwich but now only the latter due time available. You will get a degree of mentoring with either club.
  5. Norwich and District, Alde & Ore, Rockland, Yarmouth, North Suffolk. I am or have been a member of all of them and they are all fit for purpose. I live just up the road from you.
  6. Grandalf


    It's not all bad news... My Grandson Luke graduated from The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, on Friday. He is now a Second Lieutenant in The Royal Engineers. A sapper. The families military service tradition continues. Currently two of my Grandsons are serving. (Luke's brother Adam is a Sergeant Technician in the Royal Air Force). This, I believe, is the first time we have had an officer in the family - So we all have to salute him.... Probably not. The year that he has spent at Sandhurst has been horribly affected by the dreaded Covid19 with three isolation periods
  7. Out zeroing a new rifle last week. Spied a bloke and his dog walking half mile from any footpath on a course that would take him 30 yards behind my target. He was half way up the bank that I was using as a backstop... Packed up and went home. He didn't even notice me as he was yacking on his phone the whole time. You can't win.
  8. Done for what it is worth.
  9. Grandalf


    God but that boy do craze me something awful
  10. They are not so much fun these days as most want you to press a button before they start the chat. It's usually an electronic gizmo telling you that the end of your world is nigh. Back a while and there was always someone there to chat to. That opened up all sorts of possibilities on a boring stay at home day and you knew that they were paying for the call. My best effort was when Miss India told me, very loudly and rudley I thought, to F off and then she slammed the phone down on me. She had eventually twigged that I can speak English.
  11. Three times recently I have had emails from DPD saying they called an nobody was in. Total lies as my disabled wife and her carer, or me, are in 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This company used to be top notch but not any more.
  12. Go via Ebay. Cheap travel crates to fit every car and they fold flat when not in use. Simple, hygienic and wont break the bank if you can afford to shoot.
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