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  1. All of this talk of farming methods, fuel usage, electricity production, saving the planet, saving the forests, vegan diets, and whatever else is the flavour of the month misses the main point. There are far too many people in the world. Over population is the only thing that needs to be discussed. It never is discussed. If the over population of the planet was by any other species on the planet then our species would be out with the poisons and sprays bigtime. Now I am not advocating that we do that, but surely it wouldn't hurt to discuss it.
  2. Shoot them fairly regularly on my early morning stalking trips.
  3. Farmer friend once said to me "'There's only one thing worse in the whole world than a horse". "What's that" I replied. "The b***** woman riding it" he replied. I'll just get my tin hat out of the loft...
  4. My wife has been into horses all of her life until she got unwell when she was approaching 70. I learnt a lot from the experience. We already had the fields and barns that could be 'easily' converted into stables. I learnt how to push them and how to pull them. I learnt how to muck them out. I learnt how to bed them down - when it was raining. I learnt how to give them their early morning feed - when it was raining. I learnt how to poo pick the fields - when it was raining. I then learnt how to do all of these things when it was, blowing, snowing or very cold. But, above and beyond everything else, I learnt how to sign cheques. (Especially ones to vets that were always very big). As someone has already stated - Unless your lass is going to do a hell of a lot of riding then renting them by the hour is much the easier and cheapest option. I enjoy the company of horses - They are mainly nice animals. Once you put a female on the back of one it is a totally different matter. Tread very carefully my friend.
  5. Every dog breaks your heart - Eventually. I feel for you henry d. Get that companion dog now mate. Enjoy the company. My disabled wife has a lapdog called Rosie. Ugly little mutt of unknown parentage but she is The Memsahib's life. Drives me and my two labs up the wall but she is a vital part of keeping this old household sane and reasonably happy. Couldn't be without a dog of some sort. They are all individuals.
  6. SOLD to GBS subject to the usual. Yes he has a bargain but so have I. I was given the gun for services rendered to a sick mate of mine. Now I can't use it anymore but GBS can.
  7. Grandalf on Pigeon Watch. Gun being sold due now doing more stalking than game shooting.
  8. Greengrass you are an ace with the kodak or whatever you use. Don't see many milvus milvus around here. I looked it up and it said a kite. Don't kites have forked tails?
  9. And I am a whole year older than Walker 570 and I would agree with him. Nothing odd about this weather. Two sunny days and a thunder storm = A British summer. Had a cracking storm in North Suffolk last night. Bring on the heat - I love it.
  10. Haven't had one yet and I clocked up 80 a couple of weeks ago. Presents included a ticket for a pop concert, 12 bottles of malt, a thermal imager and lots of rumpy bumpy. Haven't got time for these crisis things... Too busy.
  11. Great picture. We have them but I usually see them through the small end of the scope. (Then again in the pan). Great eating.
  12. If this is a true incident then it is appalling. If it is fake then that fakery needs exposing. Can any of our tech wizards tell me the date it was filmed?
  13. I had cattys but found I was a better shot with a sling. David and Goliath type. You can often see the kids in the Gazza Strip using them against the Israeli troops. Absolutely lethal at short ranges.
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