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  1. .22lr firearms also chamber and fire. 22 short, and. 22cb caps, don't they? Would they be a reduced risk option?
  2. Badgers cottage, in Langton herring, nr Weymouth. No mobile phone reception, so no disturbing you. Short walk puts you on the shore by Chesil beach, good pub with excellent food opposite, open fire in inglenook, 2 beds, enclosed garden for dog to drop parcels off. Not expensive. Only issue is shower is halfway up stairs in miniature nook - it takes a little getting used to. I think you book through dream cottages, its been a few years since we went but it was lovely.
  3. It worked, and the barrels didn't split and take my hand off, so all's well - I'm fed and watered, and now off to clean the gun with religious fervour. I just saw how much it would cost me to replace it, and want to keep that eye-watering cost away for as long as possible.
  4. I'm going clay busting in the morning (For the first time in MONTHS), in 6 hrs time, so i checked my gun as an afterthought, about 12.30am, and the chokes had rusted to the barrels. I just spent nearly an hr with a pair of Swan necks /5 holes/plumbers pliers, and the barrels in my vice protected by a pair of work gloves, with the choke squealing like a slaughtered pig with every torturous turn. It's not REALLY bad rust, I reckon the choke is still viable, and the barrels are OK, on inspection in the light, but I feel like a prize plum. Check your chokes. Now. Check 'em and oil 'em and don
  5. Where did you acquire your grinder from, please? Would love to upgrade my 1x30 to something more serious, but have just weighed out nearly a grand on a tormek and various sharpening supplies for the new sharpening business, so whilst I'm drooling over claryx and downland engineering 2x72 machines, banging out another nearly 2k would go down with my wife like my blood pressure would when she decapitated me for splurging that kind of money on a grinder.
  6. I've got an armsan 612, and it's a really nice gun, light, reliable, worth a go.
  7. Svord mini peasant. Friction folding design, so has absolutely no lock and is therefore legal to carry without good reason, yet is totally safe in hand, as when blade is open, hand holds tang into handle. L6 steel, so easy to sharpen to an evil edge, will hold that edge well, and will develop a patina so grows its character. Can get them with different coloured plastic handles, easy to find in the grass, and takes apart with a screwdriver, so easy to keep clean. Less than 20 quid. Great knives.
  8. A club member wanted to prop Clay's on a box and have his 6yr old grandson break them, so I brought my 9mm flobert garden gun, cut a stick with a fork at one end and sharpened the other so it would hold the guns weight, and he held the butt with both hands like an anti aircraft gunner. Worked great, he was a happy little boy. 9mm flobert doesn't kick at all with the tiny load in a 5lb gun, and the sound is like a champagne cork popping. Chiappa little badger comes in 9mm flobert, and weighs as much as a can of drink.
  9. Yes please. Will PM you.
  10. Mine are 22" at the widest point, loose head prop and hoister of heavy things is my excuse - grub stalkers are nice thick rubber on the foot area, and neoprene on the calf, put on like an ankle boot, then roll the calf bit up like putting on a........wetsuit. what did you think I was going to say? Had mine for a few years, comfy boot, great grip, warm. Can't recommend them enough for those of us with bigger legs.
  11. If his pocket knife is worn out then heinnie Haynes of Cardiff have an amazing selection of off-the-shelf stuff look particularly at GEC or Northfield knives they are traditional patterned knives like Barlow's congresses and Stockman but the blades are 1095 carbon steel a piece of cake to sharpen and they take a screaming sharp Edge. If you want to go a bit higher end look at Michael May knives of Sheffield he's the guy who took over Trevor Ablett tools and is now making similar pattern English pocket knives. If you want to go really high end look up Shing craft knives also based in Sheffield
  12. Enzo pk70 is a great knife, s30v steel so takes an evil edge and holds it for a long time. Spyderco urban and ukpk are equally great choices. Doukdouk French traditional pocket knife comes in a UK legal size, and is a nice uncomplicated carbon steel that will hone on just about anything - edge of a car window will give you a screaming edge in about 5 mins, and it's all legal so you don't need to worry about ob stopping you, and about 15 quid. Great replacement for the opinel, which is a GREAT knife but most models are illegal to carry without good reason. For day to day pocke
  13. I got a phone call from the company who administer my credit card payments- customer who paid by card said he's left his phone in your cab. I had no idea, I always scan the back after every job, and at the end of the night, but it's a quick glance, not a forensic examination. I checked for 15 mins, and nothing. Then I opened the offside door, and it was jammed between the door lining and the sill. Called cc company back, got customer details, put phone on charge, and delivered back to customer that night. He too had thought I wasn't answering deliberately- but my night didn't end wh
  14. Same. Every day a sub 3inch non locker.
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