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  1. timmytree

    Range finder advice

    The OP states 20 metres so roughly 22 yards so anything past that isn't really needed. It sounds like he would be best zeroing at the longest range for the squirrels and then use chairgun to plot everything inbetween or just put out a few cards to practice. Any aquirrels I've come across rarely give you a chance to use an LRF, especially that close.
  2. timmytree

    Range finder advice

    I think for those distances a rangefinder will be overkill or next to useless. I think your problem is not getting to grips with the holdover required at short range.
  3. timmytree

    world cup

    For me the most important part of the game was the lack of dirty, deliberate fouls and Oscar winning acting that we saw with teams from everywhere else but Northern Europe. At least the ref seemed to know the rules last night and wasn't afraid to use his authority.
  4. timmytree

    Hosepipe ban

    I agree, it's selfish. If reservoirs are getting low, don't waste water. If you water your lawn you have to cut it quicker. Kids are on holiday soon, we're almost guaranteed 6 weeks of wet weather.
  5. timmytree

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

    I'll go by the opinion of the National Railway Museum which gives the first 100mph to the City of Truro, not Mallard or the Scotsman.
  6. timmytree

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

    Holidaying in Exmouth? If you fancy a cottage with a difference have a look at "lock keepers cottage" Have a nice time.
  7. timmytree

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

    Lucky you! Luckier me, I live here!
  8. timmytree

    Match fixing?

    They played for the best in the next round, that meant losing. I feel sorry for the people who payed to watch it, a dismal exhibition of a team that didn't want to win. Thats the result of the world cup system.
  9. timmytree

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

    The record was logged but not publically claimed because railway management weren't sure of the public reaction.
  10. timmytree

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

    1904 I think, on Wellington bank in Somerset. It just goes to prove how dishonest history can be.
  11. timmytree

    What was the 1st steam engine to do 100mph?

    Not Mallard. Well done, Year and speed?
  12. This is credited to the Flying Scotsman but actually thats not true. Lets see how many people have been taken in by written history instead of the truth. Just as a clue, the locomotive involved didn't only set a steam train record, I believe it also broke the land speed record at the same time.
  13. timmytree

    im "mainly stuffed" Help

    What about fat Sarah? maybe she was there as well?
  14. timmytree

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    There was a bloke on the Thames near Lechlade last week, catching them with a landing net and a can of pilchards. For anyone who wants to make their own traps, google "pillow traps."
  15. timmytree

    What lube and where?

    And what is SM 50? Sorry Stu but it is molydenized silicone oil. I would just use molybdenum grease, where needed and 3 in 1 for everything else.