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  1. One for the farmers on here.

    I have had a problem on one farm, a footpath crosses 3 fields in a straight line, no problem there if people keep to the path but we have dog walkers who enter the first field, let the dogs off and walk the perimeter leaving poo everywhere. Picnickers who set up in the middle of the field for the view and flatten the grass. The worst was a group with grass sledges who pulled up in a minibus and offloaded about 8 kids and teachers who then sledged down the hill umpteen times just before it was due to be cut for sileage. The farmer allowed them to go after an apology, personally I would have confiscated the sledges and blocked in the minibus until damages were paid.
  2. MPG

    Exactly that. I travel from near Glastonbury to Lechlade and back regularly. The prevailing wind is behind me on the way up and against me on the way back. I get lower MPG on the way back. Think of it, you generally get better MPG at 60mph than you do at 70mph, so 60mph with a 10mph tailwind is the same resistance as driving at 50mph. Driving at 60mph with a 10mph headwind is the same resistance as driving at 70mph.
  3. Badger cull

    I'm still struggling with the ethics of a cull by shooting. I still think that eradicating badgers from one area by gassing would be quicker and easier, it would also give definite proof that badgers do or don't spread TB. I agree badgers need to be controlled, I enjoy watching them but there are far too many now. I feed at one sett (landowner is quite happy) but at night I couldn't be selective about which one to shoot so surely the chances are that healthy animals will be shot because they're out foraging while sickly animals are spending more time underground and are therefore missed by the cull. Gassing would at least take out all the badgers. I'm not suggesting complete eradication, just in targeted hotspots for TB.
  4. Ignorance is bliss - or is it ?

    I appreciate good humour. The number of times I've been upset can be counted on the fingers of one hand. 6
  5. Ignorance is bliss - or is it ?

    Just as well Jim, Some of us ICBs know the difference between "wondering" and "wandering." Having said that, I do "wonder" about Londoners, they do give us ICBs a good laugh.
  6. Air Arms S510 TDR Anyone?

    I have a Prosport, also had an S200 for a few years but honestly the S200 was no more accurate, easier yes but the PS was far better in one respect. No shot count! Decoying pigeons, static shooting rabbits, brancher rooks, just better because there was no limit. No Quarry? unlimited plinking session. S200 has gone, the PS does everything I need, as long as I do my bit properly it will do all I ask. It just takes a bit more input from me.
  7. Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    kick 'em out. Get the house and the leads to yourself.
  8. Reading

    The Way of a Transgressor by Negley Farson for about the 50th time. That man crammed 4 lifetimes into 1. A great read that never bores me.
  9. Hide your Golliwogs!

    I've still got the golliwog my dad knitted for me when he spent a year in hospital with TB, nearly 60 years now and the old boy is still alive and kicking! I've also got one of my first books called "Little Black Sambo", interestingly, Sambo was Indian. I think this whole country needs a dose of reality, do gooders worrying about childhood toys when an ethnic minority that makes up 12.5% of the population in London is responsible for nearly 80% of violent crime in our capital. Guess what? it ain't the happy little black chaps off the bloody jam jars.
  10. Please Please Help!!

    No, it gets boring because a PCP needs very little input from the shooter. You can grip it in a workmate and shoot pellets through the hole all day long, you@ll do the same on the range unless you're shooting standing. Single shot trays will slow down the rate at which you shoot but can be tedious to use and somewhat fiddly. I only shoot a springer now, even for hunting simply because I got so bored with a PCP I sold it.
  11. Please Please Help!!

    I echo the sentiments of some of the posts about investing so much money into 2 PCPs. Both will be good to shoot and accurate to the point of being boring. Being on a range with a PCP becomes tedious after about 10 minutes. A PCP is great for hunting but a good springer is more entertaining and I believe will make you a better shooter in the long run.
  12. Travelling Distance to far?

    Dibs, trust me you don't want a 2 hr drive on the M5 at the best of times. Coming from Yeovil you've got to get to the M5 first, depending whether you go A258 or across to Somerton, A39 and Jct 23 its going to take you best part of 45 minutes. This time of year the M5 isn't bad but get to Easter and you're looking at mega tailbacks every friday from lunchtime onwards. Personally I would go for digs, try and negotiate doing your hours in four days to finish on thursday night and get home asap. 3 nights away. I know, I've done it.
  13. Dogs Grrrr.

    I had two samoyed/collie crosses who would steal and eat anything that was in reach. They once took a bag of 24 bread rolls off the kitchen table and ate the lot,severe bloating and lots of vomit. The funniest was a big tin of quality street, somehow they chewed the tin open and ate every single sweet including wrappers, it was really easy to find their poos by torchlight for the next few days.
  14. Gotta love a charity shop.

    My lady and I called in a charity shop in Burford this morning, not looking for anything, just browsing but we found a faux fur coat from the late 50s/early 60s, absolutely gorgeous and beautiful quality. We left it but I ended up driving back this afternoon to buy it as a surprise. I took it to a neighbour who specialises in textiles/clothing/leather etc who is going to give it a little tlc. She reckons its worth £100 so I was well happy with £20. Better still, Jo looked a million dollars in it so it will be an early Xmas present to wear down the pub on Xmas eve.
  15. Can opener

    The best tin opener I ever had was a cheapie from the Range, £1.99 and absolutely brilliant, easy to use, far better than other overpriced rubbish.