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    Home brewing. Winding up the missis.<br />Practical jokes.

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  1. timmytree

    I'm going vegan

    If they don't want to eat meat thats fine but why do they then want something which resembles meat or even tastes like it? That's like me going in a vegan restaurant and saying "16oz steak, rare and make it look like a cabbage."
  2. timmytree

    BREXIT - merged threads

    True, they usually turn around and protect their own jobs. Drop the "honourable" bit please. Not much honour amongst that lot.
  3. timmytree

    BREXIT - merged threads

    If that deal goes through we may as well roll over and give Europe our backsides on a plate.
  4. timmytree

    Pop up camo hide.

    Don't do what I did on a hot day. Bright sun, probably 80f in the hide and woodies all over, I needed a leak so I piddled in the hide. Instant urine sauna.
  5. timmytree

    BREXIT - merged threads

    JRM is the only real option. He may talk a bit "plummy" but he seems grounded and a tad more honest than the rest of the trough gobblers. May is finished, Boris was never going to be anything other than a buffoon and a figure of fun. There isn't another character worth mentioning; Lets have a new PM, no deal Brexit, save a fortune and an election next year. Macron can reinstate his fuel taxes and cut minimum wage to keep the EU gravy train going. When does Adolph Merkel finish? About the same time as the EU implodes?
  6. timmytree

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I'm starting to think the "no confidence" vote is something thought up by remainers as a way of derailing brexit. Anything to thwart democracy.
  7. timmytree

    HMS Belfast

    I saw it when it was shown earlier. Very sobering and humbling.
  8. timmytree

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    All they are doing is creating new ghettos and rat runs.
  9. timmytree

    Now that's nice

    Certainly don't see many around. It was new in 1972. Still original and running but no longer on the road. It's a bit slower now but that's not surprising, we've never even had the head off or cleaned out the exhaust.
  10. timmytree

    Now that's nice

    No, I had a look, it's a mobylette motobecane.
  11. timmytree

    Pop up camo hide.

    I've got a pop up but rarely use it now, too much aggro and next to useless in the wind. The best hide I've ever seen was made from a tilting fishing brolly covered with camo netting.
  12. timmytree

    Now that's nice

    I never had a fast 50, I used to borrow dads moped, can't remember what make but it was green, had an exposed spinning flywheel and odd belts and chains. It would do 45mph if I sat on the rack and got my head down. That was in 1973/4. And guess what? It's still running!
  13. timmytree

    Now that's nice

    Don't forget the Honda SS50.
  14. timmytree

    Family of swans shot dead

    • This agency report was amended on 3 December 2018 to take account of new information that the weapon used in the attack was likely not to have been an air gun. This was added to the RSPCA report, also changed in the Guardian. It's a step forward although the MP has not replied to my email and the labour party complaints section say that they are unable to investigate. In other words, lying is ok if you;re an MP.
  15. timmytree

    Moorhen - pest control

    I'll agree with that, I've had them scrambled many times.