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    Home brewing. Winding up the missis.<br />Practical jokes.

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  1. timmytree

    Ye Gods Kleenex

    Anyone driving a MAN HGV?
  2. timmytree

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    The whole story doesn't surprise me in the slightest but it will be interesting to see how the West deals with it. Personally I think the greed for oil, Arab money and big arms contracts mean that eventually it will all be swept under the carpet. USA in particular will endorse whatever story the Arabs dream up and Turkey will be told to shut up and stop digging. Did the man die? Undoubtedly, probably tortured and the Arabs have been allowed enough time to get rid of any evidence, maybe the USA was complicit in this? Silent partners?
  3. timmytree

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    There should be a minimum standard for final care but it still has to be paid for. we have an ageing population so the cost is going to rest on the youngsters. Now they say that life expectancy is dropping so fewer young people to care/pay tax to care for the elderly. A perfect storm situation? Keep cutting council budgets and we may return to a "workhouse" situation for the poor and vulnerable. Anyone think that's unlikely? In the last few years I've already seen a couple married for 65 years put in different homes 7 miles apart and only allowed 1 visit per fortnight for 2 hours. It killed them both within 4 months. Whatever our old people suffer now will come back to bite us even worse I reckon. Our society is going backwards.
  4. timmytree


    Flush him, give him both barrels up the tailpipe. 😂
  5. timmytree


    How do we move a tunnel? Surely that would leave a big hole?
  6. timmytree

    Any thoughts?

    I'm glad to be back mate, it appears I upset the mods somewhat. However, I'm now reformed, go to church, sing in the choir, help old ladies and 3 legged dogs cross the road.(M5) ☺️
  7. timmytree


    Yes but only if you post a pic first.
  8. timmytree


    I don't want to blow it up, just stop it being used for trains. We should cancel HS2 and use the money to build a massive sewer network towards the tunnel, then a pumping station to send all our effluent to Europe. God I love happy dreams! 😂
  9. timmytree


    Panic? Does it? I couldn't care less. I've got much better things to think about. Like how to close the channel tunnel.
  10. timmytree


    For anyone with .177 this lot will be interesting. https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/massive-177-jsb-pellet-velocity-test-0-50-metres.174275/
  11. timmytree

    Any thoughts?

    Many people used to modern airguns and scopes would be surprised at what can be achieved with a good 70s springer and a simple scope. My first was a 4x20 on an ASI .22 but I did splash out on a 4x40 within weeks. That was top level stuff! No doubt you'll have fun Bruno and that's what it's all about.
  12. timmytree

    Any CO2 lovers?

    I love CO2. Watching the bubbles rise gently through a lovely chilled pint of homebrew is a great experience.
  13. timmytree

    Range finder advice

    The OP states 20 metres so roughly 22 yards so anything past that isn't really needed. It sounds like he would be best zeroing at the longest range for the squirrels and then use chairgun to plot everything inbetween or just put out a few cards to practice. Any aquirrels I've come across rarely give you a chance to use an LRF, especially that close.
  14. timmytree

    Range finder advice

    I think for those distances a rangefinder will be overkill or next to useless. I think your problem is not getting to grips with the holdover required at short range.
  15. timmytree

    world cup

    For me the most important part of the game was the lack of dirty, deliberate fouls and Oscar winning acting that we saw with teams from everywhere else but Northern Europe. At least the ref seemed to know the rules last night and wasn't afraid to use his authority.