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  1. It dose t even have to be on a certificate. However I keep mine in the cabinet because then I know where it is!
  2. Thank you. I am rejoicing at the chance to dump my land line. The openreach engineers happily tell you the rural landline network is *****d
  3. Ok I am getting the 535 router. Just need clear advice on the antenna to purchase. Directional or all ways. How long can the cable be from antenna to router? Some say max 5m. That won’t reach from the router to ideal mounting spot I know where my cell tower is. How accurate does the positioning/pointing need to be? What is the hub upgrade? You mean your upgrade to 525?
  4. Can anyone advise me on fitting an external antenna for 3 home broadband?
  5. But it is only young? I have older guns with pads that are still sound?
  6. I have a remmington 105cti shotgun. The rubber butt pad is 'perishing' it has gone really sticky. I dont believe it has been in contact with any liquid(oil etc) Why is it doing this?
  7. She was the wife of a ‘spy’
  8. I have done this. I can chat to you on the phone if you like. I could write a book on it!
  9. Locking top 60"x14"x10"Nice size and not to heavy£150 Locking top 58"x14"x13"handy size and not to heavy£150 Box gun cabinet 60”x16”xx13.5”Locking topFelt lined£150 open to offers. can deliver.
  10. 3 safes sold. 3 with locking tops still available Accepting offers can deliver
  11. wildrover77

    Food mileage

    This is absolute nonsense. The countires that are felling native forest are doing what we did hundereds of years ago to bring forest, moor, wold, heath into agricultural production. They are feeding themeselves by producing a good which they are efficient at and trading it with a customer same as everyone else in the world. Why do you want people in the third wolrd to live as substince farmers? You are no doubt typing your posts on Chinese made technology with materials imported from all over the world, including rare earth metals dug up by slave labour in Africa. If you are truley worried about impact on the environement rather than making profund statements go and live in a wood like a stonage man.
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