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  1. wildrover77


    Reticle type? Front focus?
  2. wildrover77

    Would you take the shot?

    Should the mods report this guy to his FEO?
  3. wildrover77

    Banks and RFD

    Any RFD’s able to recommend a friendly bank?
  4. wildrover77

    Newbie totally confused by sight mounting

    Ignore this.
  5. wildrover77

    looking for a new cordless/ battery sds drill

    The cannot be changed to lion but can be upgraded to NIMH 3.3ah
  6. wildrover77

    holts auction

    Spoke to Holts technical guy today. New one on him but said he would check it out.
  7. wildrover77

    looking for a new cordless/ battery sds drill

    Stock with what you have. It is bomb proof
  8. wildrover77

    holts auction

    App is the same. Might brave phoning then to ask, suspect it might be time wasted.
  9. wildrover77

    holts auction

    When bidding on the sealed bid auction on Holts i have a problem. After placing several bids the catalogue disappears, if i change to a new browser or leave it a few days it comes back. Does anyone else have this problem?
  10. wildrover77


  11. wildrover77

    Remington 870 & mossberg 500 tool

    Still for sale?
  12. wildrover77

    vintage Shooting books

    Where in Yorkshire ? May have Guns Review
  13. wildrover77

    gun cabinet x6

    Bratton sound 54"x16"x10.5" Vault door, single key £150
  14. wildrover77

    gun cabinet x6

    Warmflow gun cabinet. 52”x11.5”x9”ammo box holder in door£80