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  1. Cctv

    Please let me know about the Aldi one. I figure that for £160 you can’t go wrong.
  2. Cctv

    The country is covered in CCTV because the general public have been happy to sacrifice their liberty for their safety. Is the Swann system considered professional or home? It seems to be a fast moving market hence running anew thread rather than searching old ones.
  3. Cctv

    Planning and installing some cctv. Have come to the conclusion it is relatively pointless as a serious security measure. A balaclava renders it useless. I already have a monitored alarm system. So I am looking at something cheap. Have been told even the cheap stuff is quite good today. Any experience, advice?
  4. Temporary/crowd control barriers

    What type of grass seed did you use?
  5. Driffield Rifle club

    local to me, thriving well run club. There is also a club in scarbrough(smallbore and airgun) and bridlington(certainly up to fullboe pistol calibres
  6. 10 bore goose gun magazine

    I need a magazine for a marlin 10 bore goose gun.Anybody have any ideas where i can find one?Or get one from AmericaNumerich wont ship to the UK.
  7. county court

    I must thank everyone for the useful advice I have been getting, specific to the questions asked. Genuine people giving constructive advice if they have knowledge. This compares to another forum I posted the same question. On which i got a stream of unhelpful advice, on a subject i had specifically stated i did not need information on and by people who had zero knowledge. To cap it all of i was told it was a deer stalking forum and that is what they are all experts on, none of them it would seem have any knowledge of anything besides shooting. I am quite surprised at the difference in response from a 'lowly' pigeon shooters forum compared to a deer stalking forum. Maybe I am drawing stereotypes but I expect deer stalkers to be more educated and in general from the professional class. I was expecting to get much better advice from that forum than this. Just shows how preconceptions can be wrong.
  8. county court

    Thank you. There is a common thread to the good advice I am getting here.
  9. county court

    Thank you. exactly what my lawyer said.
  10. county court

    its the small claims court there is no chance to represent. My lawyer has now opened for the day. They cant claim of me personally as all corresponce clearly sates a limited company. The cant claim to put themselves in a better position than they started, which is what they are trying to do.
  11. county court

    I have just received a letter from the CC. I am being sued for £1100. A customer of my limited company is suing me personally. They sent me some dead camera batteries for refurbishment, I charge £120 as opposed to £1000 for new replacements. They got lost in the post on the way back. I immedialty refunded their payment. They are now claiming for new batteries. Surely they need to sue my company, who the contract was with? Surely they can not claim new battery's? the ones they sent me were worthless I refunded the refurbishment fee. The only thing I can see they can fairly claim is two dead batterys. Can anyone give me some advice?
  12. Plastic

    Plastic is a fantastic material and does a lot to reduce environmental waste. It is good for packaging food. Washing glass bottles has a massive environmental impact. dont throw the baby out with the bath water.
  13. Mossberg Moderated .410

    May be interested. In Northumberland this week
  14. Deadbolting your rifle

    If heat caused metal to expand that much a gun would never function in hot countries !
  15. Posting shotguns

    I need to go to luton in the next 2 weeks, at a push could go via KL then bring it over to you early next year.