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  1. Salt absorbs moisture so drys the dead bodies out. Makes them easier to vacuum up. salt only absorbs moisture that already exists. my wife is starting to bitch about every surface being covered in salt.
  2. I just paid 56 pounds for a bug a salt including delivery. Expensive best fun I have had in ages. buying up salt in bulk and now have repetitive strain injury. have killed two on the wing! house fly free!
  3. If the had only done the right thing after Cumbria and banned double barrel shotguns and .22 bolt actions they might have prevented the next one.
  4. This is a continental thing, may need to get mounts from Germany.
  5. Can you deliver to Aberdeen?
  6. what condition are they in? Are you in the east?
  7. Northern Ireland firearms law is different. They are in controlled in the mainland
  8. It dose t even have to be on a certificate. However I keep mine in the cabinet because then I know where it is!
  9. Thank you. I am rejoicing at the chance to dump my land line. The openreach engineers happily tell you the rural landline network is *****d
  10. Ok I am getting the 535 router. Just need clear advice on the antenna to purchase. Directional or all ways. How long can the cable be from antenna to router? Some say max 5m. That won’t reach from the router to ideal mounting spot I know where my cell tower is. How accurate does the positioning/pointing need to be? What is the hub upgrade? You mean your upgrade to 525?
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