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  1. Goose for me. After keeping the foxes off them for 8 months I do get a free one. And a 7.6kg goose keeps the two of us fed for several meals.
  2. Ask for the tyre tread depths in writing. They hate that.
  3. Until 4 year's ago I always ran transit's. But I bought a Citroen relay it's now on 98,000 miles and it's been faultless the best van I've ever had. No rust showing yet and all my previous transit's had rust in 3 years. And it was £4000 cheaper than an equivalent ford or Mercedes.
  4. bornfree

    Badger fat

    He skinned it put it in a big plastic bag and took it home when he left work. He lives about 20 miles away hope he didnt get stopped. He said he was going to boil it to collect the fat.
  5. bornfree

    Badger fat

    probably smells awful as well
  6. bornfree

    Badger fat

    Picked up a dead Badger on the road to the farm this morning hit by a car. Was going to chuck it in the dead bin. A Lithuanian chap who works on the farm asked if he could buy it I said you can have it for free he was overjoyed. He proceeded to skin it leaving as much fat on the body as possible. He then told us that the fat was valuable and mixed with honey to make a rub for all sorts of problems such as breathing difficulty and joint pain. He reckoned it was worth the equivalent of £100 a jar in Lithuania.
  7. So it started ok but conked out on the journey? If that's what happened. It wasn't charging for some reason maybe loose drive belt.
  8. I was shocked when I saw this. I thought someone in Norfolk had got sky, until I saw it was on Freeview
  9. At 110,000 a modern engine won't even be worn by 0.03cc
  10. Sat up the tower last night waiting for a fox it was about 2.45am I sitting back in the chair with my feet up on the side rail when a bird flew into the tower and landed on my leg, it was a real dark night so I couldn't see what it was. It made me jump but it sat on my leg until I reached towards it.
  11. Check for a break in the cable. Usually just before it enters the casing
  12. bornfree


    However did he do it the smell must have been awful. That's one brave fox😂
  13. I would have told him I will take them back to where I found them. And then led him through the thickest undergrowth for hours. Just to test his stamina 😀😀😀
  14. Your 425 along with miroku mk,s and Beretta 682s are the pinnacle of gunmaking all three of these will shoot 1 million shells without even needing to be tightened.( If properly lubricated) no English gun will ever do that.
  15. I would shoot skeet. It learns you the basics and after some practice at it,if you cannot hit over 20 every round you have a problem which you may need to see a coach.
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