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  1. Iam no expert on any other subject but after working for nearly 40 year's in duck and goose processing I do know a little about plucking them. We used to run 5 Bingham pluckers doing 1600 ducks a day between them. And finished up doing 40,000 a day with online wet pluckers and double wax dip with automatic wax stripper's.
  2. scalding and wet plucking removes the outer layer of skin so you must bag the bird after chilling and gutting or it will go brown when it drys out. dry plucking is fine for chickens and turkeys but for ducks and geese you need a wax dip and strip to remove the down.
  3. We run a small fleet of navara's at work, and there are not many jobs that I haven't done on them apart from an auto gearbox. So they seem reliable.
  4. An ad on shooting ground noticeboard.
  5. bornfree


    I really cannot see the point of tri-axle trailer's. It just takes around 110kg off your carrying capacity.
  6. bornfree


    I think with any pick up 4x4 you will be doing well to better an average of 30 mpg. After all they are a heavy lump.
  7. bornfree


    I would take 10 off those figures
  8. bornfree


    We run 6 d40 navaras in the company and they average between 27 and 32 mpg. We also have 4 of the newer 2.3 ones and they are a little better 30 to 34 mpg.
  9. You've done your bit and put the pattern in exactly the right place. It's the clays fault for not flying into it.
  10. Maybe. But the more I shoot the better I get.
  11. Coaching is beneficial but don't forget the 10,000 hour rule. The more you shoot the better you will be.
  12. I had a nightmaster nm800 and swopped to a SRX it made a big difference. I was using a MTC mamba 4 x16 -50. And now I use a sightron s-tac 2.5 X 17 -56. The lower mag has made it much easier to use.
  13. The problem with having a high mag scope and a pard is the narrow field of view.
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