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  1. I love mackerel. Filleted a little salt and black pepper on the skin and shallow fried for 2 minutes a side.
  2. Just a thought, seeing as the cutout switch just earth's the coil to stop the spark I would check that the coil retaining screw's are tight and if there is an earth cable to the coil that it's connected.
  3. It's certainly a weird one. Normally when the ignition coil goes it will start and run fine for a few minutes till it warms up then stop dead and won't restart till it cools.
  4. yes i can fill a 2000 gallon slurry tanker when i empty it. the tank is brick built with 1/2 brick gaps in the walls so i guess its supposed to soakaway through the sides. i have enough room for about 100 ft of soakaway pipe.
  5. Not on mains drainage so I have a septic tank. It's a 1950s design with two brick settlement chambers and a large brick soakaway tank 6 feet diameter by 15 feet deep. The problem is that it's not soaking away, it's filling after about 3 months. I was thinking of running a soakaway pipe from the tank but what's best a perforated pipe with gravel or polybed pipe .
  6. With the washer out I can see under the units with a torch but cannot see it. I reckon it's gone up behind the units. God knows how it got into the kitchen.
  7. Came home from work today and the wife says "I think the cat has lost a mouse under the dishwasher" so I get a torch lay on the floor shine it under the dishwasher and all I can see is some green rope thinking what's that doing under there I slide two fingers under and the rope moves. Not sure who was more shocked me or the grass snake. Pull out the dishwasher and it's gone behind the kitchen units. So my question is how do I tempt a grass snake out.?
  8. once a mole has sprung a trap you will never catch it. i would admit defeat and concrete over that lawn.
  9. the problem with pricing welding jobs is that until you start cutting out, you never know how bad its going to be.
  10. i purchased a secondhand scope off ebay and the seller left a set of sportsmatch tikka mounts on it . lucky as i put it on a tikka 243. been on for about a year with no problems. i would have put warne mounts on normally at 3 times the price.
  11. We have 500 geese in 100 X 100m pens and 96 is the largest kill by one fox in one night. And the ducks are 500 in 50 X 100m pens and the largest kill is 240.
  12. I shoot foxes on a commercial goose farm 65'000 geese this year. And foxes always kill geese by the neck and 9 times out of 10 they just take the head and neck.
  13. Number 15 last night a vixen at 3.10am been after her for three nights so very glad to finally bag her. Still haven't seen any cubs.
  14. What NV do you use to get out to those distances?
  15. Your closest one was 45 yards further than my longest one.
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