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  1. Very few sloes here. My apple trees hardly had any fruit on but pears were loaded. Average year for plums
  2. had it running today, all seems ok apart from the gland on the coolent pump leaking and its fully tightened so ive just ordered some packing.
  3. Someone told me that they were shipped over from American to help the war effort.
  4. Finally got it home.
  5. Chokes are very dangerous. I cut my finger on one once.
  6. Year's ago I was taking to a chap who worked for eastern electricity board and he was trialing a wet storage heating system in his own home. It comprised of an electric storage heat boiler (which weighed around 1.5 tons and was airing cupboard sized) and piping and radiators in each room. He said it was extremely economical. But I've never heard of them since.
  7. ive heard a rumour that ditchman has got one on order😃😃😃
  8. The front half looks like a discovery the back half a Skoda yeti.
  9. Didn't know they were edible. We get massive ones in the duck pens sometimes 12-18" diameter.
  10. Not all. I have some 8 shot fiocchi TT ones which are an English 8.
  11. 1/2 size larger. The 8.5 is an English 8 shot.
  12. Just buy a 68 series Beretta. Never need servicing and never go wrong no regrets no worries.
  13. Normally a decent clay shoot as well
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