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  1. I've got the 16mm on a sightron 2.5-17 X 56 on my 243 and it works well.
  2. I had a cz wmr and it shot 40g quite well but the 33g were terrible 3" at 100 yard's.
  3. If you want one with a back handle like a 9" have a look at the 5" grinders some of them have a back handle.
  4. Anything over 200amp really needs a 32amp supply if it's 1ph.
  5. I got a boc 250amp 1ph mig. And a javac 315amp 3ph inverter.
  6. Bought a couple of welders from a mate who is retiring and he chucked in this extension lead.
  7. Don't know about lpg cars but we used to have a couple of lpg hyster forklifts on the farm and they withdrew liquid from the tank it went through the regulator, filter and then into a vaporiser which used hot water from the engine to turn the liquid into gas. ( Why it didn't just draw gas from the tank I've no idea). On a cold morning they were fine unless someone turned off the engine before it had warmed up. It that happened it would not start and the entire gas system would be covered in white ice. Two ways to get them going, one was leave it for 30 minutes to defrost. The other was heat up
  8. You are correct. I've now got a £369 + vat welder in place of a £45 one.
  9. Your probably using 6013s they are the standard. 7018s are low hydrogen and need storing dry and warm. Or baking at 300° if they have got damp. But they produce a strong crack free weld and work well in overhead and vertical up welding. I use them for trailer drawbar eyes.
  10. Been very quiet on here. I had a quiet 6 weeks and then it got busy with 10 big cubs in two weeks on the same field. Then quiet again for 3weeks and 50 ducks dead Friday morning saw 3 foxes Friday night couldn't get a shot on any of them. Moved the tower Saturday and Saturday night shot a 3/4 grown dog and a big old dog at 157 and 190 yards in the rain and wind so came home happy.
  11. Yes my cheap one wouldn't run 7018 rods which need a high ocv but it was fine with 6013s. The new one has an 82v ocv
  12. Well the Chinese inverter finally died. It got pulled of a roof by someone driving over the extension lead fell about 15ft smashing it to bits. But it worked well and I never had it cut out on overheat. I've replaced it with a 250amp SIP model about 8x the price of the Chinese one but I wasn't paying. What a machine it will run 5mm 7018 rods with ease on a 240v supply.
  13. If it's tripping the RCD it could be an earth neutral fault
  14. I love mackerel. Filleted a little salt and black pepper on the skin and shallow fried for 2 minutes a side.
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