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  1. bornfree

    Savage WSM??

    Well got to go now as I've got a goose killing fox to sort out. And it won't be with a rimmy. 22 centerfire is the fox calibre.
  2. bornfree

    Savage WSM??

    Yes dead is dead
  3. bornfree

    Savage WSM??

    The ones hit with a 223 do The wmr is a good rabbit and hare round but nothing bigger.
  4. bornfree

    Savage WSM??

    Cannot agree to that not enough stopping power
  5. bornfree

    Tradesman rates

    Don't take up farm work. You will be paid a days money a week. Although a free house and free shooting helps.
  6. bornfree

    Savage WSM??

    I had a year with a 22Wmr and I found it underpowered for foxes most needing a back up shot. After changing to a 223 it's drop on the spot for 95% of foxes and although they are vermin they still deserve a quick kill.
  7. bornfree

    Savage WSM??

    95% of my foxes are under 100yards but I still think a 223 is the best tool for the job.
  8. bornfree

    spray underseal

    He's more likely eating doughnuts on Yarmouth pier.
  9. bornfree

    To-nite, im mainly......

    Out of 8 goose eggs 6 were double yolkers. And one had a soft shell around the yolk inside the egg.probably because of them being young geese.
  10. bornfree

    To-nite, im mainly......

    Just had a Spanish omelette made with 4 goose eggs. I've never known them lay this early but I am not complaining.
  11. bornfree

    28 bore v 20 bore

    The advantage is cart price . More choice of guns.A heavier more controllable gun. What's the advantage of a 20?
  12. bornfree

    28 bore v 20 bore

    I haven't owned one but I have shot one. And it felt like pointing a stick.
  13. bornfree

    28 bore v 20 bore

    Apart from someone with limited strength or a disability I cannot see why anyone would choose a 20 or 28 gauge. They are too light so difficult to be smooth with and have a higher recoil than a 12 gauge if shooting the same loads.
  14. bornfree

    Chinese inverter welder

    It must have come from a UK supplier as it only took three days. But a Chinese company is listed as the seller so I guess they have a warehouse over here.
  15. I've got a javac 170amp inverter arc welder which was quite expensive when I bought it about 10 years ago and I've never really got on with it the duty cycle isn't great and it's very rod fussy. So looking on eBay for a replacement I noticed several 200amp inverters for amazing prices. The cheapest was £48.99 or make an offer so I offered £45 and it turned up in three days. On opening the box it looked like a toy it weighs about 4kgs and is tiny. After fitting a plug and using the leads off my other welder (the ones supplied are rubbish) I fired it up and amazingly it worked I ran 10 X 3.2 rods in a row and it never cut out so I turned it up to full and ran a couple of 4mm rods and it still didn't cut out. It welds very well I don't suppose it will last very long but for £45 it's amazing.