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  1. bornfree

    Car suffocating in heat

    I would have thought an 1987 Mercedes would be fuel injection.
  2. bornfree


    iam not good enough to put a tight pattern on the clay time after time.
  3. bornfree


    I've been shooting several years and 1/2 choke is to tight for me. Ive managed to keep in A class sporting for 13 years using no more than 1/4.
  4. Just renewed mine it had gone up by £135. So I changed company's and saved £105 and it included breakdown cover.
  5. bornfree

    Car suffocating in heat

    Its risky because you don't know where its running lean. It could be lean at part throttle .
  6. bornfree

    Car suffocating in heat

    That sounds like its running lean. Be careful or you may melt a piston.
  7. bornfree

    Drone pro

    I heard that these are no longer being manufactured. but Scott country have them listed on their website for June delivery?
  8. bornfree

    Armasight pro drone 10x

    I see Scott country have the drone pro listed on their website as delivery in June
  9. bornfree

    Same recoil - 12g vs 20g??

    The laws of physics say that an equal weight gun firing the same load should give an equal recoil. But I think the 12g will be smoother.
  10. bornfree

    Fox club

    Another small dog last night , well 2.50am this morning. I very rarely ever shoot any before midnight but this year it seems between 2 and 3.30 is the time. And iam normally into double figures by now but this one was number 5.
  11. bornfree


    The OPs instructor told him exactly the same cylinder and skeet.
  12. bornfree

    .25 cal = .22lr ?

    I always thought it was 5 inches but you could be right. And yes its always boiler room shots for me. Iam not good enough for head shots and leave those to the experts.
  13. bornfree

    .25 cal = .22lr ?

    the FAC air certainly looks accurate enough but whats the drop like?. with a 60 yard zero i need to aim at the top of a rabbits ears at 100 yards with subs.
  14. bornfree


    Go for cylinder and skeet. 1/2 is far to tight for someone just starting
  15. bornfree

    Card payment melt down!

    Cash is king