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  1. I would go with crossed fingers and hope nothing goes wrong. It's worked for me so far.
  2. We have a Kubota at work. It's never any trouble and very economical but it's very slow .
  3. A 32" sporter will be worth more than a 30"
  4. i shot a hare at 704 yards with one of those.
  5. I shot a 5 and a 7 on the water targets. I shot the close stuff and the teals / quartering well but after shooting straight at so many clays I was well behind the longer stuff. Finished on 172.
  6. No there is an unclassified class
  7. If you give John Dyson a call he may get you in.
  8. I find 95% of them take absolutely no notice of IR but the other 5% can be extremely awkward. A moonlit night can sometimes be the answer.
  9. Ian not sure which manufacture does it but at least one uses a combined starter and alternator driven by a heavy duty belt. No ring gear.
  10. That will only give you a rough idea. You need someone with a bore gauge to measure choke accurately
  11. Total waste of time and money. I turn it off in every vehicle I drive.
  12. Just fitted a new consumer unit at my father's bungalow. And whilst testing I found extremely high earth impedance. It is TT earthing so their should have been an earth electrode. Apparently the builder who built the conservatory 20 years ago found it in his way so just cut the earth cable off and pulled it up into the loft. No bonding on any pipes so absolutely no earthing.
  13. I had my mates shotgun for two years. We just called the licensing department and told them.
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