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  1. They normally shoot a little high.
  2. There's a 12kva Lister diesel set on marketplace at haverhill Suffolk £1100 these engines run forever
  3. The stephill Honda unit looks nice. What about a 2 hand diesel unit ? Have you got room or does it need to be portable.
  4. I just did this last week. Bought a gun over the phone from a dealer up north he asked for an scanned front page of my certificate to be emailed to him. He sent the gun overnight to my local RFD and I picked it up at 11am my local RFD filled in my certificate and gave me a transfer form to send to my police. The selling RFD and my RFD never mentioned that I should have sent my certificate.
  5. Unfortunately you need a 10 KVA to run that welder.
  6. Very rare to see a rabbit here in the brecklands. But hare's are in great numbers
  7. Iam 57 years old and I never knew the correct name. Everyone I know calls them midsummer dores. Must be a Norfolk thing. But I have heard them called May bug's
  8. Just seen a pair of lesser black back gulls at 9.30pm flying around a silver birch tree in my garden so I went outside and they were catching midsummer dores that are swarming around the top of the tree. Never seen it before.
  9. I've only ever hit one 100 straight at DTL and it was with 1/4 and 3/8 chokes
  10. It turned up today as described and on time. Many thanks
  11. MGR guns at Woodhall Spa if they are still going.
  12. Is this still available?
  13. Look similar to the sako one
  14. A lap or fillet weld on 2mm with a stick welder should be fine. A butt weld will take some practice.
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