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    The polish lads on the farm all do this it costs them £80. You should see the state of their cars.
  2. Mine was a Bradbury 2.5 ton trolley jack that just needed topping up with oil.
  3. bornfree

    Aldi Cider

    It's actually 6.8% you don't need many 😁😁
  4. We always used victorinox fibrox knifes in the slaughterhouse. Know idea of the cost of them
  5. my pard is on a MTC mamba 4-16x50 and its ok up to about 6x. but i tend to use 4x mostly
  6. Yes I only shoot for one company so I get paid for every fox. But considering geese are worth up to £80 at Christmas. they are more than happy with the cost. Unfortunately no holidays for me until January as iam on call while the geese are out.
  7. Another big dog last night or rather this morning. I moved my tower into place yesterday afternoon where a fox had killed geese two nights running so a very good chance of it coming back. Got in place at 10.15pm and he didn't turn up till 3.05am I nearly packed up and went home as it was getting quite light by then but luckily I stayed in place.an easy 70 yard shot and £150.
  8. I moved my lg into another room so if the wife wants to watch Emmerdale I can go in there and watch something else. It works fine on an aerial.
  9. Yes. And the circuit boards are not available for most models over 6-7 years old.
  10. Iam thinking of buying an electric car and fitting a 10 KVA diesel generator in the boot to charge it. Should be exempt from the congestion charge and zero tax. But can I run it on red diesel?
  11. the fox had killed a goose and was behind this wire fence eating it so wasn't moving. I thought what's the chances of hitting the wire. So I took the shot heard a twang and watched the fox run out of the pen into the next one and luckily he stopped after 100 yards and looked back. I got him with the second shot .
  12. Getting used to the pard nv007 now, another two this week a little cub Thursday night and a vixen last night.
  13. the pinto's real problem was cold running caused by the thermostat position they never ran hot enough. fine on rep cars than ran up and down motorways all day but on stop start use sludge and condensation built up and eventually blocking the oil rail. i worked for a company that ran a fleet of them in transits and we fitted a top hose with the thermostat in it, solved the problem and the heater worked as well [a first on a ford }
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