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  1. Tesla Owner

    I can do well over 1000 miles in my electric car non stop. But I do have a diesel generator in the boot.😂😂😂
  2. Golf gti

    i had one of the last mk5s an edition 30. and it varied between 28 and 32MPG depending on how playful i was. but i think the mk6s were a little more economical.
  3. what mag scope to use

    If your going to put NV on it I would go for the 4-16 and you will see a brighter clearer image on the lower settings 4-5 mag.
  4. Auto renewals.

    I've been with the same company for 3 years and on both renewals I've done a price comparison and found my existing company to be cheapest. Both times over £100 cheaper than the renewal quote. So I just take out a new policy with the existing company.
  5. Opening FAC

    Mine was opened after 15 years without me asking.
  6. Scope mounted lamp - glare off mod..?

    A sunshade on the scope works for me.
  7. BASC Hockwold stalking scheme

    well done on the muntys i'am about 6 miles away from hockwold and i'am sure there are more of them about than rabbits at the moment.
  8. You REALLY couldn't make it up!

    Apart from gezza I bet he hangs on every word.
  9. Nice to see there are still old fashioned gunshops with knowledgeable staff.
  10. 187yd rabbit

    A bloke on a Facebook group put up a picture of a target that had a cloverleaf 6 shot group which he said was at 450 yards. Everyone was congratulating him on his shooting so I commented that it must be world record shooting. He replied " no way people put bullets through the same hole at 1000 yards" . so after a little googling it turns out the record group at 1000 yards is 2.6". So our man on Facebook is probably the best shot in the world and doesn't know it.
  11. scope comparison

    That's OK then. Its unusual for a 3-9 x50 to be PX adjustable. The only downside is that its probably a front adjuster and while that will work its much easier with a sidewheel adjuster.
  12. scope comparison

    If in the future you want to put NV on it, you need a PX adjustable scope.
  13. School closures

    We had a fair bit of snow here in Norfolk and 371 schools closed. But I work on a large poultry farm and because the staff know the birds needs looking after everyone got to work. Its a shame teachers don't think the same about kids.
  14. Garden bird

    Maybe. It could have been the reflection in the snow, but my wife saw it as well and she said it had a curved beak.
  15. Well I tried....

    Although we had a fair covering of snow the roads in Norfolk were cleared quite well. The main problem is 44ton trucks with one driven axle they have no chance.