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  1. bornfree

    Best Wood Preservative

    Creosote which you can still buy if you look in the right places mixed with used engine oil.
  2. bornfree

    Fox club

    . I've had three nights of 11pm till 4am waiting for a goose killing fox until he finally showed up at 3.27 this morning an easy 85yard shot but very little profit from the £150 I got paid for him. Luckily the one before only took 15 minutes so I guess it all evens out.
  3. bornfree

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    i just cross my fingers and hope. its worked so far
  4. bornfree

    Driving in Norfolk.

    That looks considerably better than some of my early cars.
  5. bornfree

    Fox club

    we had some ducks killed thursday night so friday afternoon i moved my tower and i was in place by 11pm by 3am i could not stay awake so called it a night. the next day dead ducks again so it was another early hours fox. last night set my alarm for 2am and i got to the field by 2.30am scanned the field with NV saw nothing so i climbed the tower, not that quietly as its a steel tower a quick look round and there's the fox a good sized dog with his back to me eating a duck about 75 yards away. a quick swap to rifle and an easy shot back home by 3am. i know ducks make a lot of noise but iam sure that fox was deaf.
  6. bornfree

    Hosepipe ban

    Farmers spend many £10,000s building reservoir's so they can abstract during the winter when water is plentiful and spray on crops in the summer.
  7. bornfree

    Currently sat out

    I wish my foxes appeared so early. None before 12 this year so far.
  8. bornfree

    Fox club

    I shot his brother about 5 minutes before him. His brother was in the next pen and also had a goose but I got him before he killed it. I've seen even smaller ones chasing geese but not killing them.
  9. bornfree

    Resin Cabinet Bolt Anchor

    You can get a cheap set of them from screwfix and use penny washers the larger they are the stronger it will be.
  10. bornfree

    Resin Cabinet Bolt Anchor

    As long as you don't leave a gap
  11. bornfree

    Resin Cabinet Bolt Anchor

    You could drill holes through the plasterboard with a holesaw and put washers between the cabinet and the masonry.
  12. bornfree

    Fox club

    look at this little sod. we have 120,000 ducks but only a goose was good enough for him.
  13. bornfree

    The fox "assassin "

    I get paid for every fox but I would not mind the £450 call out charge as well. I must show this to the farmer.
  14. bornfree

    Clay ground fall out

    Next Thursday pop over to the shoot and ask for Darren. And explain your concerns I am sure he can change the targets to prevent the problems you are having.
  15. bornfree

    Car suffocating in heat

    I would have thought an 1987 Mercedes would be fuel injection.