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    I would take 10 off those figures
  2. bornfree


    We run 6 d40 navaras in the company and they average between 27 and 32 mpg. We also have 4 of the newer 2.3 ones and they are a little better 30 to 34 mpg.
  3. You've done your bit and put the pattern in exactly the right place. It's the clays fault for not flying into it.
  4. Maybe. But the more I shoot the better I get.
  5. Coaching is beneficial but don't forget the 10,000 hour rule. The more you shoot the better you will be.
  6. I had a nightmaster nm800 and swopped to a SRX it made a big difference. I was using a MTC mamba 4 x16 -50. And now I use a sightron s-tac 2.5 X 17 -56. The lower mag has made it much easier to use.
  7. The problem with having a high mag scope and a pard is the narrow field of view.
  8. I was in Thetford guns last week and he had a brand new howa 1500 stainless screwcut for £560.
  9. I was at orston on Sunday shooting the registered sporting. And it certainly makes you think, the times you put your gun in the slip down on your bag whilst putting the cards in or looking at the targets.
  10. A little tip to stop this happening is to put some high strength retainer on the helicoil insert, screw it in and then screw in a bolt with a wrap or two of PTFE tape around it to stop the retainer from sticking to the bolt , and leave it about 4 hours. Loctite 638 is the best.
  11. M & S and Aldi geese come off the same field.
  12. He must have had a few months staying in the Thetford forest at ickburgh. Not much remains of the old camp only a couple of buildings are left but loads of the concrete shed bases are still in the woods. It must have been a huge camp.
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