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  1. bornfree

    First car for new driver

    Check the insurance costs. I sold my wife's 2001 Corsa to a young boy and because it was a Corsa b rather than a Corsa c it cost £500 extra to insure.
  2. bornfree

    22lr and Horses

    When I saw the title of this post I was going to reply " I think you need something a little more powerful" 😁
  3. bornfree

    Noisy sub 22lr

    remington subs are just the same. you get four or five crackers in every box. they must have a touch more powder in them to make them supersonic
  4. bornfree

    Shot Count

    It's quite easy for me as i mainly shoot clays. 200 a week make's around 10,000 a year X the 13 years I've owned the gun.
  5. bornfree

    Shot Count

    130,000 through my Beretta 682 gold e. No tightening needed and no repairs needed.
  6. bornfree

    Advice please

    It's just that on right to lefts you are looking over the gun and if the stock's a little low you could be raising your head to see the clay.
  7. bornfree

    Advice please

    Are you lifting your head off the stock to look for the clay.
  8. bornfree

    Advice please

    For your first gun just buy a 2nd hand Beretta Browning or miroku take someone experienced with you to make sure it fits. If you buy one of these ,in 6 months time when you come to change it for something else (and you will) you won't lose much money on it.
  9. bornfree

    Little egret

    Saw a pair of little egret's in a small stream right beside a main road in the village today. First time I've ever seen one.
  10. bornfree

    Sleeving Box Section Steel

    Most setups I've seen like this have a fabricated outer box made of two channel pressings welded together.
  11. bornfree

    Sleeving Box Section Steel

    The problem with trying to sleeve box in box is the internal ridge inside it. So it's difficult to get a tight fit.
  12. bornfree

    What Budget Scope for HMR?

    I rate hawke better than Nikko sterling having owned both.
  13. bornfree

    What scope do you use for lamping foxes?

    Me neither I consider 200 yards a long shot at night.
  14. bornfree

    What scope do you use for lamping foxes?

    I think that was daytime. If it was with a lamp even more impressive 😂😂😂
  15. bornfree

    Which flask?

    I have a thermos brilliant flask keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. But have does it know😂😂😂