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  1. I shoot 90% of mine between 12pm and 3am
  2. A mate told me it's cheaper to fuel a wood burner with £20 notes than keep a horse.
  3. Although I shoot around 40 foxes a year and have worked on a farm for 38 years I've never seen a fox in the daytime.
  4. You shouldn't be looking or even noticing anyone behind you. Full focus on the clay.
  5. We were rabbit shooting from the back of a pickup one night and the police drove in to the field gateway so our driver went across to them. Two coppers got out and asked us if we had seen anyone about as some contractors on another part of the farm had had their van broken in to. There was three of us in the back of the truck one holding a lamp and two holding autos. No problems just chatting then another police car pulls up, one young copper gets out pulls out his taser spreads his legs aims at us screaming drop your weapons. It frightened the life out of me but luckily the other two coppers calmed him down.
  6. Someone asked a question on a Facebook page about what calibre to use for fox shooting with NV either a 22-250 or a 223. I answered 223 as with NV you will very rarely ever need to shoot at long distance. Another chap replies with a video of him shooting a fox at supposedly 400yards with his 223. He aims center of boiler room and the fox goes down. So I reply " how high do you zero your night vision" he comes back with 1" high at 100 yards.
  7. Indeed the 7.5s are 2.4mm which is English 7s but the 9s are 2mm which is English 9s.
  8. I didn't expect them to be still trading
  9. Just bought a monarch lathe the plate is missing so not sure of the model it's about an 18" swing X 48" manufactured in 1942 it's running and everything seems to work. Got it for £300 so about scrap money. Haven't got it home yet as it weighs around 3 tons and got to arrange a forklift to get in on my trailer. Anyone know anything about them?
  10. good luck explaining this to your wife
  11. I have a 64 reg yeti and the dealer did the oil and filter change at 38k when I bought it.
  12. I must see a cpsa coach to set my POI as I reckon 15 dents would smoke a clay.
  13. I did a pattern test at 130 yards. I used an 8 x4ft sheet of cardboard standing upright and using 32g 5shot cartridges and 3/4 choke through a beretta 682 I aimed at the top edge. The cardboard was hit by 14 pieces of shot and apart from two about 2 inches apart the rest were no closer than 8 inches. And no shot penetrated the cardboard.
  14. tell me about it. most of my mates who shoot foxes are coming home at the time i go out. very rarely shoot one before midnight.
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