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  1. Just in case someone missed your question
  2. Any is the point the rest is about range / impact speed
  3. Phone local or look online just google scrap lead prices
  4. All similar twist shoot the same bullets therfore no difference in wind ( it's hard to outrun wind) trajectory wise the 22 - 250 will start to show itself after 250 ish but before that it's all pretty meaningless The triple has a longer barrel life and as it uses less powder is easier to moderate If your not into handloads and downloading the triple is a busting great choice and can still be downloaded anyhow - it just can't be given 22- 250 legs Question should be posed how much shooting do you do past 300?
  5. Hornet is fine for fox if you can make the shot - energy is not the issue it's got plenty enough out to 200 yards for head or chest shots It's fine for bunnies shot them as close as a few feet to over 200 yards ( I don't chest shoot bunnies by intention) Hit just a few in the chest and lower neck and they were OK to eat but anyplace further back and they are fox bait It's a great rifle for hares It's at its best reloaded - far and away Avoid 35 v max ballistics are pants I use 40 and 45 grain bullets little gun powder rws brass Rws 46 grain factory are very accurate if a tad slow but are good for the brass is as good as it gets for future reloads
  6. Steel stock has gone up £ 126 per ton in the last few weeks Looks like Chinese policy of dumping cheap steel on us has given them the market for a while to gather thier losses plus a load more. Scrap is rising just slower any who have some might wish to hang on as long as they can before selling - I doubt it will drop back for a good while now it's going up slowly
  7. What's the point in talking moa dial in and then switching to inches?
  8. I have a mate in lapland who shoots moose / elk with his! It's about the most popular round for them. We underate most of our firearms capabilities!
  9. Springer - not the best choice for lamping mind but everything else is what they were made for
  10. A common way of funding the most important but most poorly run ( financially)free service It's so free you don't even have to pay or ever paid UK taxes Unfortunately I feel your pain having a daughter who goes in very regular
  11. If you want the best accuracy and life you have to clean and service your rimfire 500 rimfire rounds will degrade accuracy but it depends how well you steer it if you can tell Bolts should be disassembled and cleaned also from time to time Moderators should ideally be removed in storage but most don't and the threads should certainly be loosened cleaned and treated to a bit of anti seize grease
  12. If anyone takes your watch it's theft and the ticket is all you need. No watch back from liquidator call on the police with your recept
  13. Not lost at all. I am by original trade a welder fabricator although I worked for a firm that still had a blacksmith shop and spent time learning from an 84 year old guy who learnt from his dad before him Even my mentor admitted there was no need for some of the skills other than historic re- creation and renovation - but others are still widely used and practiced The art world has taken hold of blacksmithing and taken it to a whole new place - but making chain forge welding the links nah its crazy! I find a lot of clients for the one off forged items but not the everyday items the old Smith used to make. Skills are being lost far faster in drawing offices and regular fabrication work imo. Real wrought iron rather than forged mild steel? Well wrought don't realy exist unless a guy is working with reclaimed old materials Smiting has always evolved electric power hammers do the same job as a striker yet keep regular time all day long
  14. Harris no question for normal field shooting and there is a massive range of std and non std accessories to suit There are better for specialist needs but you just can't beat them - even when they are copied the firm's just cut corners as they need to undercut at lower volume
  15. Series one. There cannot realy be a discussion on this one surely? Lightweights I have had. In many respects worse than the others as thier purpose gave them a right old battering. Done front chassis leg damage were they had been nose drived and with parts made for quick removal they were draftier and wetter inside than the others When the series one was sold new it cost more than the average house and an incredible amount still survive today - the shorter wheel base made for off road capabilities that are still class leading On road? Rubbish
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