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  1. Sorted now buddy I went down and had a look around and but just the maps threw me a bit with the non shooting zones but it’s not that hard, cheers abyway ?
  2. Yes I’ve got a map to show and have a rough idea but like I mentioned don’t want to go and get it wrong, only way I can learn is just go there a few times and get a good idea of the area
  3. Hi might be a long shot but is there anyone on here that could possibly point me in the right direction on sunk island. I keep meaning to go down but there’s that many no shooting zones and what not i don’t want to go and be in the wrong. Cheers,
  4. I Had a relative in the house who I had look after my guns until I got my renewal through
  5. Took mine 4 months to Renew just before the start of the season
  6. Also interested if you hear anything about these, looking to get back into wildfowlinv next season Thanks
  7. I'd be up for beating if the days don't clash with my shoot if you ever need a hand, I'm not far away
  8. Not sure if you'd class these as "oversize" but they were big for wigeon decoys that I saw in his shop the week. Might be worth a look or asking about http://www.derekleegunsmiths.com/store/product/2689/AJ-Widgeon-Decoy/
  9. Did think it was early but that's what I got told was being drilled, they wasn't using the wheat drill and all the rape is already in so the only other option it being on that farm is millet
  10. Thanks, hopefully won be too long before I'm back out
  11. After being out of shooting properly for a couple of years not by choice I decided to try my luck and get back into it. Went to visit my parents in Norfolk and found the pigeons feeding on drilled sugar beet, first day I ended up with 67 pigeons when running out of cartridges stopped me but thanks to the forum I got sorted out with some more and went back the next day for another 30 using just a magnet and a handful of dead birds. 3 short of a ton and one tired dog, deffinatly got the bug for it, Thanks [/url]
  12. Got sorted at a clay ground, I'd if thought being around the wash there would be some big gun shops around this way
  13. Even better mr.merkel that's just round the corner, not from around the area and only visit once every so often so slowly getting the hang of it, appreciate that thanks!
  14. Hi marsh man kind offer of you but I think mole valley is closer, thanks anyway
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