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  1. i have kept and bred all of the largest snake species over the years and yes they can be dangerous and yes they are capable of killing adult humans, but if precautions are taken, such as locked enclosures, a back up handler just in case and a bit of common sense and they are no more dangerous than any other pet. we all use firearms, keep them secure under lock and key and use them responsibly. so its the same with anything, ill bet the guy who left the python unsecured in the vacinity of a baby also has a 9mm under his pillow.
  2. if he is 17 or older he can ride up to a 125 cc motorcycle on a cbt. the cbt is compulsory basic training and lasts 2 years, and can then be renewed or a full motorcycle test taken. i am a motorcycle training instructor and specialise in cbt. part of the course will be safety and equipment talk. (which i really try to drum into people) if you need any advice or have any questions feel free to pm me. i have found the most important thing to get into the younger students heads is to check their blind spot before they move the bike and also to hold their position in the road. too many
  3. anyone else keep anything strange?
  4. aj85


    yep, have had many in the past 18 years, including corns, kings, milks, boas, burmese pythons, reticulated pythons, rock pythons, anacondas. also have large monitor lizards and snapping turtles.
  5. as said before, apart from locks, alarms etc and the house generaly looking secure, a dog can be a very good deterrant. a feisty alert little terrier like a jack russel can do the job, or one of the traditional guarding breeds, gsd doberman etc. we have an akita as does my dad who is the on site caretaker of a local primary school. the school was a regular target for the local theives and kids trying to steal or damage property, that was until this guy started patroling the grounds....
  6. the green is still pretty small but can be a handful at times, yea boscs are fantastic lizards mines great, comes out for a stroll like he owns the place! my dining room is my main rep room plus i converted the space under the stairs for the bosc, and have a carpet python above. also have two 8x4x3 vivs in there plus a couple of 4x2x2 vivs and tanks for the snappers. have sold a lot of my stuff as things werent looking too good at work plus we were running out of space.
  7. bloody hell, you had a fair few then! i mainly keep monitors now but have anacondas, carpet pythons and snapping turtles.
  8. thought its about time to revive this thread so heres a few monitor lizard pics... big blackthroat monitor... asian water monitor... bosc monitor... angry little nile monitor...
  9. cheers mate, have pm'd you im sure this guy will appreciate it!...
  10. hey guys, brought my brother out to my permission last night, only spotted 1 rabbit and none for the bag! i thought there would be loads as i havent shot it for a month or so. and yes id like say 10? if you could see how much he would want for them mate?
  11. could really do with a few bunnies guys, have a 5 foot monitor lizard and some anacondas who'd love a couple of small rabbits for lunch. i dont mind travelling a little to collect.
  12. hey guys, as some of you may know i keep large snakes and monitor lizards. basically i havent done much shooting lately and just as im about to go out and start again i have gone and dislocated my shoulder, requiring surgery. so probably will be off for a while yet. im running low on rabbits and could really do with a favour. is there anyone near birmingham/solihull willing to sell me a few rabbits? preferably smaller ones and heres the best part no need to skin or gut them! just headshot and frozen. i can collect. so if you have any spare please pm me and we can sort out a price etc.
  13. hi guys, well havent been out shooting much and just as the weather is improving i go and dislocate my shoulder! anyway as some of you may know i keep large snakes and monitor lizards, and im running very low on their fave food rabbits. is there anyone in the birmingham, solihull area willing to sell me a few? preferably smallish and not skinned or gutted. simply headshot and frozen. please get in touch if you can help.
  14. aj85

    another crime

    would definately reccomend a dog, a nice scrappy terrier, sheperd, cane corso or akita etc. wish my nan would come round to the idea, she lives in a high crime area and has had break ins in the past.
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