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  1. alastair0903

    Black action - top lever minor rust?

    This, mine is one of the first black editions,has been out in all weathers and is perfectly ok.
  2. alastair0903

    RC Sipe extreme 30g/5’s stockist Essex?

    I have given up and ordered 1000 from just cartridges
  3. alastair0903

    RC Sipe extreme 30g/5’s stockist Essex?

    Thanks, I was trying to remember that place I have been there but few years ago now.
  4. Any ideas who is likley to stock theses in Essex? I asked eastern sporting 2 weeks ago but not had any joy. Thanks
  5. alastair0903

    28 bore v 20 bore

    I had a go a couple of weeks ago with a friends 725 28b, must admit I really liked it. Was very satisfying knocking down decent birds with it. I went for being a avid 12b shooting to jumping straight into small bore shooting and have been looking for a nice 20b to add to the collection
  6. alastair0903

    Hilderstone shoot

    Yeah, I clearly got a little confused as thought you just had one pen. Soundly like you are having a great season
  7. alastair0903

    Hilderstone shoot

    Sounds like a great shoot, must be pushing 80% returns already
  8. alastair0903

    Intack Farm, Southwaite

    I also confess to missing 2 squirrels, it was a good setup with a good variation of targets. Thought I should have done better than 66, oh well was a good day out
  9. alastair0903

    How far will a shotgun kill game.

    Good video, personally think 32g 5 can well outperform my ability!
  10. alastair0903

    Gamebore dark storm 32g

    Theses are sold, thanks for the interest
  11. alastair0903

    Potatoe famine.....

    Even with a lot of irrigation, potato yields are well down in Essex. They really cannot stand any temperature over 28 degrees, they just shut down in the heat and they were planted late after a very wet spring. Good job the price is looking healthy
  12. alastair0903

    Gamebore dark storm 32g

    68 number 6 shot and 370 number 5 shot. £120 for the lot, collection from Chelmsford, certificate holders only
  13. alastair0903

    Gamebore clear pigeon

    If by any chance this sale falls through I will come and collect them tonight
  14. alastair0903

    now all sold

    Has anybody got a jacket yet?
  15. alastair0903

    Pick up Insurance

    Aviva has been the cheapest for me before