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  1. alastair0903

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    Find the same with my cens, normally get 3-4 weeks out of them. Always remove the batteries when not in use. Seem to Carry on working a good while after they start beeping at you
  2. Admitiadly I use the 30g 5’s in my 12 bore as the 32g loads are too lively for me
  3. alastair0903

    Blocked barrel with felt wads

    Interesting you say that. I showed this to my friend who had a similar thing happen last week, he was also using the same cartridges aswell. Luckily he spotted the problem and switched to using his spare gun.
  4. I would take a chance on RC sipe extreme, they have hardened shot and seem to patter well for me 👍
  5. alastair0903

    EBAY Feedback,beware!

    It is near impossible to leave negative feedback anymore, it really winds me up when someone is being a tool!
  6. alastair0903

    Skiing trip

    Good write up. I am heading to Morzine for the last week of Feb with my brother and a friend, my 3rd ski trip at 34! A long way off mastered it, however it is a great way to spend a week
  7. alastair0903

    Plant iD

    Looks like charlock to me aswell
  8. alastair0903

    Black action - top lever minor rust?

    This, mine is one of the first black editions,has been out in all weathers and is perfectly ok.
  9. alastair0903

    RC Sipe extreme 30g/5’s stockist Essex?

    I have given up and ordered 1000 from just cartridges
  10. alastair0903

    RC Sipe extreme 30g/5’s stockist Essex?

    Thanks, I was trying to remember that place I have been there but few years ago now.
  11. Any ideas who is likley to stock theses in Essex? I asked eastern sporting 2 weeks ago but not had any joy. Thanks
  12. alastair0903

    28 bore v 20 bore

    I had a go a couple of weeks ago with a friends 725 28b, must admit I really liked it. Was very satisfying knocking down decent birds with it. I went for being a avid 12b shooting to jumping straight into small bore shooting and have been looking for a nice 20b to add to the collection
  13. alastair0903

    Hilderstone shoot

    Yeah, I clearly got a little confused as thought you just had one pen. Soundly like you are having a great season
  14. alastair0903

    Hilderstone shoot

    Sounds like a great shoot, must be pushing 80% returns already
  15. alastair0903

    Intack Farm, Southwaite

    I also confess to missing 2 squirrels, it was a good setup with a good variation of targets. Thought I should have done better than 66, oh well was a good day out