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  1. Bump, still here at above price.
  2. Allegedly The 2.2l is better suited to the auto box, only what I have been told. I personally have a 2.0l 64reg Amarok that has been faultless for the last 4 years I have had it
  3. Nice shooting, good to see someone else’s pull away technique 👍.
  4. 2k poults ordered, supplier has even promised to supply pellets incase we are struggling. I have also paid deposits on let days as normal. No reports of shoots closing down......
  5. I have for a week, he has been online afew time since! Good point about the future of lead use, will not do the price of small bores any good.
  6. Was pointless enquiring about this gun, I have just been ignored. People do not deserved to be selling on here!
  7. At least you have had a response. The guy selling a gun I would really like is just ignoring me 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. £85 for the pair delivered, they are that each new.
  9. *edited to add higher quality photos
  10. They are the featherweight ones, handy if you want to bring the balance of your gun closer. Also I will be traveling about shooting this week, could meet with them. Between Cumbria- York - Norfolk
  11. Muller ds browning chokes, I no longer need. Looking for £50 each or £95 for the pair delivered. Can only import these new from America now, so harder to get hold of. The U3 choke is about equivalent to 5/8-1/2 and the U2 is around 3/8-1/4. This combo has served me well over the years. Please just ask anymore questions
  12. They are good, however. I still end up using a chamber brush before the boresnake and a rod with some kitchen roll around it to get my barrels really clean.
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