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  1. Hi On clearing out some drawers I have found 10 three foot purse nets and a sixteen foot gate / stop net. Half the purse nets are used but in perfect condition and the gate net is unused. £20.00 posted Thank you
  2. Hope you get sorted out. I just measured the pieces I've got and they are 20" square so probably too small for you although just let me know if you do need one.
  3. Hi Mel What size piece are you looking for? I may have something suitable to cook on but its square.
  4. Hi. Could I have this please. Please PM me your details for payment. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Enjoyed that Scully My parents live at the foot of Cross Fell. Can be gay wild there like eh when the helm wind blows!
  6. Hi If this is still available & fits a 2009 model, I will have it please. PM inbound.
  7. sky gipsy


    Thanks, Have done.
  8. sky gipsy


    Hi. Im interested. Could you send any pictures please. Thanks.
  9. Were these cases the Eley lightning you mentioned? I take it that the B&P wads are suitable for these. Hope this is the case as we have a good supply of these used cases in our shoot bin. Sorry my questions & thanks for your help.
  10. Hi Figgy How did you get on loading and testing over the weekend? I'm interested to know your thoughts before I try out a similar thing for next season. What gun do you intend to shoot the shells through? Thanks
  11. Hi Sorry to jump onto this thread but I have been following it along with Figgy's other one regarding Aliant steel as I am thinking about doing just the same next season. I am interested in the recipie that Hatsanmad gave for a 36g load using B&P s35 wads. Am I right in thinking these wads need splitting & if so how far down do folk recommend? Thanks
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