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  1. Cheers both for your input. One naughty thing about choosing a new rifle is the extensive choice we’ve got. And when you ask about any given rifle, one mans poison it another mans elixir so to say. I’ve had a good butchers around the Mauser and Sako rifles and like them both, though one is significantly cheaper then the other. Though not overly bothered paying out a bit more, if one rifle will serve me better then the other. Mauser £1150, Sako around £1650 ish. I’m hoping to go to the Shooting Show in February so hopefully I’ll be able to get to grips with the Tikka Tac up there and see if it could be something I could use or not. If not then it’ll be out of the two mentioned above. Go for the Mauser and put the extra cash towards good glass. Or go Sako and buy a cheaper scope less desirable scope. Mmmm decisions decisions. Gareth
  2. Alright fellas I’m in the market for a new set up. I’ve been looking at different rifles in .243 caliber i narrowed it down to two, which is Mauser M12 Impact or Sako Finnlight. But I since been looking at the Tikka T3X TAC rifle and quite like the looks of it ( Always wanted something Tactical looking) but I see they don’t make them in .243 caliber. Just .223, 260, 308, 6.5 and so on. can anyone enlighten me if they will be bring out a Tikka Tac rifle in .243 in near future. And if anyone already has one, may be give me any feed back on them. Cheers Gareth
  3. I’m fortunate to have a fair bit of land as well bud. Built up over many years of trust and word of mouth between neighboring farmers and land owners alike. Being mostly in mid Wales, it’s a mixed lot of land, comprised of mountainous, hilly terrain to open flat rolling fields. And a lot of mixed shooting to be had in all areas, which is never a bad thing. I will be getting a set of range finders even though I’ve a fairly good eye on the distances on the land itself. As said it’s always nice to check just to make sure. I just looked at the range finder you mentioned and it looks a nice bit of kit for not to much money. I’ll hope to be going to the shooting show at the NEC in February, so can look at a few items of interest up there. Sort of final decision making before shelling out my hard earned like. I’ve got a pretty good idea of the set up I want, but I may just see something else that may tickle my fancy. You know what it’s like bud, do I go with this or that scenario. Spend half day thinking and then get what you originally wanted any way 🤣🤣🤣. cheers for you reply mate much appreciated Gareth
  4. My Xbolt loved them and most of the other shooters I know who use them in their rifles, state how good they are for factory ammo. I used to pay £25/27 a box but their around £32 now. Looking at Mauser M12 impact with Stallon mod and Swarovski scope with ballistic turrets. It’s a predominantly fox set up, though I will be looking at a few deer stalks in near future. Something I’ve not tried as of yet and would like to look into.
  5. I don’t mind spending money out on quality glass, as I’ve had Zeiss scopes in the past. Not fussed on the reticles they use. I’ve looked at the BRT reticle mentioned and yes it does look like something I could use, not to busy. I’ll be using it on a Mauser M12 Impact using .243 with Norma 75g v max or ammo of similar weight. Good consistent factory ammo not to expensive on the wallet per box. Never used lighter rounds as to preserve barrel wear by not using hotter rounds. I know about wind factor out at the distances mentioned in above posts. I’m by no means a novice when it comes to shooting and consider myself a decent shot on any given day. Ive used most types of mil dot rets on airguns or rim fires etc. I just thought I’d branch out and use a scope with ballistic turrets on a centre fire, so I can reach out a little further when needed. Some swear by them while others say Mil Dot are better. I’ve never used a ballistic turreted scope before and thought maybe it’s time to find out what their all about.The Swarovski ballistic turrets I’m looking at seem pretty easy to set up after your initial zero at 100 yards etc. Just feed the ballistic calculator the relevant information to see how many clicks to zero at 150/200/250 yards etc and lock them in on the ring dials provided.
  6. Cheers for response bud and I appreciate where your coming from. I’ve nearly always used mil dot scopes whether on airgun, rim fire and centre fire alike. Most of my foxes have been taken under 150 yards with a few upto 200 yards. But as of late some foxes have become stubborn and stay out past 250 yards plus. And I would just like scope with good glass, ballistic turrets and not overly expensive. So that after a fair bit of practice, I will be able to dial in a preset zero and shoot out to those distances with confidence and accuracy and drop the foxes, I would normally leave alone. And thought the Swarovski scopes mentioned with said turrets attached would be good candidates for the job. Im a fairly good shot on any given day and I know my capabilities with the equipment I’ve got/ used. But I’m wanting to broaden my horizons and push the boundaries out a bit with my shooting. Even if it only means pushing some shots out to 300 yards on the odd occasion. It would be nice to have the right equipment and confidence to do so if needs be.
  7. I don’t need perfect zero bud lol as I’d be fried as well lol. I just wanted to know if they do actually get you in the kill zone with decent grouping. And I think getting into a 2/3 inch kill zone at 200/250 yards is acceptable for fox and deer alike. As said bud thanks for your response, much appreciated. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  8. Cheers Dougy, that was sort of what I was after info wise. Basically the bullet doesn’t hit the bull, but close enough in the kill zone area to get a clean kill. The video I watched on YouTube showed the Swarovski with Ballistic turrets on, hitting near bullseyes out to 300/ 400 meters. Now I’m no novice by any means shooting wise, but even I thought this was a bit iffy like. And I know how much sponsored shooters like to exaggerate true performance of a product when the money is right. So I thought I’d ask for feed back from ordinary field shooters to see if the results shown in promo vids run true to form or just a load of BS. By the looks it’s a little bit of fact and fiction combined. They do get you into the kill zone but don’t necessarily get you a near perfect bullseye as suggested in saud video. Thankd for your feed back bud bud much appreciated Gareth
  9. Hello all I’ve not posted in here for quite a while, but feel at least a few people may give an heads up on some information I want. I want a scope with ballistic turrets on and I’ve been mulling over the Swarovski scopes Z3-Z5 with the Ballistic turrets attached. Ive watch a few vids on YouTube and it looks easy enough to set up etc. But what I want to know is? Are they any good I.e after you calculate all the information and dial in the recommend clicks on the elevation and lock them down. Do they give you exact zero at the distance dailed in on each of the rings. Or are they just an over priced extra gimmick etc. Any info greatfuly recieved Regards Gareth.
  10. I think they only do them in .243 and 308 at the mo. But I'm not sure if my mate said there's a 30.06 as well being produced.Reviews with out repeating myself looks like this new rifle, has been well received and at £1150 it's not a bank balance buster either. I was going to get a Sako Finnlight, but after seeing this rifle. I could save myself a good £500 and have the same quality gun albeit a different name. I could put that towards a new scope then, or new can for the rifle. Gareth
  11. Cheers for replies lads. Just been told my local RFD who is a mate as well, just took stock of 3 of these M12 Impacts. So I'll be going over Friday for a look at one completely set up. So I can feel the weight an balance of it before parting with my hard earned. Gareth
  12. Anyone on here owns a Mauser M12 Impact and which can give me an honest bit of feed back. I've got a slot for a .243 to fill and this rifle has caught my eye. Ive read a few reviews on it and bar for the calibers it's only available in, which is .243 or 308. I don't think I've seen a negative response to it. But if anyone can offer any info up whether positive or negative I'd much appreciate it. Cheers Gareth
  13. Just had a quote off Phill at Ratworks for service and tune. And he said they have worked on a few Wolverines, no they can't be regulated as stated above, but they can do work on them to improve their performance and make the rifle less noisy when fired. It's coming up 3 years old I think, not quite sure ( Mind like a sieve ) and I just thought it may need a service and if it's possible maybe a tune to make it perform a little better. The quote I had was cheap to what I thought for both procedures, so Im waiting for a quote off Airtech before I make my decision. Cheers to those who posted. Gareth
  14. Alright lads. As above lads, I'm looking for someone who could maybe point me in the right direction to a reputable Smithy who does tune jobs on Daystate rifles. I fancy giving my Wolverine B a make over, if it's at all possible and the price ain't to hefty. Any feed back on if it's possible and maybe a price would be greatfuly received Thanks in advance Gareth
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