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  1. You should also look at the Air Arms TX200HC. But that's not cheap either.
  2. squirrelhunter- do you know what is the ft/lbs of that Hammerli air pistol you mention? I'm amazed you can down a squirrel with anm air pistiol- I thought feral pigeons was pushing it!
  3. Cheers Mark for your further good advice mate. Yes, I've read the TX200 is heavy- that does concern me a bit as I find the Chinese gun heavy (its the carbine version with the custom Italian stock). What attracts me to the TX200 is that it has a short barrel length and a great reputation. But I will definitely follow your advice and handle one in a shop- I'll also get them to show me how to cock it a few times too (as I did with the Chinese gun)! My Chinese gun is a .22 and I was thinking of the same for the TX200. But your advice has made me think that .177 might be better for ferals (but then
  4. Thanks for your reply Mark. The Chinese gun is a rifle (a B2) but it seems to shoot somewhat erratically. Although I've not measured its power some shots feel of very much lower power than others. It also seems to be getting harder and harder to cock. I don't have much confidence in it. But it has indeed done the job on a few ferals. However, I'm sure the Air Arms would be vastly better.
  5. Thanks for all your replies- the advice is much as I expected. Its a pity really as air pistols are so much more portable than rifles! Yes, I have permission to shoot the ferals. They are all around the (private) grounds of where I work. There is no danger of pellets flying off into other people's property. I have one of those cheap Chinese guns with a cheap scope (yes I know what you think of them and I agree) but am thinking of getting an Air Arms TX200HC. I'm sure the Air Arms with a decent scope will soon sort the ferals out! Once I've done that one of you lot can take me rabbit shooting
  6. I've seen the posts which say that rats can be shot with an air pistol. But can you kill feral pigeons with a decent spring air pistol (e.g. a Webley)? Obviously I'm talking about at close range. Looking forward to reading the usual good advice from people on this website.
  7. I'd be very interested to know the most feral pigeons members have shot with an air rifle in one session and the circumstances (e.g. in a grain store)? Thanks.
  8. daveman


    do all you lot have gardens that are either not overlooked or are overlooked by like minded people? if so, you're very lucky.
  9. andy- to add my twopenny worth- that is an utterly fantastic picture mate.
  10. I'm in the London area as well. Trafalgar Square- you know I've always dreamed of it being cleared and then being able to shoot from a window overlooking the square.
  11. I enjoy walking in the countryside but have to agree with the posts on this topic. Most so-called "ramblers" are virulent antis, why I don't know its just the way the world is. But most walkers I know are not so thick as to believe they can walk anywhere in a field or wood just because a footpath goes through it. Most shooters I've come across whilst out walking are wary at first but pleasantly surprised when I express interest and support. In a wood I too came across a squirrel cull (they were having a break near the path)- they invited me to watch after I expressed an interest.
  12. Cranfield- presumably, they'd arrest you for carrying a gun in a public place under these new barmy proposals. Or are we sure they wouldn't? And what about walking along a public footpath in the countryside to a shoot.........
  13. Deako- that is a great website.
  14. red_stagg- don't be too disappointed- at least you got a reply. And don't be too disappointed to receive a reply frpm some Home Office official which is just meaningless waffle which doesn't answer any of the points you raised. But you are to be comended for making the effort to write. And flightline is right when he says politicians receive feedback re the contents of their mailbags.
  15. red stagg- Cranfield is right- someone in your group should have informed the police about the poachers. I don't think its justifiable injurying someone for poaching. And flightline- re the Tony Martin case- the person he injured has actually been released from prison whilst Martin languishes there because he thinks Britain was a better place in the 1950s (who would disagree)? The world has gone totally barmy.
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