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  1. Strongly disagree with this. My place of employment always tested our hearing with regular intervals. They always knew who was using firearms/ shotguns. If you are a right hand shooter, your left side hearing deteriorates and vice versa. Without going into the finer points of hearing loss, they were adamant that when you prolong your exposure to anything above 83db, you are damaging your hearing. If you don’t want impaired hearing, wear protection, if you do, crack on.
  2. I use CENS digital which I find great. Some drawbacks with wind shear, but otherwise great. As far as dogs go, I always sit them up about 5m / 7m away. Not ideal, but will mitigate the noise somewhat.
  3. With regards to panoma1 post, I ain’t the brightest, but I get it!
  4. That moritorium now stretches over the whole of Wales. I have never seen whitefront son our marsh, but they have been present there many years ago.
  5. Yes had this with one of my cockers. For want of a better description, it was a cauliflower ear and filled up with blood overnight, drained it the following day and then same again, filled up overnight. Vet was the only remedy, and they stitched the membrane of the ear together, and no further problems
  6. albifrons

    Gout !!!!!!!

    Been on allopurinol for 8 yrs now with no further attacks of gout and no side effects from the medication. Agree with all on here regarding the pain. Just to add, there are no one off attacks, when you have one there will be more unless you take medication.
  7. Have got a drain in my kennel that runs straight to the sewer. Very easy to keep clean. A friend has his going to a soakaway, but with a heavy rainfall, it soon backs up.
  8. Had that with my dog when he was a pup. About the size of the top of my little finger which you could push back in. Dissapeared after a few months with no lasting ill effects.
  9. I change mine about 3 times a shooting season, and completely remove them during the closed season. are you switching them off after each shooting trip?
  10. There seems to be a strong suspicion on social media, that this petition has been initiated by some animal rights group whose aims are at the moment Unknown. As have been mentioned above, it seems very poorly worded by Jane Griggs whoever she may be. Just to repeat, this is a suspicion on social media but it has generated much chatter.
  11. Short walk for me; down a lane about a 200m walk and out onto the marsh.
  12. I honestly think something will happen at the champs!
  13. Althou quite topical at moment as 1 FT trainer has accused another of running sprockers in FT's and winning with them, he was calling for DNA testing of all FT dogs, and the accuser has been shunned and had some high profile judging roles taken off him Was wondering when this was going to show up on here!
  14. I guess some would want to be carried in on a pedastal by 10 virgins along a rose laden walkway being fed grapes, along with the free entry of course!
  15. I'm not sure, but I have also seen them described as "champagne" colour too. Catchy tag to snare the idiots with more money than sense.
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