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  1. Surely if they can’t get the people at £10/hour then increase the wages until people want to do it. It’s called market forces. Ok prices will go up but if the market can’t sustain asparagus being picked at above £10/hour then so be it. We might all be forced to work for peanuts when things get really rough but at the moment people don’t.
  2. Never been big into Fords but had a couple of escorts. A mk2 RS1800 that was rally spec and a RS1600i. Not sure what mk that was but it was the XR3i shape. Both were fun with more power than the car could really handle.
  3. Thanks all. To be fair to BG we have had good service from them when we have needed them but they are definitely taking the mickey. I have been considering self insuring but like the convenience of having somebody on call who will respond quickly rather than having to search around for a contractor. Corgi have given a very competitive quote which I am looking into.
  4. No idea other than I have previously just paid it every year and every year of them taking the urine adds up. Boiler is about 6 years old.
  5. For years we have had this via British Gas and I haven’t taken any notice of the increase year on year (my bad). This year it will be £823 for the year which seems expensive (more than any of the cars I have insured!). Do PW’ers have any recommendations on alternative suppliers. Thanks.
  6. AVB


    Out of interest why is bleach so bad?
  7. AVB

    Ugly house

    They were £11,500 inc. VAT. We avoided the big companies and got quotes from three local companies all with good recommendations. All were within £1k of one another. I am just surprised there is any profit in it at that price. Vat is 20%, cost of windows and door, team of three fitting. I was expecting £18-20K.
  8. AVB

    Ugly house

    Remember this post from 2017? Well we just got the windows done and I must say it has transformed the place. It still isn’t a pretty house house but imo definitely less ugly than before. I have also received planning permission to demolish the brick garage and replace with an Ok cart lodge. But that will have to wait. I was amazed at the low cost of the windows. 21 windows (across front and back) plus front door. How much?
  9. AVB

    Lawn Care

    Liquid Ferrous sulphate has a better impact imo. Both will turn the moss black but it does then need to be removed by scarifying.
  10. AVB

    Lawn Care

    Not much help I am afraid. I often asked the same questions and spent a fortune on diy solutions which had no impact. Now I pay a company to come in every quarter to do the treatments. When they did the aeration they used a powered device that took out a small ‘core’. There has been a noticeable improvement.
  11. AVB

    The Repair Shop

    I got hooked in this a while ago and pleased it has made it to prime time tv. It’s one of those ‘feel good’ programmes and and I am amazed at the repairs these guys do and the stories behind the articles being repaired. My favourites are Steve, the watch repairer, and Kirsten, the ceramics repairer. I actually have the hots for her for some reason!
  12. The need the money to pay for their expenses. According to The Associated Press, the WHO routinely spends about $200 million a year on travel expenses, more than it spends to tackle mental health problems, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria combined. In 2016, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO from November 2006 to June 2017,[159] stayed in a $1000-per-night hotel room while visiting West Africa.[160]
  13. That was my original thought but I am not sure how much of a difference there is. One big difference is that Stortford has had a significant amount of housebuilding on the periphery of the town. I suspect that these ‘more recent’ residents feel no attachment to the town and are happy to jump in the car to an out of town retail park.
  14. Some towns seem to have got it right. I live between Bishop’s Stortford in Herts and Saffron Walden in Essex. Both ancient market towns. Stortford is a shadow of it’s former self - all coffee and charity shops. The market has about three stalls. Saffron Walden is very different. A very wide variety of shops (including two great butchers and a fishmongers). The market is buzzing - fruit and veg, cheeses, deli, coffees, flowers plus more. Both towns are relatively affluent so I don’t know how one can get it to work and one can’t.
  15. During clear out of shed in addition to half the worlds supply of rawplugs I also found three slabs of pigeon cartridges that I had hidden away in a chest. Add to that the 500 game cartridges that I have left over from the season I think I am well prepared to fight off the hoards of zombies that are predicted.
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