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  1. AVB

    Holidays in UK

    The U.K. is rubbish for holidays. I love the place to live and don’t mind the odd short break but holidays are best abroad. Better value, more dependable weather, a better service culture.
  2. Closing Barcelona, keeping Sunderland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52829348
  3. They said if we didn't adopt the Euro, we'd lose Nissan. They said if we voted Leave, we'd lose Nissan. They said with a 'hard' Brexit, we'd lose Nissan. Funny what Nissan have just announced regarding their Barcelona and Sunderland plants!
  4. AVB

    Jimmys Farm

    Ah. Stopped watching it a few years ago.
  5. AVB

    Jimmys Farm

    I know of Jimmy’s farm but never heard of Adams farm? What/where is it?
  6. Cheers. I don’t mind paying it if it is a reasonable cost but not knowing the work involved thought I would check.
  7. The bottom part of the c post has rotted. The garage I use has quoted £180 to cut it out and weld in a new section. That doesn’t include removing or replacing the panel covering it as I will do that. It seems expensive to me but would appreciate others thoughts. thanks
  8. AVB

    Lawn damage.

    Yesterday, after doing some research, I collected a bucketful of my pee and in the evening liberally sprayed it around the entry point and over the worst affected parts of the lawn. This morning there had been very minimal damage compared to previous nights and the trail cam showed only a fleeting visit by the badger (although a muntjac wasn’t put off by it). I have tried the same this evening. people are walking down the lane muttering “I can smell ****”.
  9. AVB

    Repairing render

    I even bought a pop rivet gun. What trickery is one of those. I agree on YouTube. You name a job that needs doing on a Defender and some poor sod has filmed themselves doing it.
  10. AVB

    Repairing render

    Thanks. All of it needs to be put into the context of me being absolutely **** at diy. Or I was until lockdown! Now I have discovered hidden talents. I am even replacing bits on my Defender. Took a couple of panels off yesterday to replace with new. I am amazing myself.
  11. AVB

    Lord Geordie

    Very good idea. I’m in.
  12. AVB

    Repairing render

    This is the end result. Not prefect but I think the paint will ‘weather’ a bit over time. I thinks it’s better than having a redundant letter box (and the inside flap always fell off which I have plastered over as well).
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