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  1. AVB

    Test Cricket

    Yes was a good contest. I am umpiring tomorrow so won’t get to see any of the test match. Not sure about standing out in the baking sun for 7 hours!
  2. AVB

    Test Cricket

    Rain at the moment. A poor day so far from England.
  3. AVB

    Urban foxes

    I saw a TV documentary once about a pest controller. He was shooting loads of urban foxes in peoples’ gardens. Silenced .22 (I assume) and you didn’t hear a thing.
  4. AVB

    Formula 1

    You mean like the three or four other drivers who suffered punctures, who drove nearly a full lap to get to the pits, and weren’t punished! The car wasn’t shedding rubber or body parts therefore was deemed not dangerous.
  5. AVB

    Bad break

    I’ve been fortunate never to have suffered any major injuries like some of you. My son badly broke his arm aged 11 playing rugby. I remember going into A&E and his arm was, literally, at right angles. I winced, every doctor who saw him winced but he said the pain wasn’t too bad. They did subsequently dose him up in morphine and an 11 year old off his head on morphine is quite funny to watch.
  6. I know some people like Waze but I find it gimmicky with all the different icons flashing on and off. The traffic updates in google maps suits me for when I am in a car that doesn’t have in-built sat nav. some people have so many gadgets attached to their windscreens that they look like an Uber driver.
  7. AVB


    @Farmboy91 it’s clearly something that is upsetting you so if you don’t get any luck in persuading the culprits to invest in one of those horse nappies/bags then I suggest you approach your local newspaper. They are probably looking for stuff other than covid to write about. They might send a photographer and you can stand there looking glum pointing at a pile of ****. It might shame the owners into doing something.
  8. AVB


    I don’t ride but I assume the rider can’t control when the horse *****. In which case do you expect them to get off the horse, tether it somewhere safe, scoop the **** up with the shovel that they need to carry , put into a horse **** sized bag and carry it home with them. Doesn’t seem practical to me.
  9. AVB


    I have horse **** on the lane outside my house and badgers digging up my lawn. I know which one is more inconvenient.
  10. AVB


    Talk about first world problems. There is a global pandemic, we are heading for a big depression and somebody is upset about a bit of horse ****
  11. AVB

    What should one do?

    Twice on early morning journeys to a shoot I have hit deer in my Defender and twice I have dispatched them with my shotgun. Didn’t think twice about it. They were quiet country lanes with nobody about. Would I have done the same on a busy road, mid morning? Not sure. Before I read these posts yes.
  12. I bought a new build in 2005 that had been built where a 1960’s house originally stood and before that houses going back years. All of the original covenants were still in place going back to the early 1900’s restricting us from stabling horses or keeping pigs. Considering it was in the centre of a town I had no intention of either!
  13. We were after another cocker and started looking in January but as soon as lockdown kicked they were getting snapped up extremely quickly. We have now put a deposit down on a blue roan show dog (the wife instead this one is a show dog) that we pick up in four weeks. I’m not saying how much but definitely in the stupid category.
  14. Dom Bess is young (22) and as Nasser said he is learning his trade in the spotlight. It’s good experience for him and he took two wickets in the end. Good result. The highlight for me was Stokes nearly chasing down that boundary off of his own bowling. Great commitment.
  15. It could be that I have more time on my hands and therefore noticing them but there seem to be a lot more butterflies around this year
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