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  1. AVB

    Theresa May's speech today

    No the FTSE is rising because sterling is falling as there is an increased chance of a hard Brexit. As the majority of FTSE constituent companies have large overseas earnings weak sterling means increased revenue (in GBP)
  2. AVB

    Am I mad?

    I’m looking to sell my 2003 110 if anybody is I the market for one. Now that I am working abroad it isn’t getting the use it needs. If anybody interests PM me and i’ll share details. It’ll be good value.
  3. AVB

    Tesla one year on

    Very little. Lubrication of drive shafts iirc. I’ll let you know as mine is due for its first year check up soon. Interestingly you don’t have to have it serviced (anywhere) in order to maintain the warranty!
  4. AVB

    Tesla one year on

    The car will factor in a reserve (ancillary equipment usage is negligible). If things got bad then the car would limit your speed in order to increase range. The biggest variable is the weather - rain saps about 10% consumption - but as I said the car works out how much you are using and fairly accurately predicts your usage, even allowing to differences in terrain. I know why people worry about range and when you first get an EV you do get range anxiety but it soon passes as you learn to trust the car. I don’t believe it would take sub three hours either. That was using a simple phone app to plot charger usage. The car Satnav is google based with Tesla add ons for charger information etc. The point I was making was that it would only be 10-15 minutes longer, to allow for a top up en-route, at a fraction of the cost of petrol/diesel. I didn’t buy it because it is ‘green’ but rather because of the tech and as I said originally it made sense vs a new Discovery. Even my wife has got used to it.
  5. AVB

    Tesla one year on

    It depends on how empty the battery is as it slows down the fuller it gets. But assuming you were say 20% then 15 minutes would give you another 40% or 80 miles. The thing is you only fill up as much as you need to. Unlike a normal car where you normally fill to the brim with an EV you don't. If you only need another 10% to get you home (including contingency) then that is all you put in (the car will tell you). Then leave it to charge up overnight at home or at your destination. It takes a while to get used to the concept but once you learn to trust the car it is very easy. Often I have stopped for a coffee and the car has pinged me to tell me that is has enough charge to get to its destination before I have got to the front of the queue!
  6. AVB

    Tesla one year on

    I put Nottingham to Thorney Island into the app on my phone and it says 2hr 40mins of driving plus a stop of 15minutes at Winchester for a slurp of volts. The sat nav in the car would give a far more accurate assessment as it monitors usage in real-time.
  7. AVB

    Tesla one year on

    Why are people fixated with range? Why 500 miles? Do you ever drive 500 miles non stop? And car batteries aren't like phone batteries (which I suspect are designed to degrade so that you buy a new one). There are EV's out there that have done 200,000 miles and been through thousands of recharge cycles with minimal degradation (10-15%). The battery management software on these cars is vastly superior to that in a phone. And yes Musk is a knob. He is a genius but, like a lot of geniuses he is flawed in many aspects.
  8. AVB

    Tesla one year on

    I get about 200 miles out of mine (180-220 depending on weather). But you have to stop worrying about that as it is different to a normal car where one fills up to the brim. With an EV you just put in enough to get to the next charging point. For example if I am doing a 250 mile trip I won’t run till empty and then spend 30-40?minutes filling up. I will stop en-route at a suitable supercharger for 10 minutes (and get a coffee) to get me enough charge to get to my destination. It takes a while to get your head around it but the car sorts all of that out for you. Rod Stewart.
  9. AVB

    The mrs and energy drinks

    Kylie, kylie. Reminds me of various ‘Men Behaving Badly’ scenes.
  10. AVB

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    So that’s Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet. They don’t look dodgy to me. Although Carlos Slim Helu (#7 in the worlds Rich list) does look dodgy. Must be him. Elon Musk is 55th on the list. He defiantly seems like a James Bond villain.
  11. AVB

    Airport check-in online

    I wondered if you were expecting the airline to send somebody around to pick it up for you!
  12. AVB

    Airport check-in online

    Er you take them to the airport with you. You still have to ‘check’ them in although there may be a shorter ‘bag drop’ queue.
  13. AVB

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    So who are the ‘the bankers’ you refer to? Do you mean specific people, the CEO’s of Banks for example? And the biggest shareholders in arms manufacturers are fund managers. They have no interest in causing a war in order to increase the value of one of their many shareholding’s as the value of many more would fall. So that leaves media moguls.
  14. AVB

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    So Rewulf who do you think is pulling the strings?