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  1. AVB

    Permanent Weed Killing

    Also get a gravel rake (if it is large you can get one to tow behind a quad bike). It breaks up any weeds seeded in the gravel.
  2. AVB

    Bridge on the River Kwai

    I I have been to this and a number of the CWG cemeteries in Asia. I also went to the Remembrance day service at Kranji Cemetery in Singapore a few times. All very moving.
  3. AVB

    Car suffocating in heat

    Could you try more free flow air filter? K&N for example?
  4. PS,

    He's been there 15 years as a worker, teaching.

    1. Hi Andrew,

       My B IN Law works there and has just come back for his 6 week break, what is it you would like to know and I will ask him.

      Regards John

      1. This isn’t an attempt to start a debate on the merits of EV vs ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles but the techies amongst you might want to have a read of this to see what happens in a high performance electric car. http://www.motortrend.com/news/a-closer-look-at-the-2017-tesla-model-s-p100d-ludicrous-acceleration-run/
      2. AVB


        Possibly. I am still in Tokyo at the moment but am in discussion about a fairly chunky piece of work out there.
      3. AVB


        Has anybody on here lived and worked in Qatar? If so could the PM me please. Thanks Andrew
      4. AVB

        Environmental question....

        I said I didn’t buy it because it was green. I bought it because it was a great bit of kit. Tesla superchargers are free (paid for by Tesla so you could argue that I have paid for it via the car) And yes I suppose you do subsidise some elements. Good isn’t it! I suggest you complain to the government instead of whinging to me.
      5. AVB

        Environmental question....

        As I said electric won’t suit all needs. I didn’t buy my car because of its green credentials but lets dispel some of the myths quoted here: 1) battery life. Age is irrelevant, it’s cycles of recharge that matter. There are Tesla’s that have got 150,000 miles on them that have been through thousands of recharge cycles with no material impact. 10% reduction in range. Laptops and phones don’t have the sophisticated software to manage battery life that cars have. Phone makers want you to buy a new phone every two years! 2) most people don’t need to do journeys of hundreds of miles. The majority are relatively short. 3) when doing long journeys you don’t need to fill from empty to 100%. You fill enough to get to your destination. It’s not like driving a petrol car where you typically fill the tank up. The longest journey I have done is 300 miles which required a stop en route of 15 minutes I would have stopped for a coffee anyway. Plenty of Tesla drivers drive to the South of France, Spain and Italy. It might take a couple of hours longer but more relaxing (and free!). 4) high capacity chargers (such as the Tesla superchargers) are increasing all the time. They will take you from 10% to 80% in about 20 minutes. See 3 above. 5) range doesnt drop dramatically at night. LED lights use little power likewise heating and air-con not material. Cold weather impacts the range until the battery has warmed up (like a petrol car). On a long journey it’s not material and on a short journey it doesn’t matter as you top up again when home. Rain, surprisingly, has probably the biggest impact on range. 6) not having off road parking is a disadvantage but many of EV owners in London cope. They charge at work or in car parks. 7) don’t tell me that a battery is more dangerous than driving a car contains 100l of petrol! Petrol cars catch fire all of the time especially in accident. Yes car batteries can catch fire if in an accident but normally not immediately. They are a slow burn but yes hard to put out. 8. Then insurance on my Tesla was cheaper than for my Discovery. 9) they are cheap to run. Free/cheap electricity, no/lower car tax, no congestion charge and from 2020 BIK tax reduces to 2%. And if Hydrogen is the way forward why aren’t the car manufacturers investing in it? Nobody is. Most if not all are investing in EV’s. But many people won’t be convinced.
      6. AVB

        Environmental question....

        Hydrogen on it own isn’t the solution as it is a very inefficient fuel and takes a lot of energy to create. Electricity isn’t the answer for ALL situations. I predict that your will see electricity used for the majority of cars including light and semi-light commercial vehicles with bio fuels, perhaps created from CO2, used to power heavy plant. You may know that I drive a Tesla and would add that the majority of journeys don’t need you to drive 200+ miles, some Teslas can already do 300+ miles and the model 3 saloon being launched will have a range of 350 miles. Perfectly adequate for the vast majority of drivers.
      7. AVB

        Range Rover v Discovery

        I have had discoveries and range rovers for the last 20 years and I must have been lucky as mine have been pretty reliable. Had the discoveries more recently as liked the 7 seats. Prefer my Telsa now though 😳
      8. What’s that got to do with being mugged? He got mugged because he was wearing a Rolex not because he was driving a 4x4!
      9. AVB

        Mini windfall...

        I think you are missing a trick. Why are you not drawing down your private pension? At the moment you appear to be losing out on your £10k annual tax allowance. I would take the 25% tax free lump sum now along with £10k pa tax free first rather than drawing down your isa.
      10. AVB

        Tommy Robinson

        I take quite a simple view. I interpret an ‘ism’ as a generalisation of a sector of the community for example: Insinuating that all Pakistanis are Rapist is racist. Saying that xxxx, who happens to be a Pakistani, who was convicted of rape, isn’t racist. Saying that yyyyy (who hasn’t been convicted of anything) who happens to be a Pakistani is therfore a rapist, is racist. Not giving a Jewish person a job because he isn’t qualified isn’t racist. Not giving a person a job because he is Jewish is racist.