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  1. I was chatting with a Caterham driver in the car park last week. It was cold, filthy day so no idea why he was out ‘shopping’ in it. He said he just like driving it in all weathers but he did look frozen. I am going to take a look when car showrooms open again.
  2. Go to a private GP. I tend to use private GP’s more than the NHS as you can at least get appointments. I had depression and drugs issues in the early 2000’s but none of it shows up on my medical records.
  3. Just read this from BASC. It lists the police forces that currently demand a GP signature for SGC. https://basc.org.uk/med/
  4. I was in local Sainsbury’s today. Definitely less fruit and veg than normal. Lots of carrots and apples but not a lot of anything else. Salad was particularly sparse. it could just be that it was a Friday and was inbetween deliveries or because of the Brexit ‘problem’.
  5. Thanks. Probably got that to look forward to. And this is where it gets ridiculous. Like many people I don’t use one GP. Yes I have a NHS one, and that is who hold my records, but I see private GP’s across the world (can’t get an appointment with NHS when I need it) so my ‘records’ are far from complete. If I needed to see a GP about depression or drug abuse I certainly wouldn’t see my NHS one and I’d keep it off the books.
  6. I have had a SGC since the 80’s with Herts, Norfolk & Suffolk and now Essex and never had to provide medical details. Last renewed in 2017 so perhaps it’s changed since then.
  7. I didn’t think you needed a GP to sign off on a shotgun certificate. Thought you only had to answer a few questions yourself.
  8. Try this 1k 2 minute rest 750m 2 minute rest 500m 2 minute rest 250m 2 minute rest 750m finish 11 minutes is the target. I am 12:07 at the moment.
  9. Get an assault bike. Great workout.
  10. I was walking past a closed Vodafone store today and noticed a massive amount of white smoke billowing around inside and seeping out the door. Fearing a fire I peered inside to be met by two workmen coming out looking very puzzled. They were doing some work inside and set off an alarm that immediately fills the shop with dense smoke. Apparently it’s designed to stop raiders coming in and grabbing as many phones as they can. Never heard of these before but from what I saw I imagine they would be very effective.
  11. I wouldn’t show anything to a member of the public. Why do you think you would lose your ticket?
  12. That’s funny because on the BBC Website they are reporting the following “Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida **** told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the trip had not been "against the law - that's for sure”.” www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-politics-55630164
  13. The police believe that was the case however that’s just their opinion and the police have been know to lie before. Who knows.
  14. I am fortunate in that I can walk to most of my permissions but have driven occasionally. I don’t believe anybody has been fined for legitimate pest control but if they were to be I reckon it would be withdrawn on appeal as many of the fines are anyway. My take is that if you can be fussy over going or not going then you aren’t undertaking essential pest control and not complying the terms of the General Licences. My farmer has made it clear he doesn’t want people who pick and chose when they come out.
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