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  1. AVB

    Road kills ???.

    Dog flushed a hen pheasant whilst we were walking back to the house this morning. It flew strongly for about 50m before crashing into the upstairs window and falling dead on my doorstep. Sunday lunch sorted (for me at least).
  2. AVB

    Oh Jeremy!

    He won because a lot of Conservatives like myself voted for him. The best thing ever to happen the Labour Party!
  3. It’s going to go on regardless though. Lockdown or no lockdown. The reduction in infections earlier in the year was as much to do with the weather as lockdown. Now it’s winter we just have to learn to live with it.
  4. AVB

    Oh Jeremy!

    I hadn’t appreciated that the hatred from the Left went back so far. The far right just hate anybody who isn’t one of them (blacks, Jews, gays etc) but I didn’t understand the view from the left. I know a number of Jewish people. Some are good and others are *****. Just like any other race/religion. I like Israel’s “couldn’t give a ****” attitude.
  5. AVB

    Sunak & Charles

    Not sure. There are so many fanatics in the party. I can’t see them going down without a fight.
  6. AVB

    Sunak & Charles

    The real good news is that there will be open warfare within the Labour Party.
  7. AVB

    squirrel control

    I shot a squirrel in the garden today as it was hanging on a branch picking acorns. I hit it with a .22 from my springer at about 25 yards. I had a good sight of it and had a safe backstop with the trunk behind it. Smacked it between the ears from behind a killed instantly. The strange thing was that it clamped it’s teeth on the branch and was just hanging there stone cold dead. I eventually had to knock it down with a broom handle. anybody seen that before?
  8. AVB

    Oh Jeremy!

    I thought the Left Wingers dislike of Jews was due to the Palestine situation.
  9. AVB

    BBC Statement

    He is trying to make it applicable to freelancers as well. Not sure how successful he will be.
  10. AVB

    BBC Statement

    I recon double that. If not more. Plus VAT of course.
  11. Both. During the week will be fairly local but weekend from Essex to Hull.
  12. MIL has a 450h. Does the job but terrible fuel consumption and small tank so she feels she is forever filling up. I think that's a common problem with hybrids as you are lugging around an engine and battery.
  13. Thanks. So MotorGP is the bike equivalent of F1 and Superbikes are Touring cars?
  14. I don’t understand motorbike racing but how does superbike compare with MotorGP? Which one is the pinnacle of bike racing?
  15. Most Companies moved away from final salary schemes which left them with such a liability years ago. Nowadays the risk is with the employee. Unless you are in the public sector where final salary is more common.
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