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  1. I have just got home from that bar having watched the game (I am living in Tokyo at the moment). One of the best nights of my life. Everybody bar a couple of Scotland fans were supporting Japan. And to be fair to the Scots they were humble in defeat. Rugby crowds really are the best.
  2. England vs France is cancelled due to Typhoon. Really pee’d off as I had just bought a ticket. The good news is that means England top the group and get a long break before the QF but will that help? Also bought a ticket for the final in the hope that England make it.
  3. I was there! Really great atmosphere but yes the game itself went a bit flat once we had the bonus point. Then hot footed it back into Tokyo to watch the Japan Vs samoa game in the bar (well from outside as it was heaving). The highlight of the night was the Japanese police getting confused by lots of drunk ‘gaijin’ having fun. Their polite loudhailer demands were ”please clear the road” - it wasn’t actually road more a footpath. “Please be quiet” - followed by lots of ssssshhhhhhhh’ing in return “Please go home” - this fell on deaf ears. I was then interviewed by Japanese TV who wanted to understand what was going on.
  4. AVB


    I was Cub Scout conker king. 1972 I think.
  5. Phew. Long weekend. Fantastic atmosphere again everybody who wasn’t Irish was supporting Japan. This is the (Japanese) barman after benefiting from all of the whisky shots celebrating the win.
  6. Same as companies claiming they have vegan leather (Tesla day that their cars now have vegan leather seats). I call it plastic.
  7. Living in Japan I am taking advantage of the RWC being here. It is rekindling my desire for live rugby and partying.last night finished for me at 02:00 in a bar singing stupid songs and I haven’t drunk for 19 years until the RWC started Do it. Travel around see different stadiums and teams play. Here they are selling country packs - all the group games for a particularly country or stadium packs - all of the group games in a stadium.
  8. The Japanese do get into their sports. I went a soccer match recently and while it wasn’t the same as a top tier U.K. game they sing and dance all through the match. All of their sports crowds are very family oriented. I would hate for them to host the soccer World Cup as the agro would be completely alien to them.
  9. I have been in Japan for 18 months so am used to it but yes humidity is high and does sap you very quickly. Was a great game and atmosphere. The Japanese have really taken to it. All of the staff at the stadium really seem to enjoy the crowds. Although I think they are surprised, and struggle a bit, with dealing with selling so much beer!
  10. AVB


    Absolutely brilliant speech from Geoffrey Cox today. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-politics-49827307/attorney-general-tells-mps-this-parliament-is-a-disgrace
  11. I have managed to get a ticket for tomorrow’s England vs USA game in Kobe. Now just got to get a bullet train from Tokyo. Hopefully there will still be space.
  12. Really great buzz out here at the moment. Loads, and I mean loads or Ireland fans. Great fun in the bars with plenty of banter between the English, Irish, Saffas, Kiwis and a few Fijians. The Welsh ‘fans’ definitely seem the ‘nastiest’ and have a generally anti English vibe. It’s almost bordering on being soccer like. Mind you I did get a drunken kiss off one Welshman but he had lots of stubble.
  13. I am in Tokyo at the moment (have been for past 18 months). Great atmosphere. The Japanese have really taken to following the rugby.
  14. Sorry I don't have the time to try to debate with somebody who throws words around like CDO without really understanding what they are and how 2018 is different to 2008. If you do please enlighten me. I am going to bed as I need to be up early as I am finishing restructuring a CDO desk and a Stock Lending/borrowing business and then fly back to the UK on Saturday so time is short!
  15. Do you know how the CDO market is different today to what it was 10 years ago? By quoting what you are quoting I suspect not. “Where has all that money in the market come from...they have no assets”. That doesn’t even make sense. What market? Who are they? What assets are you referring to? “Public borrowing huge sums to bet on the stock market”. Where is your data to back that up? The stock market is dominated by institutional investors not Jo Soap. More of the public people bet on horses and fruit machines than the stock market.
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