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  1. I’ve recently bought a junior shotgun and introduced my son (8) to the basics of shooting safety and shooting tin cans (always closely supervised obviously). id like to help him develop his shooting without getting too many bad habits but at the moment his attention span and strength aren’t up to formal lessons etc. Are there any recommended books or videos that I could watch in order to help me coach him at a basic level? all the best mike
  2. I’ve just bought a s/h Yildiz .410 multi choke for my son, but the spare chokes were not with it. anyone know where I can get spares to fit it??
  3. Fair point! at first (and for quite some time) he’ll be very closely supervised and only shooting clays with me. We’d be shooting for only a short time in case he gets too tired, If he had any problems holding it steady I’d be on hand.
  4. My Son is now expressing an interest in shooting a shotgun! He’s doing really well with an air rifle and despite only being 7 he’s pretty big for his age..... what would the general consensus be for a starting out gun, .410 or 20ga? I know .410 may be harder for him to hit clays (tighter pattern etc) but will a 20ga be too much recoil?
  5. Thought I had sold this but due to a time waster this is still available
  6. I bought it on a whim and then had the barrel done as the previous owner had chopped the original to 18” (not very efficient for a 25-06). since having it back from the gunsmith (about 2 years) I’ve developed a load for it but only taken it out stalking maybe 1/2 a dozen times. I tend to use my other rifle...... i guess it’s time I move it on and try to recoup some of the money I have invested in it!
  7. Scope now sold separately. Rings gone. I will sell the rifle for £900 (it's got to go price slash!)
  8. This is my rifle, it's still for sale but the g watch listing has expired. PM me if there is any interest. Price is negotiable!!!! I can also do as a package with the zeiss duralyt 3-12 X 50 that's on it (for £1400 all in including rfd!)
  9. I'll now accept £1100 for the rifle and throw in the Optilocks!
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