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  1. The world has lost a true gentleman. RIP Tony
  2. I've got one the same year. Mate of mine who is a merc specialist reckons they are excellent engines if theyve had regular services. Same engine as the Sprinter vans and they'll do mega mileage no problem
  3. I built my own. Just used normal 6mm i think ply wood and made sure it was well painted. I constructed the main wooden box by gorilla gluing the sides together and using some lengths of triangular wooden strips in the corners to add strength. For the front i welded up a frame from 10mm steel and cover the door with mesh from a fire screen. I bought the door locks and side handles from ebay. They were the most expensive bits ! All in it looks really good and wouldnt pay for another Trans K9 as i have in the past
  4. This is my gun, so if you need any info just drop me a message. I'm Near Darlington, County Durham Also open to offers Cheers
  5. I went over Xmas. Great ground. The facilities have been improved with a nice big deck and seating outside and the ground itself has had a few changes. Still has great layouts and well worth a trip
  6. Just a quick thanks to Old Boggy. He has posted a piece of antler, a brass collar, a piece of thread bar for a dowel and some caps pieces for the tips of the antler. He wouldnt even let me pay the postage ! I am totally blown away that someone has taken the time to package all this stuff up and pay for postage from their own pocket to post something to an internet stranger. Really has made my day ! Thanks Old Boggy !!
  7. Thanks for the replies , His current stick is just a wooden thumb stick which he managed to break one side of the Y bit off the top. Idea was to get a bit of antler, drill both antler and cut off stick top , then epoxy a thread bar dowel in to keep both bits together. Doable ?
  8. Hi, Son has managed to break the top off his thumbstick. It would be fixable if i can get hold of a bit of y shaped deer antler. Any ideas where i can buy some. There are bits on e bay but it looks a bit hit and miss Cheers
  9. Stihl with a 3 pronged blade. Its the only thing i've used which doesnt constantly get clogged up.
  10. So spoke to my GP who said if something needs filling in, tough, they're too busy. Fortunately after speaking to Durham Firearms they just said send in all your forms etc and we will contact your GP if required. I'm hoping that the 4 months I've left before my current one expires will be enough. Cheers all
  11. Sounds like I need to give the doctor a ring tomorrow too then. Hopefully if I get it sorted in the next week or two, I may get lucky Cheers gents
  12. My licence is up for renewal in July. Given that my doctors is only seeing emergency cases at the moment, and are unlikely to have the time to fill out my renewal paperwork for the foreseeable, What do I do ? I will be ringing the licencing office tomorrow to get their advice, but the question is, do I absolutely have to get a letter from my doctor ? Can I put the paperwork in now, 4 months early, and hope for the best ? What would you guys do ? Cheers
  13. Thanks all. I think that we have made the decision to leave this litter and we'll keep looking. So if anyone knows of any litters of good working labs in the durham / north yorks area, please let me know Thanks
  14. Hi All, We have found a litter of pups who we really like the look of. However, Neither Dam nor Sire have been health tested. The parents / grandparents have been tested and show decent, if not great Hip scores. The breeder is asking strong money for the dogs for this area, and I have seen both Dam and Sire who both looked lovely. Breeder seems a very genuine guy and just says that a lot of time the tests are a waste of time and tell you nothing of how the pup may turn out later in life, so he wont waste his money. Question is , How critical are the health tests ? From what I understand the hip scores give no guarantee that the pups suffer with hip dysplasia later in life. Would you discount them from the off or should I carry on with them ? Advice would be welcomed !
  15. Our village has a Green Energy Trust. Basically if you have a few quid you can pay in to it like a savings scheme and it pays a higher rate of interest than the banks do. If your not in a position to pay in, you can borrow from it to put solar panels on your roof, assuming your house is suitable. We borrowed and have to pay back any money received from the energy company we sell to. Eventually, in approx 10 years, we will own them outright. Up until then we have the free use of any power which is generated. Does a bit for the environment, keeps our bills down, and makes a few quid for the people who pay in. Win Win
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