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  1. So spoke to my GP who said if something needs filling in, tough, they're too busy. Fortunately after speaking to Durham Firearms they just said send in all your forms etc and we will contact your GP if required. I'm hoping that the 4 months I've left before my current one expires will be enough. Cheers all
  2. Sounds like I need to give the doctor a ring tomorrow too then. Hopefully if I get it sorted in the next week or two, I may get lucky Cheers gents
  3. My licence is up for renewal in July. Given that my doctors is only seeing emergency cases at the moment, and are unlikely to have the time to fill out my renewal paperwork for the foreseeable, What do I do ? I will be ringing the licencing office tomorrow to get their advice, but the question is, do I absolutely have to get a letter from my doctor ? Can I put the paperwork in now, 4 months early, and hope for the best ? What would you guys do ? Cheers
  4. Thanks all. I think that we have made the decision to leave this litter and we'll keep looking. So if anyone knows of any litters of good working labs in the durham / north yorks area, please let me know Thanks
  5. Hi All, We have found a litter of pups who we really like the look of. However, Neither Dam nor Sire have been health tested. The parents / grandparents have been tested and show decent, if not great Hip scores. The breeder is asking strong money for the dogs for this area, and I have seen both Dam and Sire who both looked lovely. Breeder seems a very genuine guy and just says that a lot of time the tests are a waste of time and tell you nothing of how the pup may turn out later in life, so he wont waste his money. Question is , How critical are the health tests ? From what I understand the hip scores give no guarantee that the pups suffer with hip dysplasia later in life. Would you discount them from the off or should I carry on with them ? Advice would be welcomed !
  6. Our village has a Green Energy Trust. Basically if you have a few quid you can pay in to it like a savings scheme and it pays a higher rate of interest than the banks do. If your not in a position to pay in, you can borrow from it to put solar panels on your roof, assuming your house is suitable. We borrowed and have to pay back any money received from the energy company we sell to. Eventually, in approx 10 years, we will own them outright. Up until then we have the free use of any power which is generated. Does a bit for the environment, keeps our bills down, and makes a few quid for the people who pay in. Win Win
  7. Wasn't Dave at Front Line Motorsport was it ? He's a decent bloke and used to run the track over the road
  8. Just sent some over, let me know if you if they don't land Cheers
  9. I'll send you some pics in the morning mate Cheers
  10. I have a Kids Seeland Jacket in a Size 10, with trousers and a fleece in size 8. I think they are called the Eton Range. All In good condition, but have been used so there may be the odd snag etc. I bought these when my lad started beating with me when he was about 7 as I wanted him to be warm and comfortable so he would last the day. They lasted him until he was about 9. They have been absolutely brilliant, but he's now outgrown them so someone else can get some use out of them. I'd like £50 for the lot, pick up from Darlington or I can post for an extra £5 Any questions drop me a line Cheers
  11. My wife volunteers for the Lost Dog Trapping Team. From experience if your dog is spooked and goes into flight mode, there is not a lot you can do to get it back until it settles down. They will live outdoors for months until they hopefully get caught. They stay near water and a food source, usually fruit trees etc. She got into it when a friends dog disappeared while they were on holiday. Lovely family pet turned wild in minutes. We spent a week chasing the dog around our local area until the owner came back and it walked straight up to him like nothing had happened. We cooked BBq's, left scent trails for her to follow, used trail cams to keep track of her, we always knew roughly where she was but we could never get hold of her. We were told they tend to find somewhere relatively quiet as a base, then range out in big triangles. Sure enough when we plotted sightings of her they were all in a perfect triangle. Really odd
  12. Lovely, Thanks all who have pointed me in the right direction.
  13. Thanks for all the help so far. Can i ask how you find all the info. I looked on the Kennel club site but cant see how to join if i'm not a breeder trying to register a puppy ? The Welbury connection is probably quite promising, I've shot at their clay club on a Wednesday so someone there may know the owners of Welburygrange Cartlend. Must say it all gets quite interesting when you start digging. Cheers
  14. Hi All, Thanks for all the input so far. Her Registered Name was 'Emmellodge Tilly'. We got her from Joe Townsend of the Hurworth hunt, and the Sire was one of Les Dixon's of Mountgrace Guns dogs. I'm just curious to know if its possible to see younger siblings rather than the family history. I'll drop Les an email, as I know he kept one of Tilly Sisters, and see if he ever bred from her. I'm not daft enough to think I would get the same dog, there will only ever be one 'Tilly Super Gundog' , but it would just be a nice nod in her direction when we finally feel ready to get another. Thanks to everyone
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