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  1. Another vote for the Grandfors Bruk splitting maul. Makes short work of things
  2. Theres a young lad called Alec Steel who started out on Youtube but now has a show on History. He's pretty good too
  3. I detest Christmas dinner with a passion. All the fuss and stress means that no one really get to enjoy any of it. If there is the slightest problem, it get blown out of all proportion and arguments ensue. Every year without fail I end up sat there at 6pm wishing I could just go home. I thought this year was going to be different. I thought we were at home, just me , the Mrs and my two kids. We were going to have pork pies and snacks and nibbles all day. Basically wanted to just suit ourselves. Since found out the wife's parents have played the 'Your Grandma could be dead next year' card so now we all have to traipse round there. I dread it every year. Bloody hate Christmas day , but boxing day I get out shooting with the Boy and my dog, Love it !!
  4. Alex C

    Mini One

    Thanks for the replies. I think i'll give it a miss if the gear box is going to drop out half way to work The search continues !!
  5. Alex C

    Mini One

    Chaps, Not shooting related but ive been offered a Mini One for decent money to replace my about knackerd Ford Focus. The car is only really used to get me 3 hrs down the M1 and back once a week. It needs to last a year tops. Basically like the Focus, it will be used, abused then scrapped. Question is, what are these like on long runs. Will it be a nightmare 6 hrs stuck in a tin box, or are these more like a proper car to drive ? Will it be revving itself to death or will it cruise happily at 80mph ? Its a petrol one, not sure on engine size. Are they economical enough ? Cheers
  6. Nope, but I do have 6 Nations Tickets !!
  7. Another vote for the Stihl easy sharpener. Dead easy to use and really quick. From blunt to sharp in a couple of minutes and you cant really get it wrong
  8. Ive got them on my Vitara. Bit noisy but they are great in the mud. Seem to be wearing ok too
  9. had Karndean in our last house. Brilliant stuff. Make sure you get a good installer as it makes all the difference
  10. Alex C


    Right, Have narrowed it down to 3 Louis Royer Force 53 Cognac Brandy 50cl Baron De Sigognac 70cl Chateau Du Tariquet XO Bas Armagnac 70 cl What do we reckon chaps ?
  11. Alex C


    A mate of mine has done me a few favours lately and I want to buy him a decent bottle as a thank you. He drinks brandy. I wouldn't know a good one from a bad one ! Recommendations appreciated. Budget £30 - 40 ish. Cheers
  12. Thanks All, Just fired in an email to see if they'll replace mine. How likely are they to do it due to the fact it was my own ham fistedness that snapped it in the first place ?
  13. Do the sunday every year. Hoping for top ten this year
  14. I've got a Gerber Multi tool with a broken blade, Can you let me know who you emailed to get it fixed ? Cheers
  15. Just paid £350 to have my Tag Aqua Racer serviced. All the pins and links have been changed, which is great, except its now too tight !!
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