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    rock climbing, fishing and starting shooting
  1. sounds nice might hae to try this one day
  2. thanks for the video very clear and easy to understand
  3. well done good shooting
  4. when i started shooting clays i used a over under with this sight and it really helped as you clearly know where you are aiming wilst you are looking at the target
  5. i was looking at co2 for my air rifle today and was wondering is there is any diffrence from brands of 12g co2 as i can find quite a price range for the same amount of capsules so wanted to know if i should buy the cheapest or the best brand
  6. well done looks like a great days shooting and glad that your mate learned alot by the end of it
  7. got my gun sighted in today was ment to do it sooner but the dam weather keep getting in the way i get pellet on pellet at 10 yards now so think will do the trick and will see what happend i am hopefull going shooting tomorrow if the weathers right and would just like to say thanks for the advise to everyone who replyed
  8. well done what are you going to be shooting on it??
  9. ok i will get more pratice first i am going down on sunday so will see what happens then hopefully might bag somthing
  10. hi every one at pigeon watch i have already posted a topic but i though i would say hi aswell i am starting air rifle shooting for rabbit and thats what my pother post is about and i read alot of post and found them very useful so would just like to say thanks
  11. saves moneys on shells just get statue's to fall on them
  12. alot of people do eat pigeon but rats just put them in a bush out of the way
  13. ahha made me laugh when i saw that
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