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  1. Thanks for the replies. Anyone use an Alko mower, looking at the 51.8 sp-a with 21 inch deck?
  2. Any recommendations for petrol lawnmower with 20 inch+ cut and self propelled. Mulch and side discharge options as well. Lawn size around 1600-1800m2. Price around £400 TIA
  3. Lightforce 170 in good working order, will include amber filter with it. Pics to follow. £65 posted
  4. As per title. Brand new in the box 600 lumen model. £40 posted 2nd class recorded Any questions PM me. Will post pictures later.
  5. ... anyone got one of these? Any views welcome. TIA
  6. Jolly boots, the riot squad ones. Gore tex and very comfortable. What size feet have you got? Might be able to sort you out with a pair.
  7. Just a quick one, having fitted a new EGR valve to a 2007 A4 2.0 TDI is it necessary to reset EGR by VAGCOM?? TIA
  8. Looking at a 2016 model which is discounted, just wondering what it will cost me per month.
  9. Yes, cycle to work. Giant talon mtb.
  10. tikka.223

    Cycle scheme

    Anyone know what the monthly costs would be on a bike costing £700 on the cycle scheme? TIA
  11. Another for ASE Utra Jet Z compact.
  12. Currnetly planning a trip from Cairnryan to Inverness and looking for places of interest and good B&B's en route, trip spread over 3-4 days. Hope to be travelling up the west side then cutting across to Inverness. Any recommendations welcomed. TIA
  13. AccuTrigger adjustable down to 1.5lbs???
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