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  1. Hello and seasons greetings to you all. I've recently carved a pheasant head on a stick I am making and wondering what type of paint to use, acrylic or oil based? Is this the sort of thing I can obtain from a craft shop? thanks for reading
  2. Dawsie

    Game pie

    Anyone know where I can buy a proper game pie?
  3. Yes you are right, white Friday deals are just as important, I’m surprised our cousins across the pond haven’t jumped on that one🤔
  4. Any Black Friday deal alerts?
  5. Anyone do pickled eggs? any particular recipe for the spiced vinegar? Cheers
  6. Hi Steve, i have been taking a turmeric capsule (anti inflammatory) each day for the last 6 weeks, it’s definitely made a difference to my old joints, wife says I’m not complaining like I used to, well not about aching joints anyway. I think the trick is to stick with the course and not give up after a couple of weeks. Give it a go, nothing to lose. All the best
  7. Anyone have a surplus of rabbits or pigeons available please?
  8. Hello If there is anyone on this site who lives/hunts in the South Wales region and is able/willing to provide some free game to key workers I would be willing to work with them to help to distribute to those who would be grateful to receive. Like many towns, things are looking pretty grim in my home town at the moment, the local butchers are struggling to supply even chickens, a farmer friend told me that ewes have tripled in price in the last three days, even the ubiquitous rabbit has all but disappeared, so it's not good where I am. My wife is a school manager who is keeping
  9. How and Country boy with Jack Hargreaves
  10. I've got a chest freezer to give away if anyone can be bothered to come and pick it up, I'm in Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, S Wales, CF61 1RR. It's about 4ft x 2ft x 3ft deep, in good working order. Cheers
  11. Hello, Anyone have a tasty (not too difficult) game pie recipe please? Looking for the cold pork pie type and not the hot steak & kidney type. Cheers
  12. Sorted now thanks...………………………….
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