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  1. I was given that picture a few years ago and live just outside Tewkesbury. Must be a local artist
  2. If you are serious about having a trial dog I'd make an effort to speak to one of the top trailers and get some training tips. Personally I think you need to keep it as a trial dog and don't shoot over it yourself. Take it out, have someone shoot one bird over it put the dog away. You need to be able to put it on birds a lot and make sure its steady as a rock. My dog was rock solid until I started shooting over him and it all went Pete Tong, but he's a great walked up shooting dog, which is what I really want.
  3. YouTube, Hunter the German Wirehaired Pointer. GoPros are great but you can't appreciate distance on the videos very much. I've got a head mount for it and one for the dog. Great seeing it from their point of view.
  4. Thanks. That was on a hare if it’s the one where he’s running hard. I never tire of that and I get more out of the dog work than actually shooting.
  5. Just watched that video. I know some of the people there and have shot over the GWP and 2 of the Brittanys. I think it was a novice training day and probably not fair to judge the dogs based on that. Two of the dogs were are now in open field trials and another has a novice award. I was shooting with the GWP ad his owner last month on the 12th. I've tried videoing some of what I have done but its not easy shooting, handling and trying to record at the same time. Also video of a dog running a pattern in a big field is a bit boring. If you search for Hunter the German Wirehaired Point
  6. My dogs adapt to where they are working to be honest. On a moor he really does get out far and wide. I've been fortunate to have a whole moor to myself with not many grouse so he really did have to work hard for them. Basically he knows what he's there to do and I just watch him work and wait for the point. He is steady and waits until I get there to flush. He's not as steady to shot as he should be but as it's me shooting over him its not normally an issue. When I'm shooting with him at home he still has to cover the ground in the big open fields but then we get into woods and spinneys h
  7. Having seen the recent post on Pointers that started the discussion on HPRs I was wondering what people actually use their HPRs for. I have GWPs and use them for rough shooting, grouse counting and walked up grouse, tracking when stalking should the need arise, foxing, rabbits, pigeon and a bit of crow shooting. I have done working tests and trials with the one also. Everything I have shot they will retrieve, even the roe.
  8. I shoot over my German Wirehaired Pointers. This season I’ve shot grouse, pheasant, partridge, ducks, snipe, woodcock, rabbits, foxes and deer over them. He runs in sometimes but I shoot on my own ground and to be honest I don’t care if he does as long as he makes the retrieve. I think a lot of people get HPRs and don’t have the right ground to work them so just use them as a beating dog and that really isn’t what they are bred for.
  9. I've got three of the DT ones. They belong to the club I'm part of but I've used them for some training days for HPR's. They work really well but you obviously need a supply of birds to make it worth while.
  10. Dirty Harry


    Anyone having an issue viewing the site from their mobiles? I've just tried and it says I'm banned and don't have permission to view the site.
  11. Yes, they will also retrieve cats. I think its more a case of not many people have the ground to hunt them as they should be and trying to make the dog to a job its not really bred for. I agree with your comments about temperament and epilepsy but in recent years things have improved a lot.
  12. I have two but the older one is now retired. I use the younger one for rough shooting, grouse counting and shooting and a bit of tracking and fox control. I shoot over him a lot during the season. I wouldn't have one for beating or picking up as I think there are better choices for that however I know people who do very well with them at this. My younger one is 40kg and solid, very fit and full of energy. They can be very strong willed and you need to be firm with them and get them under control form the start. Don't think you can leave them to it for 12 months and then start trainin
  13. I’ve got one. Very good quality and great to deal with.
  14. Scully, Pepper Spray and CS are incapacitants. If it were legal and freely available I have no doubt the instance of it being used in crime would go through the roof. A quick spray would render someone helpless to they could be robbed, burgled, assaulted, raped or worse. I don't think it would be a good idea. Harry
  15. Scully, the sword stick is locked away because it's old and fragile and I have 2 young boys who would love to play with it. Not for any other reason. Harry
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