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  1. I've sold my guns and have a surplus of cleaning and hun maintenance gear. Gun oils, sprays, cleaning rags, bore rods, scrubbers, polishers... All sorts! I don't want any money for it all (and I mean ALL..!) but rather than chuck it or drip feed it away I'd rather it went in one go and to someone who'd appreciate it. Maybe your kid is starting out or someone is on hard times. Get in touch if you'd like to come and collect it all. AL2 postcode, south Herts M25 J21a area.
  2. Having sold the guns I no longer have a need for my collection of carts. I'd prefer if it they went in job lots - i.e. all the clay ones and all the games ones. But drop me a message and see what we can do. I have : 210 or so Eley Superb 12ga 28gr 7.5 plastic https://www.justcartridges.com/product/superb-12ga-2/ 100 or so Gamebore Black Gold 12ga 32gr 6 fibre https://www.justcartridges.com/product/black-gold-game-12ga/ 75 or so Rio Game Load 12ga 32gr 6 fibre https://www.justcartridges.com/product/super-game-12ga-4/ A few handfuls of 12ga steel loads from 32
  3. Ha! I was reading this and thinking just the same, Terry!
  4. Hopefully see you there again. Maybe work will change, Beardo, and see you too.
  5. Nationwide are very clear with their charges as are all lenders. There is no barrel and you're not being held over it! Perhaps you didn't read and/or understand the key facts..! Assume you've looked at renting, even just short term until ERC period is up? Even if giving the house over to an agent to make it rentable (safety checks etc) will cost a few quid it's not going to be £5k and you'll likely get a bit more back in equity when you need to sell it next year.
  6. twitchynik

    Cuffley Area

    Might be the Brook Park shoot
  7. My cousin used to trap there. When they did flurries/flushes it was all manual traps with a bunch of trappers. The instructor would see where the gun was weak and get the trappers (different whistles) in that area throwing more clays out/adjust their flight etc. The trappers would clean the guns for the clients after each session, would get to see some beautiful stuff. Used to get half decent tips from most of the clients too.
  8. Burn the ash green. Your tree surgeon will thank you for not having to lug it around but do ask them to cut the cord wood to a size you want. Then split after a few weeks and store in a place that is covered from rain but open to the air. Wood fires work best in a box with no draw from the bottom and plenty of ashes in the bottom. Don't bother clearing out the old ashes too frequently. Ultimately if you want to use your fire often you'll need a supply of timber and somewhere to store it. A couple of old pallets as a base and an open frame with a roof. There are bound to people local to
  9. Church Farm Barns There's also a bed and breakfast pub round the corner(ish) of the barns but for the life of me I can't remember it's name. Really good grub there.
  10. Well Joubert won't be in the final..!
  11. I had an N47 engined 1er. Speaking to BMW techs the manual is much more at risk than the auto. Have you considered an insurance warranty from BMW? Different levels available and not too pricey.
  12. twitchynik

    vw in news

  13. twitchynik

    vw in news

    Your engine is either an ea188 or an ea189. Both same power. Ea188 is a PD unit, the 189 a CR. SEAT will inform you or you should be able to look up yourself (with VIN) in a short while.
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