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  1. I am the safety officer of a small clay club. My safety-officer course didn't include any mention of steel shot. I would like to introduce steel at our club but I haven't been able to find any resources to help guide a safety assessment before we do so. Does anyone know of anything? I am aware that there may be a greater ricochet risk (although sources differ on this) but I don't know of anything else to take into account. Safety distances won't be different, and falling shot will present the same hazard as with lead. Safety of particular cartridges in individual guns is, and must remain, the responsibility of each shooter. What else do I need to think about? Thanks, U.
  2. Might PX for a quality 20-bore over and under. Happy to do RFD transfer.
  3. Manual safety. The date code on the barrel shows that it was made in '94. The condition of the gun would make you think it was a lot newer. Tight and clean!
  4. Hi Nick,

    Have you sold the 20g yet? I can't find the thread. I'm still interested since I think I will have cleared space in the safe soon.


  5. Is it feasible to get a RH shotgun modified for a left-hander? Any ideas how much it would cost and who could do it in the SW London, Surrey area? U.
  6. Hi Nick,

    Can you tell me how old your son was when he was shooting this? Mine is just coming up to 11 and I wonder if he'll be able to manage it. He's not a bad shot with his .410 but I think it's nearly time for something bigger.


  7. My 10 year old son has had a couple of lessons and can hit easy clays with his .410. However, the stands at my local club are all far too hard for him. If he tried to shoot them he wouldn't hit a thing and would probably get disheartened. The club Christmas shoot is coming up and I though I might suggest that, in addition to the usual Christmas novelties, we put on a children's stand where members kids can have a go at some really easy targets. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I was thinking helium balloons would be easy and fun (but I can't think how to release them safely). Clays hanging by strings are another idea, but are probably *too* easy. Coconut shy is another idea. Perhaps hand-thrown clays. Maybe we could add in some Firebird reactive targets for extra fun! Has anyone tried anything like this? Cheers, U.
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