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  1. If you can find one, Webley and Scott did a SXS 2012, 2512 and 3012 series a few years ago. 3" chamber steel proofed and multi choke. If you go up market, you could have a look the Beretta Parabello.
  2. Has your mate patterned the steel cartridges in his gun? If the choking is too tight there is a chance of blowing the pattern which would be a reason for being on them without killing.
  3. Another vote for Airtech. Have a look at Rowan Engineering for a magazine conversion.
  4. Hopefully market forces and the economy of scale will bring the prices down. We are still only just getting started on steel/biodegradable wads for mainstream in any meaningful and is a marked improvement from "it can't be done in 5 years" trotted out not so long ago. Mind you, if there's an opportunity for an extra quid or two to be made the cartridge companies do seem to be all over it.
  5. You are probably right about getting them into court. As far as I can see your main options would be slander or libel issues, both of which look very tricky to pursue. I know it has been done to death already but if everyone deserts BASC et al, how long does anyone think shooting will carry on in any meaningful form? Crowdfunding is a great idea but it still needs someone with the right connections to coordinate our actions. Our orgs may not have lived up to everyone's expectations in the recent past but they are better than nothing at all. Having said that, they are going to need their "A" ga
  6. To be honest, I think there is an argument for moderate power increases to go on a section 2 ticket. Doesn't really make sense to have a 13ftlb air rifle on section 1 when a sec. 2 shotgun produces far more energy (think BBs at 1200fps).
  7. O rings are available on Evil Bay. If you get into dire trouble there is Airtech in Shropshire. Not ideal at the moment but could be on in a few weeks.
  8. I picked the wrong season to dip my toe into becoming a member of a small shoot! Hope it all comes good for everyone- it'll be a very long year if we all have to wait until the 2021/22 season before we can get on the pegs.
  9. Nice to see you are focussing on the other end of this horrible pandemic. All the very best for the upcoming season!
  10. Yes, It was going to happen anyway (just a quick glance at government stance indicates this). BASC et al are trying to get ahead of it (the way they are doing it is another discussion though) so we have a few options when the time comes. Nothing like a crisis to spur manufacturers on to develop solutions and I feel the "we can't do it in that time" response is a standard expectation management exercise (remember the manufacturers are the same guys who charge a premium for printing a pheasant on the box instead of a clay).
  11. Airtech air rifles are still doing replacement tubes in steel or titanium. Like Ultrastu says, you will probably end up fouling the silencer unless you fit a barrel extension (1/2" UNF thread) or go for a skinny silencer of some sort (Parker Hale I think was recommended by XTX?)
  12. I seem to remember that the Co-Op bank did a similar thing with shoot syndicate bank accounts a few years back. Pot and kettle......
  13. H&N Green might be worth a look if you can find anyone who stocks them.
  14. Try Decathlon. I bought some last year on line for my Daughter and she gets on well with them. You get a set of three coloured lenses in a hard(ish) case for not a lot of money.
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