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  1. I am doubtful as well but thought I would start there just in case there are any plastic bits inside. It may well end up being the heat gun treatment though.
  2. Cheers strimmer_13. Looks like the hair drier might be an option to melt the glue.
  3. Hi all I am trying to get an old BSA Hornet to behave itself and want to swap the hammer for a lighter one. Does anyone know how the hammer tube comes apart without breaking anything? Cheers Brian
  4. I am in Droitwich. Sorry- that might have helped if I put that in the advert!!!
  5. Hi both I want to sell the lot as a single item but thanks for your interest and yes I am open to sensible offers. ATB Brian
  6. Hello I have my collection of reloading gear in .410 gauge. It has had pretty light use and I am selling as I don't use the gun much now. The collection includes: Mec Supersizer Lee powder measure scoops Lee powder scales Bell type resizer Lanes type handloading equipment (never got it to work properly) Roll turn over tool (fits in a drill and makes a lovely job) Climbing the North Face of the .410 book (2nd edition) Some 65mm primed unfired cases Some 73mm primed unfired cases A few 76mm primed unfired cases Some fired cases H17 and H40 wads cork/ fibre wads (don't need an overpowder card with these) plus cork spacers and over shot cards A small amount of shot (2.5kg of Italian 8 nickel plated, 2kg Italian 7.5 Nickel plated and 1/2kg Italian 9) A couple of boxes of CX50 primers About half a tub of Vectan SP3 I am looking for £150, buyer collects as I can't go posting primers and powder and will need to see a certificate for the primer and powder. Thanks for looking.
  7. I have a copy I will be selling as part of a package with my reloading equipment if any help to you.
  8. I sent mine back to West Mercia this morning. I have to applaud the fact the firearms department is trying to sort out future problems ahead of time rather than just carrying on knowing a big mess is heading their way.
  9. I have the multi choke version. The label on the side of the plastic choke tube gives a nominal choke size for lead and steel. As already said, stick to plastic shot cups and if you have reasonably open chokes it should be fine. One other thing I would add is stick with standard steel and not HP. Have a search for this subject as the same question came up last year iirc. There was quite a bit of good info on there.
  10. Hi Spandit I have sent you a PM
  11. Each to their own Picked up a new KOFs and a second hand Yildiz in a local gunshop. The Yildiz felt much better (to me) and of the two, had much prettier woodwork. Ended up with the Yildiz.
  12. To add a little more to the story (sorry for not doing so before but I didn't want to bias the thread), I contacted the importer myself last week and within a couple of days the choke arrived. I have just phoned BGR again and after being told Chris was dealing with it but he wasn't in at the moment, the call ended quite abruptly with me indicating how likely I am to be using them again after sourcing the thing myself in a couple of days. The daft thing is the choke was not at all expensive but it seems customer service is getting to be a rare thing.
  13. Just after a bit off background information on The Broadway Gunroom. Has anyone had any dealings with them? The reason for asking is I bought a second hand gun from them a little while ago with one of the chokes missing. I accepted the "we will get one in and post it to you" and went away. Anyway, a couple of weeks has turned into months and just get the reply "we are waiting for the importer" when I chase it. before I call them again, I would like to get an idea of whether anyone else has had problems with them or are they generally good to deal with. Thanks for your input. ATB Brian
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