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  1. I seem to remember that the Co-Op bank did a similar thing with shoot syndicate bank accounts a few years back. Pot and kettle......
  2. H&N Green might be worth a look if you can find anyone who stocks them.
  3. Try Decathlon. I bought some last year on line for my Daughter and she gets on well with them. You get a set of three coloured lenses in a hard(ish) case for not a lot of money.
  4. Eley have brought out their VIP steel Pro Eco wad. Looks like plastic but isn't and breaks down pretty quickly. From what I have read it is still a bit pricey but will hopefully come down a bit when (if) they start selling more.
  5. You could try an independent jeweller as they might be able to do it. I wouldn't bother with the high street ones.
  6. What he said. No point being on the wrong side of the law for the sake of £40.
  7. Have a look at the XTX air website. There are a load of videos on how to strip and tune Ultras on there plus the tools you will need can also be bought from there (not expensive).
  8. Practice is an essential part of it. Lots of practice with the right kit would see the shot landing where intended on a stationary target. The point I was trying to make and obviously failed was I am pretty confident that Stu could get within the kill zone pretty consistently as long as nothing else changed. The only problem I could see was that the pellet takes such a long time to get to the target there is a very good chance that the target has moved so the pellet would hit outside the zone. I have no idea how long it takes a 260 to cover 400yds but would imagine the kill zone on a rabbit would be quite a large area and the bullet would arrive pretty quickly.- would it still hit the kill zone if the target moved? No idea- that is for whoever is squeezing the trigger to decide. Trying to compare a shotgun pattern with an air rifle pellet strike (OK a big one in this case) is not really fair. With a shotgun you arrange a collision between the target and the pattern, which can be ca. 30 inches diameter allowing for quite a lot of target movement in addition to forward allowance. With the rifle you attempt to put one shot on the target kill zone (however large or small that is). Both George, Stu and many others could outshoot me- their talent is not in question (not from me anyway), but it doesn't matter how good you are if the target has enough time to move off before the pellet arrives. As I said in my previous post I don't know all the facts of the shot. If Stu was happy that bugs was going to stay put long enough for the pellet to get there then that particular box is ticked and all that remains is ability to read the wind and judge the drop, which we know he can do.
  9. Been thinking on this since posting the other day. A lot of good points made on both sides of the fence; difficult to say whether they are acknowledged or not. I have probably moved my position slightly since reading all the fors and againsts. So as every day is a school day, the thread has proved useful. So, as far as I can see (following drivel more for my benefit and anyone who has the time to read it): A shot was taken to land intended to land in the kill zone. To sub 12 shooters that would be roughly a 10p piece, a .25 50fpe changes that somewhat. Saying the shot was a miss or fail as Stu didn't hit exactly where he intended is similar to aiming for the centre of the 10p piece and hitting the lower left portion then calling that a fail. Practice is key. We take on live quarry when we feel we can reasonably make the shot whether that is a 10p circle at 30yds with <12 fpe or a larger area at 150yds with 50fpe. I think Stu was reasonably happy with the shot as he had practiced and knew the range. This left wind to judge; more range= more difficult but is helped with a bigger kill zone to play with. OK Stu misjudged the wind but still landed a shot in the zone using up all of his leeway. This can happen with any shot taken in the wind. Once the pellet is in the air there is nothing more to be done. For a .22 at <12fpe, travel time is around the 0.2 seconds mark for usual airgun distances and a bit less for .177. For a 50fpe .25 at 150yds that time is getting on for a little under a second. That is a long time for a rabbit to stay still for which starts to put the shot into gambling territory. Where you draw the line on how much of a gamble you take is a very personal one. Could I criticize Stu for taking the shot? Probably not as I will never know the full facts. Would I take the shot myself after practicing at the same range? No.
  10. I would argue we all hope for 100%. Planning for 100% isn't practical, as you have pointed out in your previous sentence. From what I have read on this thread I believe Stu had planned to be acceptably (his criteria) close to 100% with the level of preparation he made and hoped for 100%- much like the vast majority of us shooting live quarry within our self imposed limits for their skill/ equipment.
  11. I had the same a couple of months back from West Mercia. They are just trying to smooth the peaks and troughs of demand out. Nice to see them spot an issue and sort it out before it becomes a problem. I would take them up on the offer and help them to help you in the future.
  12. Either way it's got to come out to fix the problem seals or not. Time for some heat.....
  13. I am doubtful as well but thought I would start there just in case there are any plastic bits inside. It may well end up being the heat gun treatment though.
  14. Cheers strimmer_13. Looks like the hair drier might be an option to melt the glue.
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