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  1. Dangerous Brian


    Each to their own Picked up a new KOFs and a second hand Yildiz in a local gunshop. The Yildiz felt much better (to me) and of the two, had much prettier woodwork. Ended up with the Yildiz.
  2. Dangerous Brian

    The Broadway Gunroom

    To add a little more to the story (sorry for not doing so before but I didn't want to bias the thread), I contacted the importer myself last week and within a couple of days the choke arrived. I have just phoned BGR again and after being told Chris was dealing with it but he wasn't in at the moment, the call ended quite abruptly with me indicating how likely I am to be using them again after sourcing the thing myself in a couple of days. The daft thing is the choke was not at all expensive but it seems customer service is getting to be a rare thing.
  3. Dangerous Brian

    The Broadway Gunroom

    Just after a bit off background information on The Broadway Gunroom. Has anyone had any dealings with them? The reason for asking is I bought a second hand gun from them a little while ago with one of the chokes missing. I accepted the "we will get one in and post it to you" and went away. Anyway, a couple of weeks has turned into months and just get the reply "we are waiting for the importer" when I chase it. before I call them again, I would like to get an idea of whether anyone else has had problems with them or are they generally good to deal with. Thanks for your input. ATB Brian
  4. Dangerous Brian

    Airgun purchase advice needed

    Depends on what your friend's expectations are. If expense isn't an issue then PCP is the easiest way to quick success (BSA Ultra or similar). Problem is you have the added expense and hassle of a bottle or pump. Springers are cheaper and less fuss to use but you have to learn to shoot it properly and some can be heavy. The HW30 is a lovely little rifle. It has just enough power for rabbits IF you can get close enough and would also be a good way of teaching stalking skills. Only the OP's friend will know if getting that close is doable. Thinking about it if money really is no problem get the HW30 and a PCP "for the son to grow into".
  5. Dangerous Brian


    +1 Mine loves them.
  6. Dangerous Brian

    Hunting pellets

    Try H&N FTT. My 1 year old HW95K loves them.
  7. Dangerous Brian

    Weihrauch 95k

    Very happy with mine (.177). Had a .22 for a bit as well which was slightly smoother to shoot. Both are pretty accurate with some practice.
  8. Dangerous Brian

    Cheap shooting glasses

    Have a look on the Decathlon website. They do shooting stuff mail order. Got my Daughter a set of glasses from them. You get three sets of lenses and a carry case.
  9. Dangerous Brian

    What lube and where?

    Thanks for your input everyone. At least I know what to look out for now. PS I thought a title like that might get a response
  10. Dangerous Brian

    What lube and where?

    HI All I have just bought a little BSA Scorpion 2nd hand and was wondering where to lubricate (just the bolt and fill probe or is there more?) and also what to use. A quick look at the BSA website told me they don't recommend silicone based lubricants for their PCPs but on the next paragraph recommend using Molykote 111, which a silicone oil based material. What should I be looking to get? Cheers Brian
  11. Dangerous Brian

    Amazed at accuracy of air rifle

    I love my 95 too. Only thing that lets it down is the idiot looking down the scope.
  12. Dangerous Brian

    Airgun & Shotgun

    It's only a health benefit if the other half doesn't find out how much you have spent on new kit.
  13. Dangerous Brian

    Airgun & Shotgun

    I shoot both airgun and shotgun. Seem to be able to move from one to the other. Only problem is my paper targets look like I have been pattern testing the shotgun
  14. Dangerous Brian

    Side by Side Club

    The double trigger is the nod to tradition. The multi choke and steel shot proofing I thought might be a bit of a sticking point
  15. Dangerous Brian

    A rattle.

    Could get your cert revoked for having a screw loose if you aren't careful