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  1. Without the work organisations like the GWCT do there won't be much point in stockpiling lead as there will be precious little shooting left.
  2. Unfortunately we don't live in a society where peer reviewed evidence is the only thing taken into account when considering further restrictions. More and more policy seems to be dictated by who can shout the loudest and produce the most shocking "evidence". There seems little point in spending money on fighting battles that ultimately we are not going to win. I agree that the way the statement for voluntary phasing out of lead was an exercise in how not to approach a problem but it created some urgency and all of a sudden several alternatives appeared in a short time despite the cartridg
  3. Could I ask everyone that if you go for an insurance only option you also think about taking out a membership with the GWCT or similar? We are facing mounting pressure on what we do and need as many organizations as possible fighting our corner. I know many will not touch BASC and some other outfits but we stand little chance in the long term if we don't put our hands in our pockets Cheers. Brian
  4. I've been using .22 Hyperdomes around the chicken coop up to about 20yds. I don't seem to get problems with passing through rats as the BC is pretty awful. It's an expensive way to go for rats but saves spraying lead around where the chickens feed.
  5. I was wondering the same (just too chicken to ask) as it says the same 2 3/4" and 3" marking on my Daughter's GTS. Not sure about HP steel proof but found the mark below on it. Is that the fleur de lys thingy?
  6. Hi. Shooting supplies in Bromsgrove don't have them. I was told that they haven't been able to get anything in steel for months and would be unlikely to get anything soon. The gunshop at Becketts had some 5's. I dropped a pheasant no problems with one but that is hardly conclusive. I came across some 3's at TFM (the old Countrywide place) near Bromsgrove the other day as well after buying the 5's. Eley didn't mention that place so I assume they came from central TFM stock. I now have both sizes so will have to do a comparison (if I get chance).
  7. Cheers Figgy Got in touch with Eley. Their Sales Department will be getting back to me with some info.
  8. Does anyone know of any dealers in the Worcestershire area with stock of steel+ biowads? My local shops don't have them and seemed very doubtful about getting anything for the next few months. Cheers
  9. They're okay (but yes, not a patch on a 700). I have the double trigger version which I get on with really well. The single trigger as far as I remember is not selective. Remember too these are high performance steel proofed as well. One thing to watch when buying is the wood to metal fit. Some can be a bit gappy.
  10. If you can find one, Webley and Scott did a SXS 2012, 2512 and 3012 series a few years ago. 3" chamber steel proofed and multi choke. If you go up market, you could have a look the Beretta Parabello.
  11. Has your mate patterned the steel cartridges in his gun? If the choking is too tight there is a chance of blowing the pattern which would be a reason for being on them without killing.
  12. Another vote for Airtech. Have a look at Rowan Engineering for a magazine conversion.
  13. Hopefully market forces and the economy of scale will bring the prices down. We are still only just getting started on steel/biodegradable wads for mainstream in any meaningful and is a marked improvement from "it can't be done in 5 years" trotted out not so long ago. Mind you, if there's an opportunity for an extra quid or two to be made the cartridge companies do seem to be all over it.
  14. You are probably right about getting them into court. As far as I can see your main options would be slander or libel issues, both of which look very tricky to pursue. I know it has been done to death already but if everyone deserts BASC et al, how long does anyone think shooting will carry on in any meaningful form? Crowdfunding is a great idea but it still needs someone with the right connections to coordinate our actions. Our orgs may not have lived up to everyone's expectations in the recent past but they are better than nothing at all. Having said that, they are going to need their "A" ga
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