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  1. Would you post to Milton Keynes for £70?
  2. It came with the car You must be the only Essex boy without a private plate on ya XR3i
  3. I'll swap for P14 NPS If you stand a long way away and squint a lot it says penis
  4. Ok nice one Think because it is over a year old and out of contract if you contact EE they will give you the unlock code
  5. Is it true you cannot unlock EE phones?
  6. I have 4 spaces left on a 9 gun syndicate. 1000 acres with 11 blocks of woodland, 1 wood has the river Great Ouse running alongside and has channels dug to flood the wood attracting duck. This used to be a very sought after shoot but hasn't been shot for about 6 years now. The shoot is halfway between Milton Keynes & Buckingham. 1500 birds to wood shooting 8 days. £2500 per gun
  7. How long is the longest section when taken apart?
  8. I have fields near J14 Plenty west of MK. Some at Bletchley. Some other side of Leighton Buzzard
  9. Brilliant scopes I have a pair of their bino's and a 35 year old scope on my .22 which is still as clear as new
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