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  1. Anyone have a copy of the John Halstead DVD, ADVANCED training, the Drakeshead Way that they no longer require? I would be interested in purchasing. Cheers
  2. Worth thinking about !
  3. Thanks for the info lads. Just tried 6 fuds along with 4 full bodied crows on a recently cut silage field and they seemed to pull them in ok. Just need to learn how to shoot bloody straight now 😀 Cheers
  4. Hi Have used pigeon fud decoys that seem to work well, however not to convinced about the look of the crow fuds. Anyone else any experience withe crow fuds? And if so, did they do the trick? Cheers
  5. Fantastic photos. Just out of interest, where is Formby woods?
  6. Apologies if this question has been asked previously. Relative novice when it comes to pigeon shooting, have done it off and on throughout the years with limited success so decided to purchase a turbo flapper. Can anyone advise as to where the best placement for the flapper within my pattern. My usual pattern is horseshoe type, facing into the wind where possible. Thanks in advance
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