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  1. Hi all. I've started using CFE 223 powder in my cz 223. I using 55gr vmax with 26gr of CFE 223. Not getting great accuracy, is anyone using the same load or has anyone had better results with different powder weights. Thanks in advance. Rob
  2. Hi all. I'm looking for a stock for my CZ 452 .22. Located Stoke on Trent What have you guys got.
  3. Hi guys. I'm looking for a ir pil to put in my Nightmaster 800. Has anyone got one for sale Thanks
  4. Hi guys. I'm looking for Berretta 390 barrel. Anyone got one for sale Thanks Rob
  5. Hi all. I'm looking for a trigger for a Remington 710. Anyone got one for sale. Thanks Rob
  6. The night master is a great bit of kit
  7. Hi guys and gals. I'm looking for a stock for my cz452 .22 rim fire What have you got
  8. How many 243 cases have you got mate and how much please
  9. Sorry everyone forgot the price. £350.00
  10. Hi all. I have 3 male sprocker pups for sale. From working parents. The pups are black and white. Docked chipped and will have there first injections. Ready 11 October. Please pm me for pics or any mor details. Stoke on Trent area
  11. robgee

    E Rizzini chokes

    Hi Guys n gals. I'm after a set of chokes for a E Rizzini Sideplate Sporter. What have you got. Thanks Rob gee.
  12. If it's a 1300 its a sj 413
  13. I've got the Animal they're great off road
  14. I'll have thay buddy. Can't get over unroll weekend if that's ok
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