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  1. Comes with the spare rubbers won’t sell them separate sorry
  2. Really nice bit of kit I’ve had it serviced new cam in port and screen lawmate have the best customer care I used it with my drone pro x10 had a hard drive and you can add a sd card £250 👍
  3. Essex Keeper


    Shotkam for sale comes with box one 12gauge mount charger and manual £450 posted
  4. PARD 008 Comes with sunshade end cap couple of battery’s pard bag extra mount eat to use one shot zero Royal mail postage Pms welcome £550
  5. Just remember if the dog runs through it chasing a rabbit it won’t come back through it 👍👍👍😖
  6. Didn’t jasper carrot do a video on moles
  7. The lady on the app say she has pellets in her garden
  8. my Wife was talking on me about a lady on our neighbour forum has pellets coming in her garden everyone says phone the police I was under the impression it’s was armed trespass
  9. So what would it be classed as ? Thanks for your time
  10. I believe this has been covered but want fresh information is shot Weather that be air rife pellet , shot gun shot and it lands on another land owners land is that armed trespass ?? or is an excuse it can be blamed on the weather (Wind)
  11. My rebate has taken 3weeks
  12. Thank you for your time 👍👍👍👍
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