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  1. Having a go at making some lofting poles here is my effort at the hooks yes over engineered but will last
  2. just back from law mate full service new Av in new screen £300inc p&p
  3. Brand new £60 inc p&p can be worn as over trousers or on own 👍
  4. Carnt find the survey or I Carnt see it for looking
  5. I’d like to have a look a pard I’ve got a armasight at the moment might have them at the show tomorrow
  6. cheers Steve hopefully will get sorted once and for all
  7. quick of video geese flighting to reservoir just so you can see the image you do lose some quality when uploading
  8. So come on tell me wats so special with the Accolade as I have both the trail lrf and helion spotter 

    1. My mrs isn’t to Impressed “and where do tou think your going to hang that “ ive only showed a picture 😖
    2. No I’m happy a deal has Been done ✅
    3. I do like it really do I could never paint like that the chap said he wouldlike to swap it for my 410hush power and I don’t really use it
    4. I like the picture I really like the picture but the chap wants £200 for it
    5. Here is a random one for the pigeon watch elite can you tell me who this Signature is
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