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  1. Essex Keeper

    4g home hubs

    I use a three hub woth 4g sim with an extra aerial that plus in and goes outside building and works a treat
  2. Essex Keeper

    Sky tv

    When did sky sneak “sky signature” in to the service
  3. Was a bad day first day on drilling and I fluffed it 😖 will get the other clips up later today I seam to shot better with the over and under
  4. Omg takes me back first bike I had for the fields couldn’t touch the floor had to rock it off the stand once started
  5. Sorry but what a joke how will they inforce the difference between construction and farming
  6. New update for pulsar thermal users and I must say I like it very much 👍
  7. Both dogs had a bit of steak 👍 did have a kelly kettle but that is lost some where the bracket on the tractor makes it 100% Better to move trees just slow and steady
  8. Not one for many words Been moving some trees to reinstate an old ride needed a bit of kit for moving logs so got A proper tool for the job it’s better then using the folk lift Then I needed some lunch so here’s another pic
  9. Nice little watch it must be off putting being filmed
  10. I’ve only seen this twice fox try’s to go over fence gets leg stuck in this case leg and waist stuck
  11. Happy days 👍👍👍👍
  12. Have had three in the house today 😖
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