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  1. Anyone had any use with the Suzuki king quad looks like the the Honda but bigger engine any feed back would be appreciated +/- points
  2. Just had a Google might be worth a go tomorrow thanks Ditchman Safety glasses and mask might be good option aswell
  3. Got some bits off a machine (flail mower ) I would like to respray but trying to avoid sand blasting and would like some Recommendations for paint strippers that work I believe nitro morss is no good any other heavy duty products thanks In advance
  4. Thanks to every one for there help you saved the day welder is now up and runing thanks again 👍
  5. Will try source the part thanks for your time
  6. Pigeonwatch Gods Had bad week most things not working just got the welder out nothing won’t turn on so did what any man/woman would do and started to take apart switched on and again nothing switched on again and pop got my thermal spotter out and traced to a blown blue chip can any one help with the chips Name it’s blue and round like a 1£ coin is this a diy job or should I be finding some where to send it it’s a weld man power mig 210 many thanks for your time
  7. I believe on the GL you can only shoot them now to protect woodland birds , so on a drive would count ??
  8. Lots of different sounds to cover fox shooting. im not a fan as buttons are hard to push with thick gloves £70 inc p&p bacs
  9. JAG Buzz bars compact high end quality. £150inc p&p bacs payments
  10. Delkim txi plus alarms used stickers missing off 2 alarms and receiver come with 5 carbon snags ears Led white green purple £250 inc postage bacs payment please
  11. I had problems with my 243 saved me a lot of money In shots
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