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  1. A little bit about Charles Boswell.... Charles Boswell was the son of a Butcher; he was born in December 1850 in the village of Hertford, north of London. A passion for shooting and a keen interest in guns led him to enter servitude to become a gunmaker at the age of 14. Beginning with Mr. Thomas Gooch, a traditional gunmaker in the village of Hertford, young Boswell progressed to gain employment in the Royal Small Arms factory in Enfield. On completion of his apprenticeship, he married and opened his own business in Edmonton, with repairs and gun fittings comprising the majority of his early work. He was a competitive live pigeon shot of some considerable talent and his frequent wins at Hendon Shooting grounds and Hornsey Wood soon brought him to the attention of his fellow trap shooters. By the mid-1870’s, he had developed a substantial business in the fitting and making of custom pigeon guns. Preferring to use tried and tested patents of other manufactures, his guns established a reputation for quality and reliability, as a result, many were sent abroad. In June, 1883, he moved to the address with which he is most associated, 126 The Strand, London, WCI. As manufacturing live pigeon guns were his specialty, it is little surprise that the recession following the First World War and the banning of live pigeon shooting greatly affected his business. The live pigeon gun was Charles Boswell’s trade mark gun, and there are many spectacular examples still put to good use today.
  2. Hi im looking for a couple of Browning invector extended Chokes 1/4 & 1/2 thanks.........
  3. Hi Blaster Non Ejector....... Hi Washman Thanks for the offer but really looking along the lines of a browning/Miroku Sporter...(.i dont know a thing about beretta 3.5 magnum but dont think it would be any good for clays ? ) which is all i would probably be shooting now...But good luck
  4. Yep. Top man..........funny thing is its one of them guns... if it sells great....if it dont great !!
  5. yep your right............ i should have looked on the ad on gun watch first........... :wacko:
  6. Hi You are absolutely right the do make great guns and your is no exception its a great looking gun,is it ejector or not ?
  7. If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle..
  8. Sorry guys............SOLD SOLD SOLD...................
  9. Hi Suggs Wish i had the money for your gun,Having had the pleasure of trying it out on some of our shoots i can guarantee this gun is the best Grade 5 325 browning i have ever seen,and it just shoots like a dream,whoever buys this is going to be very happy.
  10. I have now reduced the price to £900 ....my Local Rfd have offered me £800.......
  11. Hi Pete yes it is a multi choke and it has 2 extended chokes in it which I will leave in the gun, but also comes with the full original set of flush chokes,thanks for pointing that out. I really should pay more attention Steve
  12. Lol.... I like your style....that's what happens when you let the mrs advertise a gun for you.... The LOP is 14 1/2 at the moment but the trigger is adjustable to 1/4" either way hope this helps Steve
  13. I Don't know why it say's seller doesn't appear to be a member of pigeon watch ? But anyway I am cempa on pigeon watch.
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