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  1. Hi whats the widest that these will go to I have a GRS berserk stock and find some clamps wont accommodate it , or they splay out at the top trying to grip thanks
  2. Lol think I will pass on that case
  3. Hi interested in the trousers what waist are they please
  5. I would gladly pay postage on the remaining bag thanks
  6. great offer well done that man
  7. Arrived today as described have a bump on me
  8. I will have the elite please PM inbound tks
  9. Hi I will take two boxes please PM with details thanks
  10. blueeyes

    CZ452 stock

    I have a Cz 452 / Brno mod 2E , it has the barrel lug screw hole if any good
  11. Nae bother thanks for letting me know
  12. what would postage be if you decided to post , as I have a couple batteries here fro them
  13. would take them if you would post at my cost thanks
  14. the 940 will work for a time but they will wise up, if you are in a shed and concentrating in one area you can get IR flood lights for security , you could mount one of these on a timer and it would light up the whole area , and it would be on when you are not there but no movement so they would not bother , just a thought , check out fleebay
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