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  1. As above very good condition and boxed, surplus to requirements now, I only load for one .223 rifle so very little use , can send pics to interested parties but same as these https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/15009496989 £40 posted first to say yes followed by Pm gets them thank you
  2. Yes many thanks and SOLD to the gentleman above
  3. Here we have my old faithful Deben MK1 Ferret Locators , I am having a clear out of my loft during lock down and came across these , I offered them to my grandson who just laughed as he has the Mk3 , One of them picks up his collars to about 5ft and seems fine ,and the other about 2/3ft, one has had a speaker replacement, what happened we were out rabbiting got soaked told the grandson to sit it near radiator but being a kid then he sat it on the radiator so the box developed a shape (see pic) but actually feels good in the hand,and the speaker got damaged this box is also very low volume , wa
  4. Chap looking for one on the Stalking Directory
  5. Sent you a PM but as I said both are working so not much wrong with them , I have had a few offers , £120 +P/P before they go on fleebay thanks
  6. Got two Deben Mk1s no collars but one works about 5 ft and other about 2/3ft with the grandsons Mk3 collars , one has had the speaker replaced and is very quiet , and one the box is misshapen after grandson sat it on the radiator to dry out instead of next to it lol but feels good in the hand now, looking for £140 posted for the two
  7. Guys I have been informed by a chap about research that was done and as long as it is over 3.2ftlbs it will do the job, not here for a debate just a cheap pistol thanks
  8. Hi guys looking for one of the above , my grandson is going to try his hand at trapping mink, cage trap,so need something to humanely dispatch them, dont care what it looks like as long as it can put a pellet where it matters , and post, and yes I have a licence , and I will be accompanying him, PMs please whats available many thanks for taking the time to read
  9. Thanks for the info guys , it is a solid cage and make shift locking door so should hold it , he said he seen it running down the dry stain dyke , away from a fox pipe I have there , and there are more signs at another pipe but could be same one, but I am pretty sure there are more than one.
  10. Thanks guys I have fabricated a makeshift cage trap for him so will see how that goes
  11. Yip but he wants to give it a go , hes has been on the tube watching vids on it lol thanks
  12. Hi guys grandson has seen a mink on his squirrel patch , so he wants to try his hand at catching it so looking for couple snares and maybe a fenn cheap as possible please many thanks for looking PM details thanks
  13. blueeyes

    Ferreting gear

    How much gear you after if you dont mind me asking , asking on two forums I know of, just curious
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