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  1. blueeyes


    Yes please to the watch Pm on way tks
  2. As above please whats out there PM with details many thanks for looking.
  3. Looking for one of the above chaps if anyone has one lying around , many thanks for taking the time to read
  4. blueeyes

    Strap wrench

    will take these bud PM on way tks
  5. I have a Police stock if interested PM me thanks https://www.brownells.co.uk/REM-700-POLICE-STOCK-ASSEMBLY-OEM-SYNTHETIC-BLK-REMINGTON-Black-767000461 http://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=1804
  6. Hi guys looking for one of these either 3 slot or larger can get them from AS but they are closed till March many thanks for looking
  7. great offer well done that man
  8. Hi Guys I have managed to loose the rubber retaining strap that hold the gun on the Yolk of my Bog Pod sticks, I know a lot of people dont use it or take it off but I use and need it so if anyone has one please let me know many thanks for reading
  9. Guy on the NV forum looking for a lens and an adapter HTH
  10. blueeyes

    Java Moss

    Hi bud my grandson has shrimps so have sent you a pm tks
  11. cheers mate but i need something to through my kit into whether it be my fox caller or decoys etc etc tks
  12. I was thinking the same but it is just a light weight frame two legs for support for my back and a sack and a cushion would be interested in any ideas you have tks
  13. you have seen them bud but by the time you pay taxes etc etc it is not worth it , most of my ground I have to walk so having something like this on my back would be great for a break now and again PS would give you a good price for it and you could bring another back lol
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