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  1. No chance bud he BMx , downhills , skateboards etc etc so a cheap Rolex will do him fine lol
  2. Hi looking for a cheap used replica watch for the grandson , anyone got one lying in a drawer doing nothing , Rolex, Tag, etc etc PM with details thanks
  3. will take a chance on these please pm inbound tks
  4. Rab to be honest it sitting there doing nothing so if you just pay P/P its yours Pm me your addy and I will get it off to you
  5. Rab its one identical to this as new in black let me know if any good to you
  6. think I might have what you are looking for but think it is leather with loops let me have a look
  7. Having a bit of a clear out so here is another DVD great condition as only viewed a couple of times again first to say yes followed by Pm as advertised else where , bit of info Run Time: 63 Minutes For ARMORERS and NEW SHOOTERS alike… With many new scope mounting products in stores today, it can become confusing to choose the most accurate way to perform these tasks. This DVD will show you both the time-tested methods as well as the newer technology methods available for scope mounting. Some of the devices used could possibly be lying around in your basement or garage. The use of a wood dowel rod did a very effective job for aligning the scope bases. However, the new tools make scope mounting much easier with greater accuracy. We show you both processes. Comparison of old and new ways for bore sighting your firearm is also shown. Again, the new techniques and equipment take the process of scope mounting to a new level. Recommendations are made to best serve your needs. Watch, learn and apply the scope mounting practice of your choice. On-Target’s DVDs are digitally produced and provide clear and concise instructions. We at On-Target take great pride in the up-close videography of each DVD £10 posted thanks
  8. As new only view couple times was a pressy £10 posted please , advertised else where so reserve the right first to say yes and confirm by PM here is a quick revue thanks "FOX CALLING IN SWEDEN" DVD SPECIAL OFFER PRICE JUST £18!Experienced hunter Ulf Lindroth and outdoor writer P-A Åhlén, calling red fox in Sweden. This is a fantastic DVD that contains great instructional information about predator calling in wooded areas. Experience predator calling at its finest in Sweden! See exciting scenes from authentic hunts, where neither the fox nor the hunter will let you down! It is also an instructional DVD on how to successfully call red fox. You will learn more about this very efficient and thrilling way of hunting. 100% TRUE HUNTING FOOTAGE "FANTASTIC DVD WITH STUNNING FOX SHOTS & HIGHLY INFORMATIVE" DVD DETAILS 60 MIN'S MULTI REGION SWEDISH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES
  9. and here fits all contour barrels https://www.eabco.com/Choate_Gun_Stocks.html
  10. Hi I bought this a while back of a chap for my Remmy 700 S/A RH , but have decided to go a different route in great overall used condition apart from a little bit of bedding compound and his fete ling out work , so these are reflected on the price I paid a bit more than I am asking which is £150 + P/P here is a good honest revue of it
  11. Hi all as above please anyone got one lying in the drawer gathering dust , Pm with details please thanks.
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