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  1. Got one last week, well made and did the job nicely
  2. Mk 1 Knocker box and 15ft collar , outside of box has the usual scars for use and age, but inside is clean , collar takes 2 battery's and i have a third reversed as a packer , all seems to be working fine , and ready for the season , please note the box wheel is marked to 8ft but the sticker can be changed if needed , as all the boxes are 8ft its the collars that are different depths , please check the pictures, advertised else where so reseve the right to remove at anytime £165 posted thanks for looking .
  3. Hi guys I have sent my Night vision device away for repair , so in the meantime I have to use the grandsons Pard 007 , his adaptor is a very very tight fit on the MTC Viper 4 x 16 x 50 with the knurled ring , and a pain to take off to put back on his scope for ratting, has anyone got a bigger one kicking around the drawer not being used , PM details thanks for looking
  4. I will take the torch please if it is a Vcel 850nm Ir thanks
  5. Be in interested in the Sealand trousers if you split thanks
  6. Small air rifle bag please Pm inbound
  7. As above very good condition and boxed, surplus to requirements now, I only load for one .223 rifle so very little use , can send pics to interested parties but same as these https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/15009496989 £40 posted first to say yes followed by Pm gets them thank you
  8. Yes many thanks and SOLD to the gentleman above
  9. Here we have my old faithful Deben MK1 Ferret Locators , I am having a clear out of my loft during lock down and came across these , I offered them to my grandson who just laughed as he has the Mk3 , One of them picks up his collars to about 5ft and seems fine ,and the other about 2/3ft, one has had a speaker replacement, what happened we were out rabbiting got soaked told the grandson to sit it near radiator but being a kid then he sat it on the radiator so the box developed a shape (see pic) but actually feels good in the hand,and the speaker got damaged this box is also very low volume , was always going to get someone to fit an earpiece or another speaker in it but as usual never got round to it , they have a lot of wear and tear outside as would be expected as a working tool , so one box working to 5ft and other 2/3ft but might need recalibrating etc so listing as parts with no returns please been as honest as I can with these , I am pretty sure I have more kit up there but old age catching up so memory not as good ,lol but will list them if I come across them if the grandson turns his nose up again lol £100 posted for the pair
  10. Chap looking for one on the Stalking Directory
  11. Sent you a PM but as I said both are working so not much wrong with them , I have had a few offers , £120 +P/P before they go on fleebay thanks
  12. Got two Deben Mk1s no collars but one works about 5 ft and other about 2/3ft with the grandsons Mk3 collars , one has had the speaker replaced and is very quiet , and one the box is misshapen after grandson sat it on the radiator to dry out instead of next to it lol but feels good in the hand now, looking for £140 posted for the two
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