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  1. Got two Deben Mk1s no collars but one works about 5 ft and other about 2/3ft with the grandsons Mk3 collars , one has had the speaker replaced and is very quiet , and one the box is misshapen after grandson sat it on the radiator to dry out instead of next to it lol but feels good in the hand now, looking for £140 posted for the two
  2. Guys I have been informed by a chap about research that was done and as long as it is over 3.2ftlbs it will do the job, not here for a debate just a cheap pistol thanks
  3. Hi guys looking for one of the above , my grandson is going to try his hand at trapping mink, cage trap,so need something to humanely dispatch them, dont care what it looks like as long as it can put a pellet where it matters , and post, and yes I have a licence , and I will be accompanying him, PMs please whats available many thanks for taking the time to read
  4. Thanks for the info guys , it is a solid cage and make shift locking door so should hold it , he said he seen it running down the dry stain dyke , away from a fox pipe I have there , and there are more signs at another pipe but could be same one, but I am pretty sure there are more than one.
  5. Thanks guys I have fabricated a makeshift cage trap for him so will see how that goes
  6. Yip but he wants to give it a go , hes has been on the tube watching vids on it lol thanks
  7. Hi guys grandson has seen a mink on his squirrel patch , so he wants to try his hand at catching it so looking for couple snares and maybe a fenn cheap as possible please many thanks for looking PM details thanks
  8. blueeyes

    Ferreting gear

    How much gear you after if you dont mind me asking , asking on two forums I know of, just curious
  9. Hi Ant that would be great if its the correct one and it is the laser version , tried to contact you on the NV forum , can you send a couple of pics to or just confirm it is the same as this https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/night-vision/accessories/ir-illuminators/compact-laser-ir-torch-night-vision and is the 850 laser version Paypal , many thanks Jim
  10. blueeyes

    Kinetic Hammer

    Guys just brock my Kinetic Hammer , so has anyone have one they want to pass on , will need posted of course , not a good start to my year for things breaking , will also consider a puller for a .223 cal as that bloody gave me a fright lol bits flying everywhere ,PM details please many thanks for reading
  11. blueeyes

    Lansky parts

    Hi Guys looking for some honing stones to replace my tired ones, couple have actually cracked, OAP so money tight this time of year , see if anyone had anything lying in the drawer not being used thank you for taking the time to read
  12. blueeyes


    Still looking lads
  13. Nothing to do with me pal just put the add on to help you out , better getting in touch with the OP
  14. Nothing to do with me but this might help its a 56 scope in the add https://www.police1.com/police-products/tactical/night-vision/videos/pulsar-forward-f-digital-night-vision-attachment-2017-r5gfizHR5cAztmfp/
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